Club History 2018

Block 1
9 Jan to 13 March
Iron Kingdoms (Adrian): George, Charge, Laurence, David S, Riccardo
Dark Heresy (Bernard): Matt, Ace, Albert, Liz, Gabriel
Dungeon World (David D): Graham, Rehan, Carol, Zuki, Anne

Block 2
20 Feb to 27 March
Warhammer (Matt): Adrian R, Bernard, George, Albert, David S
Shadow of the Demon Lord (Riccardo): David D, Zuki, Graham, Gabriel
Musketeers (Anthony): Charles, Carol, Lawrence, Rihan

Block 3
3 April to 8 May
Iron Kingdoms (Adrian): Matt, Lawrence, Charles, David D, Carol
Goblins (George) (Cancelled): Anthony, Rihan, Zuki, Liz
Numenera (Bernard): Riccardo, Gabriel, Graham, David S, Anne

Block 4
15 May to 19 June
Roleplaying in Glorantha: Under the Raging Storm (RuneQuest) (David S): Bernard, Charles, Lawrence, Matt, Anthony
The New Essex Council Data Integrity Unit (Savage Worlds) (Graham): Zuki, Anne, Liz, Rihan, Albert
Deadlands Noir (Savage Worlds) (David D): Adrian R, Riccardo, Gabriel, Ace, Carol, Lloyd

Block 5
26 June to 7 August except 2 July (because Football)
Roleplaying in Glorantha: Under the Raging Storm 2 (RuneQuest) (David S): Lawrence K, Charles, Bernard, Matt, Anthony (5)
Code Red — Dirty Bomb (HeroQuest) (Ace): Graham, Gabriel, Albert, Adrian R (4)
Realms of Terrinoth (Genesys) (Lloyd): David D, Riccardo, Zuki, Carol (4)

Block 6
14 August to 18 September
Ooops. Missing. Should go back and fill it in.

Block 7
2 October to 6 November
Bounty Hunters in Space (Scum and Villainy) (David D): Bernard, Adrian, Carol, Graham, Albert
Star Wars (WEG) (Matt B): David S, Anne, Gabriel, Frank
D&D (D&D5) (George): Charles, Anthony, Michal, Rhian, Riccardo
Ace skipping the block.

Block 8
13 Nov to 11 Dec (only 5 weeks)
Fallen London (Skyfarers) (Liz): Adrian, Gabriel, Rhien, Michal
D&D (D&D5) (George): Frank, Graham, Albert, Bernard, Anthony
Space 2019 (Dramasystem) (David S): Matt, David D, Charles, Katea, Riccardo

Christmas Meal
18 Dec

Tuesday Knights will return 8 Jan 2019

Club History 2009

Block 1
Exalted Dragonblooded – Dave S. Katrina, Dave D, Lawrence, Ace, Rob
Warhammer – Ant. Adrian R, Merrick, Dave, Gabriel, Matt, Steve, Carlos

Block 2

L5R – Ace. Adrian R, Dave D, Lawrence, Ant
One night stands – Katrina. Matt, Merrick, Dave
Tekumel – Steve. Dave S, Carlos, Rob, Gabriel, MArtin

Block 3
L5R – Ace. Katrina, Rob, Matt, Adrian, Gabriel
Babylon 5 – Dave D. Gareth, Carlos, Lawrence
RuneQuest – Ant, Dave S, Steve, Ken

Block 4
L5R Adrian. Ace, Katrina, Matt,Rob
Con X – Gareth. Ken, Dave, Merrick, Craig, Lawrence
Exalted – Ant. Dave S, Gabriel, Carlos, Steve, Dave D

Block 5
Heroquest – Dave S. Dave D, Carlos, Ant, Steve, Ace
Cthulhu – Gareth. Matt b, Rob, Adrian, Katrina, Ken, gabriel

Block 6
Cthulhu – Gareth. Katrina, Adrian, Gabriel, Dave D, Ace
Star Wars – Matt. Carlos, Rob,Steve, Dave S, Ken

Block 7
Witch Hunter by Ant. Gareth, Katrina, Gabriel, Steve and Craig(?)
HQ by Dave S. Rob, Ken, Lawrence and Merrick (did not run)
Arabian Nights by Ace. Ade R, David D, Dave and Carlos

Block 8
Week 1 Warhammer & LotR Risk
Week 2 Mystic Wood & Cosmic Encounter
Week 3 Orkus Maximus
Week 4 Xmas meal at the Thai
Week 5 Aliens

Evil over the River – a Orlanthi Adventure

The Sangor clan have recently become both famous and notorious. The actions of some its younger members have not only saved the whole clan from death, but they’ve also helped in rebellion that’s starting to push out the Lunar occupation forces. The notoriety stems from Niall Filberson telling the Lunar authorities that he helped burn down the Lunar mansion a few miles away. They weren’t impressed, even after he’d told them it contained an evil chaos sorcerer! Many of those younger members are now “away on business”. No one knows where they are, especially as they have a price on their heads.

A friendly bordering clan has asked for help. The Lysang have been suffering from attacks from the Upland Marsh and that can only mean one thing – Undead.

This game will start with new characters from the Sangor Gor clan. You will be brothers, sisters, cousins of the group that is “away on business”. You’ve lived in their shadow long enough, now it’s your turn to prove your worth. Although the characters are new, they won’t be inexperienced. You’ll be playing bronze age hill barbarians, farmers living in the rolling green hills of Sartar, Land of Heroes. Their life and culture is based on the actions of their gods – Orlanth and Ernalda and there’s nothing they like more than boasting about livestock.

The rules will be HeroQuest Core (a generic system) with the background drawn from the up and coming Sartar, Land of Heroes and a pre-existing campaign.

The Sangor Clan

The Sangor clan is one of the nine clans of the Lismelder Tribe.

It has a young few troublesome members who have got a name for themselves

Alaric (Ant) A devotee of Humakt




The Clan Ring

Position Person Cult(s) Family

Orlanth Udrecht init Harst the Reeve init Dar the Leader Filberson

Ernalda the Earth Hervalda init Roitina the Ceremonialist Greatarm

Uralda the Cow Frieda Dev Uralda the Cow mother Corverson

Esra the grain Myara init Esra the Barley mother Corverson

Durev or Barntar Bren init Barntar the ploughman Corverson

Orolmarn or Voriof Krogar init Voriof the Herder

init Orlmarn the Herder

init Filberson

Ormalaya or Odayla Korstardos init Odayla the Deep hunter Corverson

Outer ring (Thunder brothers & weaver women)

Clan Champion Farangar the Resolute init Finovan the Raider Corverson

Weaponthane t Jorstan Quicklaugh Dev Destsor the Adventurer Filberson

Weaponthane O Malan init Elmal Hearthguard Corverson

Weaponthane a Varosh the Steady init Hedkoranth the Thunder slinger Greatarm

Weaponthane d Kenstrel init Starkval the Weaponthane Greatarm

Warband Leader Idris Strongarm dev Vinga the Spear Greatarm

Dishthane Orcarl dev Durev the Householder. Greatarm

Lawthane Urandar init Andrin the Lawspeaker. Corverson

Orlanth Chief Priest. Venharl dev Ohorlanth the Thunderer Filberson

Ernalda Chief Priestess Friga dev Roitina the Ceremonialist Greatarm

Clan Healer Angora Dev Belveren the Chaos Cleanser. Corverson

Bonded Trickster Liesel init Downboy the Lightbringer Filberson

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 July 2007 )


The day had not gone well, the Bostrop had us escorted from their

tula. All we had done was come to their land for the healers to help

them. But their suspicious nature and recent raids by the Poss must

have made them less than reasonable. So we spent the night under the

clouds, but we could not pass through their tula which would add 2

days to our journey time. So at daybreak we had to head back the way

we came, as it would not be right for us to put the healers through

the trouble of crossing the forested hills. It would be hard travel

and would not be good for them, though I miss the closeness of the

woods. But our concerns over the lunars chasing us were not to go

away. As we neared the ford we could see that it was guarded,6

flaming spear outlanders, and all i wanted to do was kill them. Vara,

Onsara, Alaric and even Serenalda wanted it to be so. Myself and the

vingans would move round to the forest and ambush them,I had

waited for this moment since my birth but Alaric in a moment of

clarity recommended that we scout the forest first.

This was my work and i moved swiftly and silently. I entered the

woods moved in deeper to where we would attack from, and our plan was


The hunters who were after us before, were there! Watching, waiting I

was sure for us. Then he spotted me, I had been as silent as I could

even the twigs beneath my feet had bent instead of snapping for me. I

am a hunter and know the way of the woods.But he knew I was there, so

I had become the hunted. But I made him work for his quarry, I would

not be easy. But it took all of my skill and more to try to loose him

but to little avail. But I am no normal quarry and when he thought he

had me, my spear I turned against him.He is strong and fast and I

knew I could not outmatch him. But I had caught him off gaurd and he

did not know what to do. So I had him, “What are you doing in my

hunting land? You have scared my quarry to deeper in the woods. What

are you doing here?”

That was when I discovered the trouble we are in, we are his quarry.

I had to get back to warn the group, but first i had to get rid of

him!! I persuaded him I hoped that I was here hunting and had nothing

to do with the healers they were after. Deeper into the woods i went

to continue with my ploy.Time passed and I came to the edge of the

woods to see Alaric and the healers riding into the woods in a

hurry!! Stunned I was, what had happened? I had the patience of a

hunter, and knew the dividends it paid. But what had happened?

Everything was on the brink and enough trouble had we brothers caused

without failing at this as well.

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The Story so Far

Inside the Loom Hut Alaric stands in front of the Grandmothers. Ty Kora Tek stands in front of him and pulls out the clan’s most sacred and secret item, Ana Gor. The darks knife glistens under the torchlight.

“We told you what would happen if you came in here again”, with that she plunges the knife into his heart.