Club History 2009

Block 1
Exalted Dragonblooded – Dave S. Katrina, Dave D, Lawrence, Ace, Rob
Warhammer – Ant. Adrian R, Merrick, Dave, Gabriel, Matt, Steve, Carlos

Block 2

L5R – Ace. Adrian R, Dave D, Lawrence, Ant
One night stands – Katrina. Matt, Merrick, Dave
Tekumel – Steve. Dave S, Carlos, Rob, Gabriel, MArtin

Block 3
L5R – Ace. Katrina, Rob, Matt, Adrian, Gabriel
Babylon 5 – Dave D. Gareth, Carlos, Lawrence
RuneQuest – Ant, Dave S, Steve, Ken

Block 4
L5R Adrian. Ace, Katrina, Matt,Rob
Con X – Gareth. Ken, Dave, Merrick, Craig, Lawrence
Exalted – Ant. Dave S, Gabriel, Carlos, Steve, Dave D

Block 5
Heroquest – Dave S. Dave D, Carlos, Ant, Steve, Ace
Cthulhu – Gareth. Matt b, Rob, Adrian, Katrina, Ken, gabriel

Block 6
Cthulhu – Gareth. Katrina, Adrian, Gabriel, Dave D, Ace
Star Wars – Matt. Carlos, Rob,Steve, Dave S, Ken

Block 7
Witch Hunter by Ant. Gareth, Katrina, Gabriel, Steve and Craig(?)
HQ by Dave S. Rob, Ken, Lawrence and Merrick (did not run)
Arabian Nights by Ace. Ade R, David D, Dave and Carlos

Block 8
Week 1 Warhammer & LotR Risk
Week 2 Mystic Wood & Cosmic Encounter
Week 3 Orkus Maximus
Week 4 Xmas meal at the Thai
Week 5 Aliens

Arabian Knights

Week 1

Having arrived in the City of Arkesh, we leave the ship and stay with Merula hiding from the black turbans. In Mithras’ place of the holy we meet Namzee, merchant. He’s slightly dodgy. Is he a good source of Dream dust at cheaper rates?

Week 2

On our way home from our night out we are met by four black turbans with wizard and an effrit. In the midst of the battle the wizard summons up four skeletons. Rather than run from this dangerous group, we engage them like the valourous sailors we are.

Week 3

We destroy the skeletons. Kill the black turbans. Attack the wizard who throws poisonous snakes at us. He releases a cloud of acid. Layer, near death we are healed hy Merula hidden in a warehouse. After our recovery Merula gives us a job. Princess amera and prince jahal aged eight need to be taken out of the place to protect them. Merula cannot help us, he asks us to take them in our ship to marabua to the caliph mahar. He will give us an introduction.

He also tells us of the secret passage into the palace grounds and the plans of palace. The grounds of the palace are guarded by lions and soldiers called the immortals. He will try to provide with anything we need. He offers us a huge bag of dream dust as our reward. Abula will bring the plans.

The Great City of Arkesh

The great feast at the end of Ramadan had begun, the fasting was over and a time of celebration begins. In the grand market place you overhear one such storyteller in the square talking of a great white walled city Arkesh it sits proudly in the bay of Arkesh Alhun, the sun shines down upon the city radiating its glory for all to see.

A place of trade in the finest of items, it is even said that some sellers are not all they seem! Tales of a beautiful toy horse gifted to a shah, was in fact a true wonder, It could gallop across the sky. It is rumored that it was made in Arkesh, just one of many wonders to be found there.

But a wonder that is rare, though not a wonder such as a galloping clockwork steed is that of the dream dust! A purse alone full of it is worth the dowry of one of the princesses of Baghdad!

The story teller himself sits grandly, listened keenly to by a crowd of over 100, a man in his fortieth moon, resplendent in his white silks tanned skin and piercing blue eyes. You feel the need to hear more of his tales, he talks of india and rubies the size of a childs head, and of china with a great wall built by the hands of small gods!

But he returns again to Arkesh and talks of the great white lotus’es that grow in the palace gardens, whose pollen is used to make the dream dust, of the bees that have no home in this world that travel from heaven itself to flower the beautiful blossoms. Whose honey is the sweetest in all of the world, but once tasted is like the bitterest of fruits as no matter how good or how much wine you drink you can never forget its taste!

His tales continue and you hear of palaces appearing in the deserts, of wild horsemen, beautiful green eyed maidens dancing that would make a blind man cry, and of the songs of the nightingales in the palaces of india!

Your mind is ablaze with wonderment at his tales, and of this dream dust!

Where is this city and how could one get some of this dust worth more than a thousand pearls!