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David Scott

Series 09 – On the Dragon Isle

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Sep 282008

We arrive on the Dragon Isle, onboard Braxus’ first age skyship Prometheus.

As we arrived, we were suddenly ‘escorted’ by two ships from the Imperial Isle.  We shoot down one ship.

The other damaged ship we board. Braxus fires an essence cannon at it severely damaging the back.

We all board the ship and head to the Imperial city.  We landed near the Deliberative and were ushered in to the Deliberative building.  We stayed there in a suite set aside for us.  The Wyld Hunt had not appeared and some said Lady Mnemon was using all her political might to hold back any repercussions of our visit.  None knew why, but again, some believed she planned to use us to tip the balance of power in her favour.

We meet Braxus’ mother – the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears.

We were invited to watch the Grand Deliberative in session.  Sitting in the public gallery, we watched in horror as Lady Mnemon got up and brought an action to the attention of the speaker.  It was to arrest us!  Braxus could contain himself no longer.  He gets to his feet, the statesman in him coming to the fore.

Striding to the floor of the Deliberative, he begins to speak, his words having a great impact on the men and women around him.  He is quickly joined by the other Solars who feel they should offer some solidarity.  Heaven’s Gaze is surprised to note her manager, Kejak Chejop, among Mnemon’s ‘retinue’.  Still, Braxus continues his discourse, and it seems, suddenly, as if the hearts and minds of the Deliberative hang in the balance.

Then Shadrach is moved to speak.  No one remembers exactly what he says with any real clarity, but it can be summarised as “You are the sheep.  We are the wolves that guard the flock.”  Gasps of horror can be heard from all around the Deliberative and his companions look on Shadrach with shock and disdain.  In a few dismal minutes, all of Braxus’ good work is gone.  The cry of “Arrest them!” resounds about the hall.

A dinner party.

The Wyld Hunt turn up. They look tough and have warstriders.

Heaven’s Gaze teleports the group to the docks. We land and fight the Wyld Hunt. Shadrak does some bad stunting.

Ragara Anja and Heaven’s Gaze open fire on the Wild hunt, saving the day.

Series 11 – The Rise of the Autocthon

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Sep 202007

Week One

Braxus, Heaven’s Gaze, Jirah, Son of Stone and Oak, Lord Typhon.

We started at a first age Cathedral in Denandsor, the Forbidden City.  The First and Forsaken Lion had arrived and left with the book we required to find and defeat the Ebon Dragon, who, it is said, has formed a sixth element – Void, and had created the Void Dragon to embody and free himself from Malfeas.  Worse, two Alchemical Exalted were there and they prophesied the return of Autochthon and the destruction of Creation.  Many lost their wits, Son of Stone and Oak was particularly affected, finally snapping on the journey to the Manse of Braxus.  We journeyed to the Manse of Braxus in the Southwest, Northeast of the City of Steel Lotus, North of the Pinnacle of Mercy.  Son of Stone and Oak turned to drink to relieve the pain of witnessing the horrors of the world.

A great crack, like thunder, rolled from the far West and the Earth shook.  Braxus prayed to the Unconquered Sun as he felt directionless.  He was told that his answers will be found when he seeks the Golden Head.

Jirah raved some mad prophecy (see the Prophet’s dream of doom)

We arrived in Prometheus at Braxus’ Manse.  At the manse, people are dying from black poisoned water and one wing of the manse had fallen down.

Lord Typhon, a merchant prince and sorcerer from the north arrived unexpectedly at the Manse. He been shipping slaves to the mines of Gem in the south. When he arrived the city was utterly destroyed, and  a vision of the Unconquered Sun appeared to him, bidding him to forsake his old life, and ride to Braxus’ Manse to offer his aid. He had ridden for many days and nights on a magical steed, and was welcomed by Braxus, who would accept any aid in this time of need.

We travelled to Jirah’s people for an unknown reason (to Heaven’s Gaze).  Jirah saw the deserts running red with the blood of his people in a dream and believed he must protect them at all costs.  He spoke to his father, who assured him that his people were under no threat and he requested that they travel East, to Larjyn.

We went to the source of the river that flows by the manse to see what caused it to turn black and poisonous.

Jirah built us a boat on the way.

We launch the boat into the poisoned water, to find the source.

Week Two

Braxus, Heaven’s Gaze, Jirah, Son of Oak and Wood, Lord Typhon, Sestus Liya.

We had eighteen seconds of combat with some leather clad men in the water.

Heaven’s Gaze assumes the Violet bier of Sorrows defensive pose and stands her ground. The others fight, with Son of Stone and Oak repeatedly leaping over the poisonous water (probably high on Gummiberry Juice) and destroying the scenery along with the soldiers. (Obsidian Butterflies, Braxus combo’s).

The water eventually clears and we meet some others, two men, one made of Oricalcum, the other, moon metal. They take us to a city in a hovercraft.

Week Three

Braxus, Heaven’s Gaze, Jirah, Son of Oak and Wood, Lord Typhon, Sestus Liya.

All but Heaven’s Gaze give up their weapons and attend a meeting with the autocthons. They offer up their weapons on the promise that they will be treated as ambassadors in this ‘place of peace’. After a discussion, it becomes clear that the autocthons intend to conquer the world, and are deaf to the Exalts entreaties. They do provide Braxus with a phial of liquid which will  cleanse the poisoned water. The autocthons are dishonourable, and try to arrest the Exalts. A fight ensues. They are ambushed by the guards, and most of the Exalts are wounded. Lord Typhon is near death.

While this is happening, Heaven’s Gaze is chatting pleasantly to the Silver and Gold warriors and they exchange weapons.

Finally, Sestus Leia ensorcels the guards and all fall into a magical sleep.  The warriors in gold and silver permit them to leave, weaponless. Heaven’s Gaze transports the party back to the boat and they return to the manse.

Braxus breaks the phial of the autocthons into the river near his manse, and  although the water remains black and foul, the poison is neutralised. The sickness that had plagued the manse lifts slowly, although Braxus’ daughter, who had seemed well, dies unexpectedly. Fully two thirds of the folk of the manse are dead.

Heaven’s Gaze journeys to  Yu Shan for a meeting with her superiors, whilst the others recover at the manse.

Week Four

Braxus, Heaven’s Gaze, Jirah, Son of Oak and Wood, Lord Typhon, Sesus Liya

Heaven’s gaze returns from Yu Shan with a vision of autocthon armies boiling out of the ruins of Gem and the autocthon city to the south.

In view of the impending apocalypse, Braxus announces that he wishes to move his remaining people away from the manse in a fleet of warships. His shaky grasp of construction leads him to underestimate the time and effort involved, though.

Lord Typhon offers to get wood for Braxus, and with the aid of Sesus Liya, performs a great ritual to summon the Dragon of Wood, lord of the wood elementals. The ritual is a success, and as the sun reaches its zenith, the very trees contort themselves into the semblance of the wood dragon’s eye. Lord Typhon is persuasive, speaking of the dangers to creation posed by the autocthon army, and the Dragon offers its aid. sending an army of wood spiders, led by Tyrranos (??) who is contained within the form of a dragon. The elementals will serve for a year and a day, and Lord Typhon commands them to build a fleet of boats. They will take seventy days.

Braxus gives fine weapons to Lord Typhon and Sesus Liya to show his gratitude.

Braxus cremates his dead daughter and a crowd assembles to show their respects. At the height of the ceremony The Unconquered Sun speaks to the assembled Exalts, informing them that he has accepted the boy’s spirit. He also tells them to go to Nexus and seek help in the under-city.

Meanwhile, Heavens Gaze and Sesus Liya take the body of  their young companion who died in the plague to be buried at Heaven’s Gaze’s manse in Yu Shan.

The Exalts leave for Nexus in Prometheus.

Week Five

Heaven’s Gaze, Lord Typhon

Braxus is visiting the city council.

Heaven’s Gaze and Lord Typhon arrive in the undercity of Nexus, Arriss. They head to a First Age repair Cathederal known to Heaven’s Gaze. Passing many demon guards along the way, they arrive in a bloody temple of sacrifice to Jirah (her sense of direction in this city seems somewhat clouded by the passage of time). Many skeletons and their ghosts haunt the place trapped eternally in this place of their death. They died, cast through a hole in the high ceiling to fall onto two orichalcum spikes in front of the golden throne of Jirah. Heavens Gaze releases them from their torment and sends them on their way. They meet a third circle demon – Erembour, that which calls to the sadow, and Lord Typhon sucumbs to her carnal desires.  She agrees to aid the Solars, but warns that for her assistance, any activity they undertake must be at night – in the shadows.

Week Six

Braxus, Heaven’s Gaze, Jirah, Son of Oak and Wood, Lord Typhon, Sesus Liya

Jirah on the journey to Nexus lay in a slumber, his concern for the fate of the south making him journey into the dreamworlds. Visionsof the hordes descending upon their cities, the slaughter of all within the city walls and the end of all that the cities had been and would be, show in all it’s horror to the leaders of the city states. All this in the hope that they would prepare and at least stand some chance against locust hordes.

The discussions over whether to act against the Authochthon  was over, creations fate was to be defended by the companion. In Nexus they entered again into Jirah’s ancient city Arius, the repair cathedral was to be found and the beggining of the rise against the treacherous Autochthon would begin. Artifacts were found and repaired, with the knowledge of heavens Gaze and Jirah, weapons and armour were repaired for the upcoming fight against the Locusts.

A third circle demon (Insert name) offered it’s help at the battle of Lap, but the price fo the aid was never given. Jirah decided to remain at his city, materials were gathered for the upcoming work to help in the war. the Wanderer in white arived at Nexus and with Heavens gaze, Son Of, decide Oak and Wood decided that they would go to Lap and fight against the Locust hordes marching upon it.

Arriving at the great city that sits in the lap of a great statue of a god, they anounce themselves to Teppet “” offering aid in the upcoming fight. Despite his hatred of the Anathema, he acepts their aid as the enemy of my enemy is my friend. 20,000 were heading to crush The lap, 5,147 troops and the exalts were all that stands in the way. Thousands of the troops in the city had left, not wishing to die under the command of fool of a leader.

5000 Regaran troops and 147 of teppets troops were all that stood against the army soon to arrive. But as the hordes outside the city amassed, a great creak was heard as 5000 regarans left to join the ranks of the locust hordes. Despair fell upon the city of Lap, as the the rage of two solars fell upon the ranks of the traitors. The Wanderer in White and Son Of Oak and Wood fell upon them like a raging wind. As the Autochthon hordes move upon the great city with it’s gate wide open to the invaders.

Orkus Maximus Tuesday 28th August 2007

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Sep 152007

Here are the Results of Tuesday 28th August 2007 Race:

1. Gabriel (High Elves).

2. David S. (Dark Elves with one kill – Carlos)

3. Adrian (Lizardmen)

4. Daz (Undead)

5. Matt Z. (Orks)

The following didn’t finish:

6. Carlos (Goblins with two kills – Ace & Dave D.)

7. Ken/Dave D (Chaos)

8. Ace (Snotlings)

9. Dave D (High Elves)

Once again, thanks to Matt B. for running the race.

More info on Orkus Maximus at http://www.salute.co.uk/salutegames/orkimus/index.htm

Series 11 – The Prophecy

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Sep 022007

The Fickle Lady shows me things, my friend.  Terrible things.  A time of tumult for all our kind.  I see an empty throne and a rotting mountain corpse. An ancient prison throws open its doors, and a plague of locusts who walk like men descends on the land.  The dead rise to become gods, and gods fall to become as the dead. A great fire erupts in the South, greater than has ever been seen before.  Five score is the number of dead princes.  Two score and ten is the number of the green sun princes who break the world.  May the Unconquered Sun save us all!

YEAR 543

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Aug 102007

The year ended in the ADVENTURE OF THE LOST EAGLE in which Pagan Knights and their allies rode into the far North, a land of mist and wild Picts. To recover an ancient symbol from the times of the Legion. For one of the squires a personal quest. On his choices alone would success or failure depend.

After a long and difficult search in disguise, they found the Eagle in a holy barrow, used by the wild Picts as a sacred shrine. Many tribes had gathered there to enact an ancient rite of passage for their boys who were to become Warriors. Getting the Eagle and escaping with it were two very different things. In the end a desperate subterfuge and a long chase by the Wlyd Hunt, in which the Knights were saved by Nimue’s guides and the Fay Knight of the Silver Lance, resulted in the successful return of the Eagle into the safekeeping of the Lady of the Lake. To be used once more when the Great Boar of the North descends upon the Red Dragon of the South.

In that same year it was rumoured that three Knights of the Table Round and their companions were still missing in the Great Forest Adventurous. Also still missing was King Arthur’s Son, Prince Loholt.

YEAR 544

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Aug 102007

Year 544

At Camelot during a winter feast held in honour of an upcoming marriage between a noble of Escavalon and a Frankish Princess. The Franks or the French as they are now more often called. Started an argument that divided even the Round Table Knights! Only the wisdom of Arthur saved the situation and a challenged issued to prove the point, that tournaments were indeed as valid to prove ones martial prowess as battles and the hard lessons of war. The ADVENTURE of the EIGHT TOURNEY CHALLENGE was to prove that young knights who had not been tested in battle were as good a knight as those who had. Many Round Table knights sponsored many of the young knights (over 200 Cymric) and helped with advice and arranging entrances to many of the tournaments. The whole year was spent on the Tourney Circuit. The first was the Tirocinium, which was won by Sir Guy. An occitianian in service to Earl Robert. Also deserving a mention was Sir Elad who won the Challenges, perhaps spurned on by his Sister, the lady Eleri, who travelled with her brother. The tournament however was overshadowed by the death of a very promising young knight. No less than kin to Lancelot himself, who was found dead in the woods during the Hunt Challenge, whispers of murder were never proven, who had anything to gain for killing such a courtly and handsome boy of a knight?

The Pentecostal tourney proved difficult as expected with the French knights getting a pasting. During the tourney the ADVENTURE OF THE WEREWOLF.

Led our knights to finding a missing Round Table knight and the foiling of a vile plot.

In the Mayors Joust set in London our Knights joined the jousting team of Sir Seriol, and performed magnificently earning great glory and considerable wealth.

The Grand Tourney proved to be another difficult one for our young knights as one of their number Sir Elad had been kidnapped! They chose to find their companion but they missed the boat to take them to their next tourney up north. They found Sir Elad who did not remember any of them? Sir Elad’s secret had been revealed, that Sir Elad was in fact Lady Eleri!

This resulted in the ADVENTURE OF NOT A LADY and the tourney of the Lady knight, as well as the battle of Stopham. There were encounters with a strange knight who seemed to be able to change his appearance at will and others who bore an unknown shield device who aided the Saxon Lord Sir Oeric. The real Sir Elad was found (the Father had not been so fortunate) and the family lands saved by the actions of Lady Eleri who is now known as Sir Eleri the newest member of the knights of Kenilworth Castle, the only order of lady knights in Britain.

Then they found a small tourney near the Anglian hills. During the celebrations, before the jousts began, a Great Green Wyrm arose from top of the mound where the new extension of the Lords Manor was to be built. A young proud knight called Sir George cried out “By my Faith, this fell beast is mine alone, or let my Life’s blood be spilled!” and rode up the hill to confront it. As any honourable knight would know this as a call to single combat no other could interfere. The battle did not last long as Sir George’s horse slipped and the Green Wyrm bit him in two! At this point Sir Aeron rose from his sickbed, dressed his shield towards the beast without armour or horse and claimed single combat! He smote the beast with three mighty blows and its head was removed from its body. Sir Aeron then walked down the mound and fell into a swoon as his old wounds burst forth with his life’s blood. Fortunately Sir Eleri’s healing skills were up to the task and Sir Aeron survived. The knights decided that day to form a fellowship and swore mighty oaths to be each other’s sword brothers and be known for evermore as the “Knights of the Green Wyrm”. As for Sir Aeron, he gained the name of Dragon Slayer.

The Old Anglian Melee was next and only some of the French Knights did well or so it seemed.

Next were the Castle and Archangel Tourneys in which Sir Aeryn Gwyllwyn won the Archangel tourney overall. Though many knights had stayed away due to the presence of a “lady knight”.

The eight tourney challenge ended with a young French knight being named the victor, though this was challenged by Sir Eleri who claimed that other more experienced knights had disguised themselves as Sir Armend and took his place to win him victories. This resulted in a trial by combat between Sir Eleri and Sir Armend in which Sir Armend won, thus proving before the Judge of Battles who was right and who was wrong…Certain knights were still missing, and a disturbing rumour was circulating in court that Sir Geharis brother to Sir Gawain, Sir Gareth, Sir Agravain and Sir Mordred, had murdered their mother Queen Margawse (half sister to King Arthur), who he had found laying with their hated rival Sir Lamorak.

Year 545

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Aug 102007

The ADVENTURE OF THE SPECTRE KING saw the rise of the dead Saxon king Hengest and the deaths of many knights of King Eifion of Roestoc. It proved impossible to destroy by mortal means until its secret was uncovered and finally laid to rest by Sir Aeryn Gwyllwyn wielding the blade of Duke Eldol at the site of King Hengest defeat and execution.

Next was the return to Anglehearth and the tourney of the Green Wyrm. This became the ADVENTURE OF THE GHOST KNIGHT. Where Sir Caradoc succeeded in winning the Ghost Lance and allowing Sir Ferran too finally defeat the Ghost Knight and return to health. The knights also encountered a Fay Knight, known only as the knight of the Golden Shield and passed his test.

They then signed up for a campaign in Anglia the ADVENTURE OF THE FEN WAR. In which they came across the dark face of war and the horrors within the fens. During the campaign they had time to hunt but they ended up on the  “other side” and the ADVENTURE OF THE CHALLENGE OF THE 7 FAY KNIGHTS.

They proved thanks to the Knight of the Golden Shield intercession that mortal knights were worthy to be called knights. Upon their return they hunted a marsh Demon which Sir Afan heroically leapt into the dark waters and slew the beast, but they were nearly undone when they ventured upon a mysterious Isle. Only Sir Eleri’s previous mercy to Saxon prisoners and her gaining an Old Saxon talisman prevented the Saxon dead warriors from slaughtering all of the knights. Only upon her oath that they will bring their murderer Sir Cyldno to them by this time next year that they will remain on the isle and not bring destruction upon the Cymric lands. This is the ADVENTURE OF THE ISLE OF THE DEAD that remains unfulfilled as the winter draws in. The Knights return to Camelot and agree to meet again the following spring. While there they pick up information that King Mark of Cornwall had left after his huge ransom was paid to Arthur and his Knights. News also from Escavalon that all knights must return to the Kingdom without fail. The Orkney brothers and kin were all absent save for a very quiet Sir Gawaine and Prince Loholt amougst others were still missing. Only one knight Sir Tathan remained in Camelot for Christmas and witness to the event that followed.

“There hales in at the halle dor an aghlich mayster,

One the most on the molde on mesure high.

Fro the swyre to the swange so sware and so thik.

And his lyndes and his lymmes so long and so grete.

Half etayn in erde I algate mynne him to bene.

And that the meriest in muckel that myght ride.

For of bak and of brest all were his body sturn.

And all his fetures folwande in forme that he had ful clene.

For wonder of his hewe men hade.

Set in his semblaunt sene.

He ferde as freke were fade.

And overal enker grene.”

The Green Knight entrance from the poem “Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight”

Sir Gawaine takes up the challenge from the green knight and hews his head off, the green knight gets up and strides over to were his head lies and picks it up and gets on his huge horse and informs Sir Gawaine that he will be waiting for him at the green chapel a year hence!

Persona Dramatica

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Jul 312007

Akiro Daikomi, Gordy. A Nippon Tech Corporate Ninja. Missing in action.

Armand d’Artagnan, Gabriel. A Canadian Knights Templar, transformed in France.

George Harman, Ace. A Core Earth new age shaman. With a leatherman and a cool leather jacket.

James Robertson, Ant. A Core Earth Adventuring Archeologist.

John Lawman,  Colin A Core Earth Canadian Mountie. Last seen going off with his new found love Hildy, Daughter of Dr. Marlene.

Kamil Addup,  Matt B. A Nile Empire Mathematician

Moody, Ciaran. A Core Earth Tech Wiz.

Peter Letterman, Adrian. A Core Earth Adventurous Scholar. “I have no idea, but maybe it’s worth investigating”.

Petey, Rob. A Nile empire Gadget Hero.

Ramalan, Steve. An Orroshan Gypsy.

Seymour Tush, Ken. A Nile Tough Hero.

Shara, Natalia. A Witch from the Cyberpapacy

Trisha McMillan, Matt Z. A Terran Rocket Ranger.

Star Wars – Shattered Galaxy

 D20, Star Wars  Comments Off on Star Wars – Shattered Galaxy
Jul 292007

Proposal for the August/September games block – to be put up 31st July – votes 7th August

The time – approximately 60 years after the Battle of Endor

The galaxy – torn by a century of strife and warfare.  Technology is mainly stagnant or in decay, though every faction seeks for the ultimate weapon(s) which will enable it to prevail over its enemies.

The factions – the New Republic struggles to re-establish peace and order throughout the galaxy.  Other factions such as the remnants of the Empire – now known as The Reformation – oppose them, as do various crime syndicates and local warlords.  The Jedi Order has been reborn through the guidance of Grand Master Skywalker, but is not fully trusted or accepted.  Palpatine’s propaganda of the Jedi as traitors and sorcerers still lingers

The heroes – representatives of the New Republic or the New Jedi Order.

The system – D20 Saga Edition (the 3rd edition of the D20 licence).  Will switch to D6 if this doesn’t work out!

The setting – most of the old heroes of the Rebellion era are dead or old aged.  The majority of the EU developments didn’t happen – especially the Yuuzhon Vong!  However, the Solos and Skywalkers did have children, of which only Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker now survive.

The mission – currently to track down the person(s) intent on selling details of the location of the last undiscovered repository of Emperor Palpatine’s secrets to the Imperial Reformation or crime lord factions.

Ordering the Exalted campaign

 Exalted  Comments Off on Ordering the Exalted campaign
Jul 252007

I’ve given the main stories series numbers (like on TV), and started at a highish number. When adding previous stuff guess where it fits in. We can easily renumber everything.

I wasn’t in the previous Exalted block so don’t know what happened in series ten.

I’m guessing Largin is series 8?