The Great City of Arkesh

The great feast at the end of Ramadan had begun, the fasting was over and a time of celebration begins. In the grand market place you overhear one such storyteller in the square talking of a great white walled city Arkesh it sits proudly in the bay of Arkesh Alhun, the sun shines down upon the city radiating its glory for all to see.

A place of trade in the finest of items, it is even said that some sellers are not all they seem! Tales of a beautiful toy horse gifted to a shah, was in fact a true wonder, It could gallop across the sky. It is rumored that it was made in Arkesh, just one of many wonders to be found there.

But a wonder that is rare, though not a wonder such as a galloping clockwork steed is that of the dream dust! A purse alone full of it is worth the dowry of one of the princesses of Baghdad!

The story teller himself sits grandly, listened keenly to by a crowd of over 100, a man in his fortieth moon, resplendent in his white silks tanned skin and piercing blue eyes. You feel the need to hear more of his tales, he talks of india and rubies the size of a childs head, and of china with a great wall built by the hands of small gods!

But he returns again to Arkesh and talks of the great white lotus’es that grow in the palace gardens, whose pollen is used to make the dream dust, of the bees that have no home in this world that travel from heaven itself to flower the beautiful blossoms. Whose honey is the sweetest in all of the world, but once tasted is like the bitterest of fruits as no matter how good or how much wine you drink you can never forget its taste!

His tales continue and you hear of palaces appearing in the deserts, of wild horsemen, beautiful green eyed maidens dancing that would make a blind man cry, and of the songs of the nightingales in the palaces of india!

Your mind is ablaze with wonderment at his tales, and of this dream dust!

Where is this city and how could one get some of this dust worth more than a thousand pearls!

Series 12 Battle of the lap aftermath

The laps smashed gates, lay strewn across the causeway. Many of the buildings along the main route into the city lay smashed and blackened by the dragons fire. A miracle had happened, the beast had left, the Lap had been saved.

Ledats troops were heroes, the solars had done what was asked of them. One had nearly paid the price with his own life, Lord Typhon  had been blasted by the beast and had barely survived but only with the ministrations of a strange healer. Shadrach and the wanderer in white had been badly injured, but had survived and fought on. But the victory went to the glory of Cathak Ledat and his loyal men.

Soon troops would arrive to protect the city and the Anathema would leave, the people could breathe a sigh of relief.

The wanderer in white sat in the remains of a small stone pavillion, his familliars alongside him. An old man approached him. Turning  to him the wanderer smiled, but  the old man looked at him with  barely concealed hate.

“You are not welcome here anymore Anathema, our dragon blooded protectors will be here and you will run!”

The wanderer was shocked at his intensity, and hate!

I understand old man, I will be here again when the time comes, when you are threatened, I asked nothing this time and will ask nothing  next time.

The old man spits on the floor, and walks away. A small group had watched, the wanderer  was aware of them the old man was not. Smiling the wanderer rises bows to the back of the old man, looks like we have overstayed our welcome my friends.

He kept his emotions behind the stone wall of his will, he would turn that pain into a worthy weapon.The Autochon had a lot to teach them, and he would be a fast learner! Looking up to the sun, he mutterred a prayer to the unconquered  sun. Forgive me father for using Varin so, must I use him in this war so, or would you that I free him from his bonds? I do not know how I can release him from the blade, but if it is your will I will strive to free him. let me know your will on this and I will do as you ask.”