Block 1 starting January 15th 2013 Blood Bowl and the Dark Elf Game

Blood Bowl


A game of American Football with monsters! What is there not to like! Take a team of Elves Dwaves or even Haflings onto the granite field.
You are the head coach and must select your team from the 1000000 gold coins you have acquired. Blitzes throwers or general linemen the choice is yours. Over the course of the season (block) players will gain experience for causing casualties scoring and passing (probably in that order!) and can develop into star players with extra skills. However their salary increases and you have to balance your books!
A board game with strategic manoeuvres to out score your opponent.
Players need to attend every week as there will be one game a week an you forfeit if you can’t make it.
Needs 6 or 4 players to run.
With 6 you will play the other 5 teams once in a league and the final week will be a final for the top two teams. A plate for 3/4 play off and wooden spoon for 5/6 in the 5 week league.
4 player version is straight league playing all other opponents twice.

The Dark Elf Game


After centuries of loyal service, the Witch King, Malekith has decided to elevate your house from a lesser house to a greater house.  This is a great honour and means the head of your house will be offered a seat on the High Council of Advisers.  You will join the ranks of the upper nobility.

There’s just one small fly in the ointment…
Your house has lost some of its lands near Clar Karond.  A small, but embarrassing slave revolt has taken place there and it needs to be put down.  The real problem is that it’s politically embarrassing because it started in your house lands in Clar Karond just as your house is being elevated and could be taken as a sign of weakness and used against you by your enemies.  Centuries of work could be wasted if the Witch King changes his mind about elevating your house because you look weak as a result of this.
You are sent by the head of your house to deal with the revolt and deal with it quietly.  Deal with it and you will be well rewarded for your actions for the house.  If you fail, your pain will be limitless.
The game starts as you are preparing to leave.
The game is set in the Warhammer Fantasy world, with the players playing the part of the Druchii, or Dark Elves.  I intend to use the Game of Thrones system as it has the right levels of heroic combat, mass combat, personal interaction and intrigue.  It’s also a simple system to learn and play, being reminiscent of the roll and keep system of L5R but using D6s instead.
Players will create their characters using a simple points buy system, but also their house, including lands, population, influence, defence, army and wealth.  If any of you decide to spend enough points on status you can become the head of the house or the house heir.  Mind you, with the Dark Elves, murder is an art form – enemies, friends and family alike are fair targets.  Who’s to say slipping some poison into his wine won’t work?
Other than that, play a Witch Elf, a Sorceress, a Blackguard, an Executioner, perhaps a Cold One Knight….
For those who don’t know the Warhammer world, I plan to introduce a very small part of it and only very slowly.  No knowledge is required to play.  To start with, it should be sufficient to know – you play the bad guys!