Club History 2015

Block 1 6th January

Star Wars with Matt (Adrian, Albert, Gabriel, Graham, John)

Nova Praxis (13th Age) with Riccardo (Ace, Jerret, Zuki, Dave D, Dave S)

Block 2 17th February

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Zuki, Dave D, Jerret, John, Ace)

Eclipse Phase with Albert (Matt B, Graham, Gabriel, Riccardo)

Block 3 31st March

Victorian Mystery with Ace (Dave S, Jerret, Rumblot, Albert)

Deadlands Noir  with Dave D (John, Gabriel, Riccardo, Graham)

Block 4 12th May

Monster Hearts with Dave D (Ace, Adrian, John, Noah, Graham)

Unknown Armies with Riccardo (Albert, Dave S, Jerrett, Zuki, Monica, Gabriel)

Block 5

RKO Adventures with Ace (Adrian, Dave D, Dave S, Riccardo, Laurence, Jonathon)

Blood Bowl with Matt (John, Albert, Graham)

3:16 with David S (Adrian, Dave D, Dave S, Riccardo, Laurence, Jonathon)

Block 6

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Jerret, Dave S, Matt, Ace, Charles, Albert)

Essex Council Data Integrity Unit (Monster of the Week) with Graham (Dave D, Zuki, Jonathon, Gabriel, Laurence)

Block 7

Star Wars with Matt (Ace, Amelia, John)

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Albert, Zuki, Jerrett, Gabriel, Riccardo)

One Nights stands with Dave S (Katya, Laurence, Charles)

Block 8

Victorian Mystery with Ace (Dave S, Jerrett, Matt, Adrian)

Feng Shui 2 with Riccardo (Dave D, Zuki, Graham, Albert, Gabriel, John)

Legend of the 5 Rings Pitch

with Adrian R. Starting 17th February 2015

What’s it about in one sentence?

Fantasy roleplaying in a far eastern setting, drawing on Korean, Chinese and Japanese elements.


The PC’s will take on the roles of samurai in the lands of Rokugan. Taking on the role of swordsmen, magic users, diplomats or variations on each.

Sent across the burning sands desert the PCS have been asked to find a weapon to use against the traitorous Spider Clan the group has reached the
city of Medinaat Al Salaam, more specifically the cave of Mul-Shazzir…The Khadir of the 40 Sons of Trespass!

Our PCs have uncovered a weapon that will, hopefully, help destroy the ‘Floating Kyuden’ that is terrorising the lands of the Phoenix and Dragon Clans.

It is a rather unorthodox weapon but one with the potential to change the face of the PCs world….

It is also sharing the body of one the PCs….but more on that if the game gets voted in 🙂


Simply put: D10. Using a roll and keep system based around Traits/attributes and Skills. Trust me…its easy 🙂
Plenty of players have access to both hard copies and PDF so if anyone needs access to books they will be available.

Recommended Media

To be honest it’s the same media recommendations as last time.
TV: Monkey, The Water Margin and a splash of the Sinbad movies
Literature: Tales from Old Japan

Club History 2009

Block 1
Exalted Dragonblooded – Dave S. Katrina, Dave D, Lawrence, Ace, Rob
Warhammer – Ant. Adrian R, Merrick, Dave, Gabriel, Matt, Steve, Carlos

Block 2

L5R – Ace. Adrian R, Dave D, Lawrence, Ant
One night stands – Katrina. Matt, Merrick, Dave
Tekumel – Steve. Dave S, Carlos, Rob, Gabriel, MArtin

Block 3
L5R – Ace. Katrina, Rob, Matt, Adrian, Gabriel
Babylon 5 – Dave D. Gareth, Carlos, Lawrence
RuneQuest – Ant, Dave S, Steve, Ken

Block 4
L5R Adrian. Ace, Katrina, Matt,Rob
Con X – Gareth. Ken, Dave, Merrick, Craig, Lawrence
Exalted – Ant. Dave S, Gabriel, Carlos, Steve, Dave D

Block 5
Heroquest – Dave S. Dave D, Carlos, Ant, Steve, Ace
Cthulhu – Gareth. Matt b, Rob, Adrian, Katrina, Ken, gabriel

Block 6
Cthulhu – Gareth. Katrina, Adrian, Gabriel, Dave D, Ace
Star Wars – Matt. Carlos, Rob,Steve, Dave S, Ken

Block 7
Witch Hunter by Ant. Gareth, Katrina, Gabriel, Steve and Craig(?)
HQ by Dave S. Rob, Ken, Lawrence and Merrick (did not run)
Arabian Nights by Ace. Ade R, David D, Dave and Carlos

Block 8
Week 1 Warhammer & LotR Risk
Week 2 Mystic Wood & Cosmic Encounter
Week 3 Orkus Maximus
Week 4 Xmas meal at the Thai
Week 5 Aliens

The Dragon Clan

Righto part two of the PC options….


There are problems with players choosing parts of this clan. I don’t want to say no to anyone BUT in the 3rd Edition of L5R there are three orders of tattooed

monks (don’t ask!) However the official guys who write the rules have said that having three orders in the RP game has become too complex and in the online updating of the rules the orders have once become ‘one’ under the aegis of Togashi once more. Also there are families who would have little interest in the case at this stage (the Togashi and Tamori) but for the sake of completeness I’ll give you all the details.

The Togashi:

Simply put the ruling family of the Dragon Clan is not a family but a brotherhood. An order of Ise-zumi (tattooed monks) they are the most ancient of

the familiies of the Dragon and the most mysterious but yet probably the most energetic. To outside eyes they act randomly and without reason.  Yet there always appears to be an ulterior motive for the good of all Rokugan.

Gifted directly by the first Togashi the ise-zumi can tap powers through their tattoos which can achieve wonders that no ordinary samurai can achieve.  Well liked by peasants and most samurai they are rarely understood even by themselves.

The Tamori

The Tamori are the inheritors of the Agasha family that defected to the Phoenix Clan to help rebuild them after the disastrous civil war that took place within the Phoenix clan during the lead up to the Second Day of Thunder. What happened was that the leader of the Agasha at the time, Agasha Tamori became corrupted by the Living Shadow and aided Togashi Hitomi in her pogrom against the Dragon Clan itself. A pogrom which only ended when Togashi Hitomi became Lady Moon and Agasha Tamori was killed by his daughter after the War of the Spirits.

Therefore the Agasha shugenja family became defunct and were replaced by a family that holds it’s founding name in contempt! They are a martial family the most militant of all shugenja families in Rokugan and were practical clothing instead of the usual robes a shugenja might wear.

(On a personal note this is an absolute mess of a storyline in L5R. I can’t do anything about it but the ‘fate’ of the Agasha was decided at a games convention in the states by a card game. It makes little sense in the overall story arc and it indicates why the main writers have backpedalled on the ‘three orders’ of Togashi monks before the idea became too set.)

The Kitsuki

This family is not only well known within the Dragon Clan for it’s pursuit of justice but throughout the whole of Rokugan. Their role as the diplomats of the Dragon Clan is well known and the arts of court are a way of life for a Kitsuki that they revel in and excel. They are tenacious and effective as magistrates, diplomats and negotiators.  The presence of a Kitsuki in court rules out the presence of most illicit activity.

The Kitsuki pride themselves on their open demeanour and appearance. Physically speaking they are of small to medium build with the Dragon clan’s ever present lean physique.

The Mirumoto

Making up 75% of the Dragon Clan’s numbers the Mirumoto are the main bridge between the Dragon and the outside world. Forming the largest part of it’s armies the Mirumoto are born from a gruff and direct samurai who could not understand the master that asked him to serve his house. The first Mirumoto created the ‘Niten’ or ‘two swords’ style of fighting a direct style which allows samurai trained in the school to use both swords. Those who fail to understand the school call it a ‘coward’s way’ but those enlightened and particularly those schooled in the Kakita school (who have a long standing rivalry with the Mirumoto) understand that it comes from doing one’s duty to the best of your ability and resources. Physically the Mirumoto are strong and lean, with limited food resources you will never come across an overweight Mirumoto but might, if you’re unlucky, face one who has a trace of the original Mirumoto’s short temper.

Right the schools

The TOGASHI ISE-ZUMI have learned that by tapping into their tattoos they become closer to enlightenment and closer to understanding the true path that Shinsei showed mankind.

Upon starting along the path of a Togashi monk you are given a tattoo. That tattoo could be one of a variety of things, the Sun, Bamboo, a Tiger or even a Chrysanthemum. That tattoo gives you a start and as you reach enlightenment more tattoos will appear and your connection with the world of man will become more tenous.

The school teaches a variety of skills but it’s students are always encouraged to use peace as a way of negotiating and most followers of Togashi are practioners in the way of jiujitsu as a way of defending themselves if required to.

The KITSUKI COURTIER school is unsual when compared to other courtier schools.  Renowned for it’s ‘Kitsuki Method’ the school teaches its students to see through deceptions practised by the other clans. Sharp senses are required and honed over time coupled with the novel approach of using evidence in matters of law has resulted in the Kitsuki being sought specifically to solve murders of a serious nature when, before the school’s creation 300 years ago, a samurai’s word would have been enough to convict a man.

Because of the first Kitsuki’s teachings the Dragon uses diplomats from the Kitsuki to get their message across in other important courts but they are seldom allowed to get too close to what events are truly occuring. Most Kitsuki would say that they already know….

The TAMORI SHUGENJA school is next. Not the most honourable of the shugenja schools in Rokugan they hhave set their minds to uncovering the wilful elemntal forces of earth and combined it with the enigmatic nature of the Dragon Clan.

The Tamori’s former family were alchemists and to a certain extent students of the school continue that work but have discarded some of the irrelevant clutter that was sometimes associated with the Agasha. They are still focused on the arts of herbalism but are less concerned with alchemy than their predecesors. Still maintaining Shinsei’s mantra that ‘all ways are one’ they are mystic warrior philospohers with training at certain levels given over to Mirumoto bushi.

Which leads us to the MIRUMOTO BUSHI school. One of the oldest sword techniques in Rokugan, Mirumoto’s ‘Niten’ style teaches it’s students to use a katana in one hand with a wakizashi in the other. Not only making attacks more effective but also making it’s practioners harder to hit! Reflecting the desire to know all things Mirumoto bushi are encouraged to fight and learn from their brethren in the TAMORI SHUGENJA school.

Emphasising nothing other than Niten the school allows its students tgo follow what other skills they may choose, on the proviso that they will be the best at what they can do; be that Origami or Kyujutsu (archery). Shinsei said ‘All paths are one’ Mirumoto replied ‘I know one path will not teach me all I need to know.’

Developing skills from the bushi school the MIRUMOTO SWORDMASTER school developed out of the necessity to confront single powerful opponents. Taking on board the fact that students of the MIRUMOTO BUSHI school can fignht multiple opponents at a time, disciples of the Swordmaster school have taken their dedication to ‘Niten’ to a greater level, applying it in new ways, exclusive to Shinsei’s influence.  And as opposed to their Mirumoto brethren all students are required to take Iajiutsu (duelling/fast draw) as a skill so that they may apply Mirumoto’s technique in it’s most perfect form.


For the basis of the upcoming game I would like PCs, who would like to play a Dragon character, either to be from the Kitsuki or Mirumoto family and then, schoolwise, to come from the COURTIER, BUSHI or SWORDMASTER schools. There will be no negotiation on this! Thanks awfully.

Right *scrathes head* I guess the Scorpion Clan will be next……

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The Lion Clan

Hello there weary traveller etc etc..

If you’d like to take part in my L5R campaign please have a look at the info below and see if the Lion Clan is the option for you!

More info is available if you require it just let me know mmkay?


The Akodo:

Until about 40 years ago the Akodo were the first family on military matters in
Rokugan, not just the Lion Clan. When the first Emperor chose his bodyguard it
was Akodo One-eye the founding father of the Lion Clan who had the role. And
the role of the Emperor’s right hand stayed for life.

What happened 50 years ago was that Akodo Toturi tried to defend the actions of
the Scorpion champion and was rewarded with his family’s dissolution. A
dissolution he was later able to overturn, however within that time the ‘ronin’
that were his family were corrupted by an entity called The Lying Darkness.
Again a threat that has only recently been overcome with the help of Lady Moon.
As a result the Akodo have come back but as a consequence of their recent trials
there are many samurai in the Akodo family who have very little memory of what
they did or who they were.

But they will survive because Akodo are stoic in nature and very conservative
and traditional when following the code of Bushido and their main strength is
working together cooperatively. The Akodo mantra is ‘If your brother drops his
sword in the battle line, lend him yours.’ With all their recent adversity the
Akodo know that only by pulling together as a family will they survive and rise

The Matsu

The matriarchal Matsu are everything the Akodo are not. Followers of Bushido
with a natural fierce and independent nature. It is a foolish warrior who
confronts a Matsu who has had a bad day.

The Matsu’s power relies in their individual martial prowess and power. Just as
traditional and guided by bushido as much as the Akodo a Matsu is told from an
early age that they must rely on themselves only. They are Lion and a Matsu
must be fierce and strike down all enemies! They are the largest family in the
Lion Clan. Outside of the Clan the Matsu are regarded as being hot tempered and
unpredictable for their violent tendancies. The Matsu are aware of this and play
on that presumption.

The Ikoma

From the Matsu we move to the Ikoma.  When Akodo One-eye set the Lion Clan in
place he realised that not all his problems could be resolved on the
battlefield or via a duel so he gave the job of training a diplomatic service to
a braggart of a samurai called Ikoma. At the time it was an odd choice but a
thousand years later it has proved to be a wise choice indeed. The Lion Clan’s
scholars, diplomats, historians, storytellers, spymasters and even some of it’s
greatest tactictians have come from the Ikoma.

To an Akodo or a Matsu losing face through showing emotions is disastrous, it
goes against the tradition of ‘On'(face) within bushido so to counter that the
Ikoma are given a unique role within the Lion clan which no other samurai
family has in Rokugan: they are allowed to ‘let go’ in public.

An Ikoma may cry, laugh, declaim in public without any loss of face if he does
it on behalf of his Clan brothers and sisters. For example if a Matsu is
insulted and he is with an Ikoma ‘Omoidasu’ (storyteller) the Ikoma will tell
the poor samurai who did the insulting, with full cry about the history of the
Matsu and exactly why the Matsu is going to kill him. It is an extraordinary
role as when an Ikoma is on their own they tend to be a quiet sort, some might
say rather dull!

The Kitsu

Finally the last family of the Lion, but perhaps the most important are the holy
men and women of the Kitsu family. Besides being the normal shugenja that
funtion within the clan, the religious heart of the Lion, from a non-human
origin, they have kept the Lion Clan in touch with the Spirits of it’s
Ancestors for centuries. As an Akodo might organise and control a huge army on
the battlefield, an experienced Kitsu shugenja can call upon great powers and
favours from the Clan’s great heroes of the past and channel them through it’s
heroes of today.

They are closely tied to the Ikoma in emotions and with their origins the Kitsu
are semi histiorians carefully noting in detail who has done what within the
clan. And then asking politely for help as and when required.

The Akodo and Matsu dominate the battlefield but sometimes they need the
resources to achieve higher and greater results. The Kitsu are there for that


So we move onto the Lion Schools:

Firstly there is the AKODO BUSHI school. This school takes as it’s creed the
first rules written by Akodo. That a samurai must learn not to act as a
solitary warrior but part of a huge titanic entity.  As a result an Akodo bushi
is happy either in the rank and file or as the army’s leader. Either role is an
honourable position.

Next there is the MATSU BERSERKER school. Epitomising all that is Matsu the
Berserker school trains it’s students in various weapon skills and physical
activities directed towards strength. Individual focus without fear and the
ability to strike with extreme violence in one stroke.

Then there is the AKODO WAR COLLEGE. Students of this school learn about the ebb
and flow of combat. Looking at the ‘Tides of Battle’ in it’s smallest detail a
samurai can apply lessons not only to the grander battle scence but also apply
himself in the smaller skirmish looking for weaknesses in his or her opponent,
and take advantage when required. Taking a more practical approach than the
IKOMA TACTICIAN school the AKODO WAR COLLEGE has a close relationship with the

Moving to the IKOMA OMOIDASU school. The ‘Omoidasu’ school covers the skills of
a storyteller.  In this school the samurai is taught the way of the diplomat.
It is an interesting way of life where a samurai would normally complete a
series of katas or demonstrate a perfect technique with a sword to learn the
next technique from his or her masters and Ikoma must recite a part of lion
history with accuracy and passion. Therefore not only increasing the glory and
honour of his subject but also of himself. The school also trains it’s
followers in the way of the sword but an Ikoma Omoidasu would have other

The IKOMA TACTICIAN school is similiar to the AKODO WAR COLLEGE but tends to
lean towards historical aspects of battles and the lessons they could give.

When the Akodo were disbanded the Matsu, the new family head, insisted that the
Ikoma take the mantle left vacant by the subsequent disbandment of the AKODO
WAR COLLEGE. This caused difficulties as the Ikoma had always had the role of
bards and historians and although they applied themselves to their new role
they lacked the ability to apply the small unit strategies that the Akodo
excelled in. However students of the school have now begun to find their role
and the historical knowledge a student has of all opponents a Lion samurai
might face has proved invaluable. Especially in the current difficult

Finally there is the KITSU SHUGENJA school. The Kitsu teach a rare and
specialised form of magic. Based around skills to perceive and contact the
various spirit realms the Kitsu are founded in reverence for the Lion Clan’s

Those shugenja that become qualified from the school can draw power from
Ancestral Spirits and guide those who are lost within those realms to find
their way back to where they rightfully belong. In outlook they are hostile to
outside interference not because they are paranoid but because there are very
few who can actually understand the magic that makes the Kitsu what they are.

Don’t forget that picking one particular family over another does NOT dictate what school you should attend.  Family members within the clan can move quite easily around different schools.

Thank you for reading….Dragon Clan options will be up next…

The Scorpion Clan

Hmm I’m going to have to be careful on this one because…….they could be watching ~_~’

The Third option for the upcoming game is the Scorpion Clan but there are some very specific reasons why the Scorpion would get involved. If they are your choice the reasoning will become clear……

And what is more where previously I have given the full gist of ALL associated families and schools within the clans there are reasons for me NOT to do that with this lot…..


The Shosuro

While the Bayushi are the natural head of the clan the Shosuro are their de facto right hand men. And those right hand duties can entail all sorts of distasteful activities but they are duties nonetheless.

To many a Shoshuro ‘bushi’ is no more than a ninja and the Shosuro will kill any who accuse them of being such. A ‘Ninja’ in the eyes of a Shosuro bears no loyalty to a lord, clan or family – Shosuro are samurai.  They are incredibly proud that they bear a burden, a dark burden at that, which means they must carry out missions for their masters which other samurai would not have the strength of purpose or loyalty to do.

Physically speaking the Shosuro are bland in the most part and will fade from most people’s minds when it comes to recalling what one looks like.

The Soshi

The religious heart of the Scorpion, the Soshi have an unusual view of Rokugani religion. A Shugenja family which are universally cynical in their approach. The Tao of Shinsei and worship of the Fortunes are tools that are to be exploited and turned to their Clan’s advantage. Either the peasantry or the samurai class. A Soshi holy man or woman will always give advice sincerely but they are always looking for…..something.

As with most aspects of the Scorpion Clan they try to keep themselves hidden away so that none may notice them until it is far too late.  Their appearance resembles their beautiful Bayushi brethren but the hard, bitter cynicism can sometimes twist that beauty into something dark.

The available schools ladies and gents are as follows:

The SHOSURO SHINOBI school is the foremost taining ground for those growing up in the Shosuro family.  A shinobi is never recognised in the outside world as such.  Taking the roles of a yojimbo, a diplomat  or a herald it is only when their unique skills which have been learnt outside their covering disguise are called for by their masters do they cast off their cover and become the agents which they are required to be.

A SHOSURO SHINOBI must never reveal themselves to any but those they trust implicitly. It is the nature of keeping their true identity safe and hidden that a Shosuro can survive. They are spies and assassins true but if they were to forget what they truly were they would join the ranks of those Shosuro damned by their beliefs that they were untouchable….

The SOSHI SHUGENJA school is quite a straightforward school practising its arts of illusion and deception. In areas of study it is quite diffuuse.  If a SOSHI SHUGENJA was asked wat the focus of the school was the simple answer would be ‘Everything’.

The Soshi’s role is to wtch and observe all that occurs around the Bayushi family in court and protect it. The skills that a Soshi might learn is that of using magic to create threats that are not there and vice versa. In addition where some other shugenja families will shy away from the political sphere the Soshi regard it as essential in their duties in protecting and guarding the secrets of the Scorpion…


There is an awful lot more to the above families and respective duties they might have BUT I can’t say anymore otherwise everyone will know all there is to know about the Scorion.  And that would not be fun….

Right the final PC Option, The Mantis, will be up next.

Thanks for reading

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The Mantis Clan

Okay chaps and chapettes (eh?) this is the final PC option(s) for the upcoming L5R campaign.  I don’t want ANYONE to say that they haven’t had a choice.

We come to the Mantis Clan, a Great clan, that was a Minor clan but with two other Minor Clans became a Great Clan (are you getting all this?….is this mic on?)


Born from a Crab that was cheated of his birthright the Mantis Clan, the Yoritomo, have made a living of being pirates, tenanacious warriors and meddling courtiers but they are not the only Family in the Mantis Clan.


The Moshi are a very conservative family, in fact some might say the ONLY conservative family in the Mantis. They formed the Centipede Clan, until recent upheavals, a minor clan in their own right.

Matriarchal, like the Mantis family of the Lion Clan, the Moshi were exclusive follows of Amseratsu, the Sun Goddess, they supplied the vast majority of the shugenja in the Mantis Clan’s war efforts during the leadup to the Second day of Thunder.  After they seemed to be drifting away from the alliance with the Yoritomo family when disaster struck. After the battle between Togashi Hitomi and Onnanntugu (Lord Moon) in which Hitomi killed Lord Moon, Amseratsu committed jingkai (the female equivalent of seppuku) as a result the whole culture and ethos of the Moshi was thrown into turmoil and was on the verge of disbanding when the Yoritomo offered it’s services and provisions for the family’s well being. The Moshi gratefully accepted.

Graceful and delicately beautiful, the Moshi are a counter balance to the sometimes brash Yoritomo and unorthodox Tsuruchi.

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