Nova Praxis (Season 2) – Session 3 – 24/5/16

They make their own way back to Vantage Station. Here they collect a two weeks permission to enter and stay on Earth. They also receive an invitation for drinks from a high up Cipriani executive: Francisco Da Silva.

The meeting with is apparently informal, but clearly the executive is willing to impress his agenda about ‘saving and preserving endangered species’, whatever that may mean. He also provides references for visiting a community living in London, in the Southwark area. There are hints this man may be the Praetorian who led the Earth expedition three years earlier.

The next day, as they fly into Earth’s stratosphere, they realize the Mesh here is completely different from the normal paradigm: it appears to be analogic actually. Entering it would likely result in fragmentation so they switch on the portable short range Mesh generator.

They visit the London community first, where they are taken to the head of security (a mechanic named Lenka who looks like a war veteran) and she escorts them to Father Martin, priest of the Church of Revealtion: a small parish recently rebuilt over the ruins of Southwark cathedral. He expains that this community has actually been surviving inside the Crab all along the Technophage quarantine, as that was the only safe place on Earth from the plague. He doesn’t know how and why the change happened, but the late Doctor Casila Artalin may have: her corpse is buried in this church, but her research notes are still inside her lab deep into the Crab.

The following day they travel to the Crab, land over it and then climb down from the large crevasse on top, descending through the narrow pathways inside the massive structure. Eventually they reach what seems to be a fortified manor hanging over a cliff. As they approch it, the environment changes to that of a fully resotred castle in the outdoor, in what appears to be a powerful augmented reality effect upon stepping into a virtuality bubble. Some knights clad in full metal armor come out to block their way, but for those without a Mindset they are revealed as armed combat drones instead.



Pendragon – Year 485

So the players are still squires and perhaps soon to be knighted! More INfo soon 🙂

Nova Praxis (Season 2) – Session 2 – 17/5/16

They are escorted outside of the city through the thick of the Proch’s jungle. There, hidden in the mist, appears to be a landing spot. They are boarded on the Blackbird, a military vessel equipped with an APEX Jumpgate engine. Here they get introduced to someone who goes by the name of Agent Smith (or is that ‘Angel’?), who will be joining the crew.

The travel to the Sol system is uneventful across its four jump shifts over 12 days. Smith and Seraphimme use the time to build a portable Mesh generator device, that may be handy once on Earth. Also Yuki has a sparring round with Helen and notices the 2121 tattoo on her back: that’s the year of the Tellerus Fields battle on Mercury, in which the Coalition crushed opposing forces.

For obtaining permission to land on Earth, Henry leverages some connections with House Turin and gets an appointment in New Turin on Mars. They land in Olympus city, the imposing Coalition Government capital, built on top of the Olympus Mons. A gravitational lift takes them quickly down to the surface where they rent a Low-G Dune Buggy to drive to destination.

They are met in the hall of an abandoned hotel by some thugs from the Rings of Olympus gang. The deal is quickly agreed for them to share any info and assets first hand upon returning from Earth.

Seraphimme manages to track the contact name of the gang leader by hijacking a Mesh conversation between the two: that’s General Markov, a disgraced Tsarya officer of the 3rd Legion (and formerly KGB on old Earth) who had been exposed as a Turin affiliate and expelled 3 years earlier.

Nova Praxis (Season 2) – Session 1 – 10/5/16

They get a job offer from the 4th Legion. That means miltitary and it means shady as well, for that’s what the 4th stands for (if its existance would ever be confirmed, that is). The meet up is at the graveyeard in Stygia – a persistent virtuality city enclosed in a Dyson sphere.

The contact there is a lady wearing a Strife model biosleeve: Commander Helen Sipowicz, paying respects to the graves of MIA soldiers from the Consolidation Wars whose mnemonic cores couldn’t be retrieved.

The perspective contractors are: Henry Normal, a true born from Kimura; Yuki Hanshiro, a cybersleeve from Silva; Seraphimme, an androgynous SIM from Kimura.

This is setup as a reckon and info gathering mission, with a good Rep bump on completion. Contract type is standard for this kind of business: they go in as independents (‘auxiliaries’), with no traceable ties to the employer and no liability from its side. A free core backup is offered in the package before deployment.

The target is on Earth, now accessible after the Technophage Qurantine has been lifted, but still secluded from the global Coalition Mesh, for reasons still not entirely clear. It looks like no vulcan swarm nanotech works there, as it gets instantly assimilated by Technophage, but some alternative tech appears to have been successfully employed to build structures: the objective is to discover more about this tech and possibly retrieve a sample. A good starting point for investigation would be ‘The Crab’, a massive structure of unknown origin laying abandoned in the sea off the southern coast of UK.

They will be carried to the Sol system on board of a Legion vessell – the Balckbird – up to the Eye of Sol jumpgate. From there they are expected to procure themselves admission to Earth using their own contacts and resources.