Club History 2018

Block 1
9 Jan to 13 March
Iron Kingdoms (Adrian): George, Charge, Laurence, David S, Riccardo
Dark Heresy (Bernard): Matt, Ace, Albert, Liz, Gabriel
Dungeon World (David D): Graham, Rehan, Carol, Zuki, Anne

Block 2
20 Feb to 27 March
Warhammer (Matt): Adrian R, Bernard, George, Albert, David S
Shadow of the Demon Lord (Riccardo): David D, Zuki, Graham, Gabriel
Musketeers (Anthony): Charles, Carol, Lawrence, Rihan

Block 3
3 April to 8 May
Iron Kingdoms (Adrian): Matt, Lawrence, Charles, David D, Carol
Goblins (George) (Cancelled): Anthony, Rihan, Zuki, Liz
Numenera (Bernard): Riccardo, Gabriel, Graham, David S, Anne

Block 4
15 May to 19 June
Roleplaying in Glorantha: Under the Raging Storm (RuneQuest) (David S): Bernard, Charles, Lawrence, Matt, Anthony
The New Essex Council Data Integrity Unit (Savage Worlds) (Graham): Zuki, Anne, Liz, Rihan, Albert
Deadlands Noir (Savage Worlds) (David D): Adrian R, Riccardo, Gabriel, Ace, Carol, Lloyd

Block 5
26 June to 7 August except 2 July (because Football)
Roleplaying in Glorantha: Under the Raging Storm 2 (RuneQuest) (David S): Lawrence K, Charles, Bernard, Matt, Anthony (5)
Code Red — Dirty Bomb (HeroQuest) (Ace): Graham, Gabriel, Albert, Adrian R (4)
Realms of Terrinoth (Genesys) (Lloyd): David D, Riccardo, Zuki, Carol (4)

Block 6
14 August to 18 September
Ooops. Missing. Should go back and fill it in.

Block 7
2 October to 6 November
Bounty Hunters in Space (Scum and Villainy) (David D): Bernard, Adrian, Carol, Graham, Albert
Star Wars (WEG) (Matt B): David S, Anne, Gabriel, Frank
D&D (D&D5) (George): Charles, Anthony, Michal, Rhian, Riccardo
Ace skipping the block.

Block 8
13 Nov to 11 Dec (only 5 weeks)
Fallen London (Skyfarers) (Liz): Adrian, Gabriel, Rhien, Michal
D&D (D&D5) (George): Frank, Graham, Albert, Bernard, Anthony
Space 2019 (Dramasystem) (David S): Matt, David D, Charles, Katea, Riccardo

Christmas Meal
18 Dec

Tuesday Knights will return 8 Jan 2019

Club History 2015

Block 1 6th January

Star Wars with Matt (Adrian, Albert, Gabriel, Graham, John)

Nova Praxis (13th Age) with Riccardo (Ace, Jerret, Zuki, Dave D, Dave S)

Block 2 17th February

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Zuki, Dave D, Jerret, John, Ace)

Eclipse Phase with Albert (Matt B, Graham, Gabriel, Riccardo)

Block 3 31st March

Victorian Mystery with Ace (Dave S, Jerret, Rumblot, Albert)

Deadlands Noir  with Dave D (John, Gabriel, Riccardo, Graham)

Block 4 12th May

Monster Hearts with Dave D (Ace, Adrian, John, Noah, Graham)

Unknown Armies with Riccardo (Albert, Dave S, Jerrett, Zuki, Monica, Gabriel)

Block 5

RKO Adventures with Ace (Adrian, Dave D, Dave S, Riccardo, Laurence, Jonathon)

Blood Bowl with Matt (John, Albert, Graham)

3:16 with David S (Adrian, Dave D, Dave S, Riccardo, Laurence, Jonathon)

Block 6

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Jerret, Dave S, Matt, Ace, Charles, Albert)

Essex Council Data Integrity Unit (Monster of the Week) with Graham (Dave D, Zuki, Jonathon, Gabriel, Laurence)

Block 7

Star Wars with Matt (Ace, Amelia, John)

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Albert, Zuki, Jerrett, Gabriel, Riccardo)

One Nights stands with Dave S (Katya, Laurence, Charles)

Block 8

Victorian Mystery with Ace (Dave S, Jerrett, Matt, Adrian)

Feng Shui 2 with Riccardo (Dave D, Zuki, Graham, Albert, Gabriel, John)

Club History 2009

Block 1
Exalted Dragonblooded – Dave S. Katrina, Dave D, Lawrence, Ace, Rob
Warhammer – Ant. Adrian R, Merrick, Dave, Gabriel, Matt, Steve, Carlos

Block 2

L5R – Ace. Adrian R, Dave D, Lawrence, Ant
One night stands – Katrina. Matt, Merrick, Dave
Tekumel – Steve. Dave S, Carlos, Rob, Gabriel, MArtin

Block 3
L5R – Ace. Katrina, Rob, Matt, Adrian, Gabriel
Babylon 5 – Dave D. Gareth, Carlos, Lawrence
RuneQuest – Ant, Dave S, Steve, Ken

Block 4
L5R Adrian. Ace, Katrina, Matt,Rob
Con X – Gareth. Ken, Dave, Merrick, Craig, Lawrence
Exalted – Ant. Dave S, Gabriel, Carlos, Steve, Dave D

Block 5
Heroquest – Dave S. Dave D, Carlos, Ant, Steve, Ace
Cthulhu – Gareth. Matt b, Rob, Adrian, Katrina, Ken, gabriel

Block 6
Cthulhu – Gareth. Katrina, Adrian, Gabriel, Dave D, Ace
Star Wars – Matt. Carlos, Rob,Steve, Dave S, Ken

Block 7
Witch Hunter by Ant. Gareth, Katrina, Gabriel, Steve and Craig(?)
HQ by Dave S. Rob, Ken, Lawrence and Merrick (did not run)
Arabian Nights by Ace. Ade R, David D, Dave and Carlos

Block 8
Week 1 Warhammer & LotR Risk
Week 2 Mystic Wood & Cosmic Encounter
Week 3 Orkus Maximus
Week 4 Xmas meal at the Thai
Week 5 Aliens

Star Wars Episodes 1 to 24

Star Wars Episode 1

Our heroes find themselves on Bacranna in the Brak System. Here the Rebel Alliance is starting to grow stronger in the days after the destruction of the Death Star and Tattoine.
Rebel Alliance new recruit data report:
Lo Pan, a young man burdened by a liking for a bottle. Seemingly this is to remove the guilt of the past. However, more recently in his sober moments we see potential here. A stirring of the Force, which flows strongly through him.
Asan Dor, a Zabrak from the outer regions. He has been recently working for Qual’om Soach, a Twi’lek crime lord in this sector. However he has come the better of the Imperials on several occasions and more importantly seems to have a conscience about his actions. It is known he is in debited to Qual’om and may be working only to pay of such debts.
Also there is R3 CP2. An unusual protocol droid which may be some prototype with enhanced abilities. Seemingly sub-serviant to his master Asan. May prove to assist his master greatly.
There are also a number of other recruits who may lead the way. A young pirate with a borg arm for example.
Report ends…..
The group has been approached and meetings have been set up with Commander Dara Gion. They attend and the Commander introduces herself. She explains that the Rebel Alliance is growing stronger and that they have all come to the attention of the rebels. The commander states they are wanted to join. She explains about the rebels and the local problems now that the Space Yards have been started. Adding about LMC (Lant Mining Corporation). The problem being that they are the largest employer in the system but they are supplying the Shipyards. The shipyards are heavily defended and the rebel forces are not strong enough to make a direct attack. However they are able to make small attacks on the LMC fleets and stations in order to delay as much as possible to the building and repairs of the Imperial fleets. However they have to be careful that they do not overstep the mark. LMC are already laying off many workers and those out of work are finding life like a death sentence. There is no other work and no source of money. People are starving and would be sympathetic to LMC and the Empire if they lost their jobs due to “terrorists”.
The group decides that they are interested in joining. They are escorted off the premises blindfolded and into a speeder. They are whizzed off to a space port and board a ship. Here R3 calculates that the sound output of the engines means there is a 90.6% probability that this is a times half hyperdrive. R3’s internal timer systems calculate the journey taking 15 hours 28 minutes and 11 seconds leaves a few options as to their destination. Latoma, Tel and Maxca being the three most likely. They arrive in a cavernous chamber large enough to hold several ships including a few X and Y-wings. They are shown to bunks in the communal area and shortly after the food bell goes and they follow the crowd to the mess halls. After eating Commander Dara Gion enters the mess hall and gives an intro talk to the new recruits. She explains that she is the personal officer here at the base. She goes on adding that the Brak system is located on the outer edge of the Expansion Region about 20 lights years from the Corellion Run. (A trade route). There are over 350 planets in the system, 67 officially inhabited but nearer 90 when you include unofficial operations and small colonies.
For security reasons I can not go into the size of our defence forces. There are 2 important things in this centre, the Imperial Navy building its Shipyard and LMC who supply the materials. She goes over the problems of attacking greater numbers of the Imperials but adds that stopping LMC or slowing them down is their main current objectives.
A few others ask questions. The local crimelords are Eelien Kirat, an underling of Jabba the Hut and Soach the Twi’lek. LMC staff may help but are more worried about their employment and futures.
Commander Dara Gion then explains training will start in the morning with Major Berra.
Lo Pan          “Well the Force works in mysterious ways.”
Asan Dor     “Training, you live and learn but never understand.”
Major Berra “Atten-Shun…morning you make shift bunch of good for nothings. You are mine for the next week. And if you do not pass out first time week 2 gets twice as hard.”
R3 CP2         “I will not do that with my servo motors…”
Major Berra “Quiet! All of you get down and give me fifty…”
Lo Pan          “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Star Wars Episode 2

Our heroes find themselves on the Rebel Alliance secret base. Here they are introduced to Major Berra, the training officer for the compound. All the recruits are put through there paces with rigorous workouts. It is extremely physically demanding. Alarms at 6 am and training starting at 6-30am on the dot. Soon Lo Pan is doing press ups. Asan Dor also struggles. Lo Pan gets “selected” to become the “helper” in demonstrations. He manages to pull through and even secretly uses the Force to aide his comrade Lo Pan.
Meanwhile R3 spends his time looking around and takes special note of the X-wings. He looks at the machine closely and even sits in the cockpit for a while, daydreaming (or day programming!).
R3 also tries finding info out about his master’s ship and rumors through the droid community. Also he makes java tea each morning to assist his master waking up.
Lo Pan gets R3 to purchase alcohol with a note and credits. However Major Berra gets wind of this and takes stock of the beer. Lo Pan decided to visit the Major’s room. He surprisingly asked and received one beer. Lo Pan decided not to push his luck further and each night received another bottle when he visited the major. He also regularly stepped forward to assist as helper in training.
R3 visited the training centre each night and utilized the blaster range.
At the end of their training they were taken aside. Here the group were asked if they had everything and after saying yes were whisked away onto a corvette cruiser and flown away. Once in hyperspace they were given LMC uniforms and diagnostics of a mining plant with explosives and LMC passes.
The group aided by three others soon found themselves walking past security and to the position to blow up the target. Setting the charges the alard=ms went off and soon security was there. Blaster fire ensued and Lo Pan successfully pulled out his light saber and deflected some shots. They stunned their opponents and escaped to the elevators. Here they were stopped by security at level 7 but Asan Dor quickly bemused them and then took them off guard with some superb short range shooting. They continued upwards as they reached the roof the elevators doors opening,
Asan Dor     “Every sucker has their price, did you see that shooting?”
R3               “Master my sensors tell me that….”
The elevator door opens “Shuuuush”
Lo Pan          “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Star Wars Episode 3

The elevator door opens and the group see a large tower with twin E-web blasters and two additional guards beside. Quickly both the Pirate and Asan Dor roll out of the elevator and behind some storage containers. R3 “wobbles” out droid fashion excitably exclaiming drivel about being a droid. Lo Pan thinks and “vrussssh” as the light sabre powers up.
“Wwweeerr” as the turret on the tower turns towards the elevator. Asan Dor and the pirate shoot at the guards winging one. The tower opens fire at lo Pan who stepping out of the elevator and running at the tower decides to parry the shot and redirect the twin e-web blasts back at the tower. Lo Pan musters all the Force and channels it through his light sabre. In a stunning arc of iridescent light Lo Pan successfully strikes both shots and turns them with stunning accuracy in a trajectory which hits both front legs of the tower bringing it crashing forwards and throwing both operators from the turret to the floor, one unconscious.
More blaster fire from his comrades quickly disables and stuns the remainder of the security team based on the roof. The teams comrades run towards a security speeder. Asan Dor goes towards other speeders to disable them. Lo Pan heads towards a speeder bus.
“Ding….” The elevator bell sounds the other side of the roof. The Pirate and R3 lay prone and open fire. The Pirate hits the control panel keeping the doors partially closed.
Lo Pan enters the speeder bus and sees two workers huddle beneath the rear seats. He tries to intimidate them into leaving but meekly persuades nothing and sets the young female into floods of tears.
Meanwhile the comrades’ blow up the other security speeder and Asan Dor disables the other speeders. The Pirate and R3’s “covering fire” dispatch the security and they all head to the speeder bus. Here the Pirate convinces the huddling employers they are better off outside the bus and they quickly depart.
Lo Pan takes off slowly and the original lifts open. Everyone fires and the security manage to wing the ship. However Lo Pan swopped places with the Pirate and they escaped. Slowly on this speeder bus. Their comrades speed on towards the speed port. Here they found their contact arrested and they returned to the group. They set down on the town outskirts and walked to the speeder port.
R3               “I’m going to need a lube job.”
Asan Dor     mutters under breath “how much will you give me for the driod?”
Lo Pan          “Wow, I still can’t believe that sabre reflect…”
Pirate          “Mumbo jumbo religion”
Comrade      “I am sure Cass Maston was at the speeder port.”
Lo Pan          “I have a bad feeling about this……”


Star Wars Episode Iv

Our adventurers arrive at the Tamen speeder port. Here they see an Imperial Security Speeder with several prisoners onboard. 6 Storm troopers surround the speeder.

Cass Maston (ISB Agent) is also seen lurking nearby with more storm troopers. He disappears around a corner. The speeder port is very busy with hundreds of commuters coming and going.
The group spreads out. R3 goes to throw the LMC uniforms away in a nearby bin. However an eagle eyed Storm trooper sees him and questions him. He brings the droid to the speeder hoping to download some information.
The group pull their blasters and attack the Storm troopers. They take them by surprise and gain the initiative. Many travellers quickly disappear and take cover. Many shots occur and R3 lets off his fire extinguisher inside the speeder with a guard and a driver being covered in foam.
Before anyone can man the turrets the Storm troopers are taken out. The Speeder is boarded and the driver and onboard guard also dispatched. The engine is running and they try to take off. However Cass Maston and his guards arrive including a portable E-web blaster cannon.
The speeder however is successfully manoeuvred and the blasts miss and they escape quickly.
R3               “I need a refill for my fire extinguisher, you never know when one may need it!”
Lo Pan          “That was close.”
Asan Dor     “Yes, but I have a feeling that we aren’t out of trouble yet…”
Larisa          “I have a bad feeling about this…..”
Star Wars Episode V

The group speed off from the speeder port. Thinking of where to go and considering if Larisa was a double agent. Larisa states they should get out of this speeder asap as they need to go to the space port. The group considered disabling the transponders. However they agree turning up in an Imperial speeder at the space port would be giving themselves up.
They land in the heavy traffic and steal two normal civilian speeders and pilot them to the space port. Some of the other “passengers” take the opportunity to leave and some are too scared to go elsewhere. They worry about the guards at6 the space port but after showing their LMC passes walk straight through without a second glance.
They head towards the “Star Trader”, Larisa’s ship, a standard Ghtoc freighter. Here they safely board and the group realise how passionate Larisa is about her ship. She has many systems down to the bare bones as she is in the process of upgrading everything.
Larisa starts to warm the engines and organise the flight. She gloats of her ability and turns down the offer of assistance in piloting the ship. The Pirate also heads towards the gunnery but is told to leave and not act suspiciously in port.
Before they leave a knock at the ship occurs and an Ithorian enters. He introduces himself as Commander Eikkel, Larisa’s superior. He states to the group they have received intelligence that the prisoners are being transferred on a nearby system at Lish V. There are 12 Y-wings ready to attack and disable the ship. The “Star Trader” is the only ship in the system that can follow in normal space lanes and give the attack signal while remaining inconspicuous. Then the ship will land and board the ship and rescue the passengers. They agree after a while and soon head out. Asan Dor modifies the storm trooper helmet he has obtained.
The ship follows the plan and calls an attack. The Y-wings take some damage but disable the ship and the group quickly descends and docks onto the prisoner barge. Here they enter but Asan Dor picks up comms on his storm trooper helmet and they realise it was a trap. They quickly escape and soon 40 Tie fighters launch after them. Two freighters block there path and they are trapped. However against amazing odd Larisa with R3’s help guides them through the maze of Tie fighters and the pirate blasts away a few. However they get hit and lose their shields. Almost escaping they get caught in tractor beams and before being hauled in the jettison in escape pods prior to setting hyperdrive engines to go off shortly.
The pods land on planet and a large explosion occurs over the skies. The exit the pods and see large cargo speeders heading their way. They are LMC haulers and unarmed drivers are easily captured. They disable one and take the other two and head towards the city of Gadde. Here they enter easily and head towards the space port quickly. They note there are 4 space ships. Quickly they try to work out which one may get them off planet. Asan Dor realises one ship as a pirate / smuggler from a rival criminal organisation from his past. He also knows that the No.2 runs this ship. He manages to talk to her and agrees to undertake a job in order for passage out of the system. The job however is to board the ship beside them and rescue some criminals from the Bounty hunters aboard.
Asan Dor     “Are you ready”
R3               “Well I could do with a lube job”
Pirate          “Ready and willing”
Lo Pan          “I have a bad feeling about this”

Star wars Episode 6

Asan Dor has befriended Elana, another pirate known to him. At the space station on Gadde they find out the “Icy Moon” docked by Elana’s ship contains some of her crew. The “Icy Moon” is a bounty hunter’s ship.
Asan Dor strikes a bargain with Elana that if they help her board the bounty hunters and free her crew she in return will give them passage off world. As they have no means of transport and there are Imperial security agents looking for them this sounds good.
Elana has a plan and the group decides to follow it. She knows there are crates to be loaded onto the “Icy Moon” and has friend in customs who can stow them onto the crates. These will then be placed in the hold and when inside can easily creep out and take the ship by force.
All goes well as they stow into the crates and eventually move. However they wait for ages until they are placed in the hold and soon decided enough is enough and escape. It is completely dark. They soon find a light switch and hear something outside. They rush out and get into a fire fight. Asan Dor takes to the rear and the rest the front. Asan Dor going through the engine room and after shooting a bounty hunter tries to pincer the bounty hunters. However they do too well and the leader retreats into a locked cock pit threatening to expel all the air and flush them onto the space port where they would be seen by the Imperials. After some discussion it is agreed that they prisoners be released in return for leaving now without further damage or taking anything.
R3 CP2 withdraws from their computers still trying to go through all the downloaded info.
Quickly all run to Elana’s ship and blast off. Now R3 has had time to ascertain all the info. Also Elana reports the “Icy Moon” blasting off shortly after them
R3           “master, master the computer records show that the Icy Moon was heading to meet the Imperials. They were heading to meet the Constrictor”
Asan Dor   “Who’s the Constrictor?”
R3           “My records show that was the Imperial prisoner ship we were due to rescue those rebels from.”
Jim the Pirate    “We could consider rescuing them….”

Star Wars Episode VII

Having boarded the “Early Riser” with Elana they quickly depart the space port and start their astrogation computers. They know the “Icy Moon” was prepared and cleared for take off and the remaining Bounty Hunters may now be in a foul mood.

R3 pipes up saying his systems show that the “Icy Moon” was due to rendezvous’ with the “Constrictor”. (The Imperial prison ship they originally were due to attack and rescue the rebel prisoners from).

Quickly they barter with Elana. They trade the spare guns (newly gained) for two space suits. Elana agrees to pass nearby the “Icy Moon” as it prepares for its hyper jump. Better than docking and being shot at. Risky for those involved. However they also get mag clamps from Elana which should assist along with two small shaped charges to get into the ship.

The plan starts well with Elana manoeuvring her ship closely by the “Icy Moon”. This is where our “heroes” jump for it. Lo Pan. Jim, R3 and Asan Dor. They all manage to clamp onto the ship. Jim the Pirate places the charges on the exterior of the air lock and blasts away. So expertly placed they also damage the inner airlock causing the ship to shudder violently and air to rush out of the ship and around the assailants. Lo Pan losses grip but R3 launches himself after him with Asan Dor holding the droids legs. R3 grabs Lo Pan who simultaneously manages to reach the jutting out satellite dish attached to the “Icy Moon”. They regain their positions and manoeuvre themselves towards the open airlock. They also realize that there position would not be able to withstand either hyper space or any faster speed. This space port exiting velocity would not continue long and the rush into the airlocks. The group assists the slower members and there is a bit of panic along the way (multiple burning up of character points).

On board they soon realize the Bounty Hunter can not now flush them out of a ship with no air! R3 soon starts working on repairing the inner airlock. They find the Bounty Hunter locked in the cock pit and anther unconscious in a med bay. Jim the Pirate starts trying to open the lock and Lo Pan awaits light sabre in hand. The door just starts to open as Jim stops the power by shorting it out. They see an armed Bounty Hunter and Lo Pan flicks his sabre in the one inch gap slicing the weapon in half. The door is forced open and a quick battle ensues. They quickly overpower the Bounty Hunter and use the med drugs to render him unconscious.

Here the gather the flight plan of the “Icy Moon” and continue its journey. The get to the meet, with the “Constrictor”. Here they find the Imperial vessel early and waiting for them. R3 utilises his system comms programmes in order to stop any signals emitting from the “Constrictor”. Lo Pan and Jim put on the intact parts of the Bounty Hunter Armour and escort Asan Dor and the unconscious bounty hunter with med droid on a repulsor lift to the airlock. Both ships dock and open airlocks. Here the group quickly pretends to be the bounty hunters before ambushing the Imperial guards. Lo Pan even kills one in the process and they are all quickly dispatched. They run towards the rear of the ship where another guard is removed from the equation. The keys are obtained and the prisoners realised. Guns acquired from the bounty hunters are passed round the rebel alliance prisoners.

R3           Sir, I am unsure how long I can stop them preventing their distress signals from breaching my attempts to silence them.

Asan Dor   We must decide quickly

Lo Pan       The prisoners are with us now either escape or quickly capture this ship.

Sandy Thanks for getting me out of there!

Jim          How many more guards are onboard?

R3           I can not tell. They are trying to get into our computer systems.

Asan Dor   Hold on, I can hear them, there are at least 5. I have a bad feeling about this….

Star Wars Episode VIII

Our intrepid heroes start this episode onboard the “Constrictor”, an Imperial prison ship. However they are not prisoners. They have taken on the guise of Bounty Hunters who were handing prisoners over and ambushed the Storm Troopers aboard. They have freed 20 prisoners, mostly rebel alliance supporters. However they security alerts go off and Asan Dor hears over his storm trooper helmet that four units are manoeuvring. They see 4 Zero G Storm Troopers coming down the corridor the other side of an airlock door. They take position with Lo Pan and Asan Dor in the airlock between the docked ships.
A firefight ensues and the heavily armed and armoured Zero G Storm Troopers take one casualty but wound some freed prisoners. The other corridor into the cells opens and 4 storm troopers appear and the rear of the prisoners gets into a fight. There are wounded on both sides and a rebel prisoner is fatally shot.

Asan Dor realises that 4 Zero G Storm Troopers are on the outside of the ship heading for the airlock.

R3 is also fighting a battle, the “Icy Moon’s” computers against the “Constrictors”. He is attempting to assist the group and stop the Imperials open and closing doors assisting their troopers. He suddenly has his onboard computers screens go blank. He continues and manages to get back in control but the security systems on the “Constrictor” prevent him from gaining control. Larisa goes into a gunnery position in an attempt to shot the Zero G Storm Troopers on the outside of the “Constrictor”.

Lo Pan decides that enough is enough and calls on the Force. He calls both the dark and the Light side to assist him. This is very risky as he could permanently turn to the dark side. (Another NPC for me!!!!!!) However he resists the temptations (just) and with the double-double effects has a huge skill and damage bonus with his lightsabre.

Cinematically Lo Pan in a neon blur moves through the partially open airlock door and between the 3 remaining Zero G Storm Troopers. The iridescent hue of moving lightsabre is a blur to all. The arcing weapon twills between Lo Pans foes destroying all their weapons, both armed and holstered. For all those watching, arcs of light form into a flashing blur. The troopers can hardly move and as the slow motion  movements occur their shattered weapons slowly drop to the ground as Lo Pan turns placing delicately his weapon into the control panel on the airlock door instantly closing it, and stopping all chance of it being re-opened, before stepping through with ease before it closes.

Larisa meanwhile shoots the Laser cannons at the Zero G Storm Troopers on the outside of the ship. So successful was she in hitting the ship that she severs the cockpit from the body of the “Constrictor”. The airlock doors close instantly, except for the ones blocked already by the rebel assailants. This luckily leaves them an escape route as life support and all power is lost. The sheer fabric of the ship starts to fall apart and they realise they do not have long. Quickly the survivors gather the wounded and dead and stagger towards the “Icy Moon”. R3 desperately steers the “Icy Moon” in a pattern so as to give maximum time for escape without pulling the airlock away from the rest of the disintegrating ship. Lo Pan falls between the ships and Asan Dor helps him onto the “Icy Moon”, temporarily closing the airlocks while R3 finely manoeuvres the ship back into position. The rebels try their best without gravity, light etc and most manage to make it back. Three are not so lucky and the ship falls apart just before they get into the “Icy Moon”. The dilemma is how long to leave their airlock open for but realise death is pretty quick. Lo Pan feels he has to help but reacts to slowly and can only watch as they die and the airlock is closed….

Lo Pan                        I feel a rift in the force.

Asan Dor                    You saved 16 rebel prisoners don’t consider the ones unfortunate enough to make it.

Lo Pan                        I know, I tried…I need a drink…

R3                               I think we should be on our way before the power outputs on the “Constrictor” blow up.

Clarisa                        Good idea R3. We should get out of here and to a rebel base soon. Maybe a couple of jumps to make us hard to follow.

Sandy                          Thanks for getting me out of there.

Jim the Pirate             Maybe we can get this ship repaired first. The Imperials will be after it, and we still have those bounty hunters onboard.

R3                               I have a bad feeling about this…..

Star Wars Episode IX

Our heroes have just boarded the “Icy Moon” as the “Constrictor” starts to fall apart in front of them. Some eye up the Zero G storm trooper armour. Still with an alive but floating storm trooper in. However R3 soon gets people senses back in order. “The sensor readings show she is going to blow master” R3 casually states. They manoeuvre away and soon see an almighty explosion and debris coming there way. It was to far off to do any damage.

Here the group decide that they need some repairs on this ship. They also want a new name, transponder and a general paint job. They (several jumps later to minimise potential to be followed) arrive at G-S7. This is one of the space station orbiting Genesia. Here they go to Plu Makor. He is a renowned mechanic who is sympathetic to the alliance. They get a new airlock, transponder and a paint job. Jet and silver as per Lo Pans wishes. There is also a 10,000 credit fee sent to the rebel alliance. Only whilst awaiting three days for the work to be completed do they consider what to do with the Bounty Hunters. After continually drugging them (dangerously) the repaired ship takes off and after several more jumps arrives at a mostly barren planet. Here away from the towns they kick off the Bo9unty Hunters. They are bound and blind folded and a knife each thrown nearby. The ship turns and quickly disappears out of eye shot.

The group then returns to Oracle, the hidden rebel base. Here they are treated to a heroes return. They have managed to get back, rescuing the prisoners and obtaining a new ship along the way. Of course there is a small bill and some upset bounty hunters to consider. After the thunderous welcoming the group get a well earned break. They relax for a day or to and take things in from their adventure. They know it will not be long before they are off again.

Star Wars Episode X

Asan Dor is called away by General Trep Reskan. His ship is needed and Asan Dor is flown away to get it. After the losses all ships are required. R3 help Jim in the meantime.

Jim, Sandy Lo Pan and R3 are soon called to General Trep Reskan too. Here they are advised of their next mission. They are to carry some crates containing information for the Amma Cell network (underground agents). They are to go to Genasia under cover as business men. Here they will board Fae Kalenas StarLiner passenger ship bound for Bacranna. They realise this is the capital of Brak sector and a high Imperial force will be present. Then to ferry down to the Capital city of Brenn. Here they will meet Helena at the intercontinental hotel. She will take them to meet Slaveen. This agent needs the crates and then to be escorted back to Oracle safely.

They gather their thoughts and equipment and soon head by cruiser to Genasia. Here they board Fae Kelana Starlines and have time to kill. Some gambling and drinking (moderate) ensues. Lo Pan even goes dry for a short time. R3 seems intent on cleaning for his master. Lo Pan spots Fae Kelana herself onboard and Jim takes it upon himself to try and make an impression. He manages to get a free drink out of her but no more.

Two days later they arrive at Bacranna and see the Imperial customs. This is where they hope their fake ID’s and weapon permits don’t let them down. Sandy manages just to get through but Jim is taken aside for some questioning. Lo Pan happens to see this and goes over. With incredible skill (and a roll of 30!) talks the guards round to letting them both through, followed by R3 and a repulsor lift of small crates.

They board a shuttle and get safely to Brenn. Here they go to the hotel and soon Helena introduces herself. They freshen up and all head out to the meet.

Helena takes them by speeder to some offices. However when they arrive the doors are locked. Suddenly a speeder screeches around the corner. They recognise Slaveen and the vehicle slams to a halt. She screams for the crates to be loaded. This quickly happens and the speeder shots off. Just as this happens another speeder (all within seconds) comes flying around the same corner. Again the group recognise someone on board…..Cass Maston ISB Agent.

Whole group      I have a bad feeling about this….

Star Wars Episode XI

As Cass Maston fires at the group. He and two other speeders are giving chase. They have just off loaded the crates to the contacts and Helena jumps in with them. The race is on. Shooting occurs from both sides and blaster fire rips between the speeders. One Imperial speeder loses ground and another takes damage and drops way back. Cass Maston however is still hot on their heels.

Worried that back up Storm troopers and ISB agents could be round any corner they go all out for it. Shooting at the speeder behind them they get the pilot. Cass jumps in the seat and pulls some maneuvering off but enough for our intrepid heroes to get away.

Quickly they head back to the Star Port and onto another Star Liner retuning to Genesia. Here all are picked up by a rebel freighter and return to Oracle, the hidden rebel base.

Asan Dor has been given new orders and has to travel to a different sector where he is needed. However he has to leave his driod behind for some reason not fully explained because of his mission. “One day we will be back together but now serve Lo Pan as you served me.” Jim the Pirate is also going and says his farewells, at least for now.

After a few days at base with various debriefing sessions and many questions you finally get some down time.

Now the group is all called into see Commander Dara Gion. She obviously has more information from the gamma cells intelligence you passed on or some mission. In addition some other rebels have been called. You have seen them around the base but don’t really know them. First is Darash Navnar, a human male who seems to have the gift of the gab from what you know. Also Kren Rambala, another male human who you have seen assisting Major Gar Berra in the training cavern. Finally a Noghri that you know nothing about.

Commander Dara   Morning all, sit down and listen.
R3 CP2                    Here master take this seat (moving seat        helpfully).
Sandy                     Oh boy here we go again.
Lo Pan                     I have a bad feeling about this…

Star Wars Episode XII

Commander Dion Gara instructs the group that the next mission involves an ambush. The Gamma cell information has been decoded and the intelligence gleaned comes in the form of an inventory and itinerary of Empire resources. The know of a fleet, its strength, cargo and intended destination including flight coordinates. Four light freighters, two medium freighters and a Star Galleon for extra protection. The commander advises they are in charge and they have at their disposal three light freighters, a Corellian Corvette and 6 Y-Wings. There is also 50 men available for any boarding action or cargo transfers. The only problem is currently only 4 Y-Wing pilots are available.

The group starts brainstorming in one of the command chambers. Here they think of what will stop the convoy and force it out of Hyperspace. The plan goes that they use 9 photon torpedoes sitting in the space lane and with imprints of the Star Galleons power outputs to tune into it and set them off. Sandy sets to work with some helpers. In the meantime R3 volunteers to pilot a Y-Wing. Daresh Navnar however drifts into the background and disappears. A short while later he returns bearing gifts. He manages to firstly find an older but capable pilot, and then more equipment and photon torpedoes.

Of course all the time the clock is ticking down. They only have 24 hours and it’s a seven hour flight to where R3 believes is the optimum position for the trap. This to leave as little and most difficult options available for their prey. The thinking that they do not want the enemy just to quickly jump into hyperspace again and lose them. In addition Daresh and Kree’maia suggest on a position to jump to and that all boarding parties have an encrypted jump so as the Star Galleon does not come after them.

All goes well to start and they venture off on their journey. Sandy is in a cargo bay with his mechanical helpers triggering demolition and tracking components to the acquired torpedoes. Of course most others are unsure how it is going but the amount of cursing seems that not all is as easy as it could be. Sandy believes that after 10 hours of hard labour he and his crew have successfully created 9 of these homing torpedoes.

As the convoy arrives with plenty of time spare they easily set up the trap and lay in wait to spring their ambush. Sensibly they turn their long range scanners on and somehow come up with a reading. The good news is the correct amount of ships is on route. The bad news is they seem to be 2 hours behind schedule. But patience is a virtue and all good things come to those who wait.

The Imperial convoy is forced out of hyperspace as their sensors pick up the trap. With just enough time the Rebels spring into action with all ships manoeuvring and most firing at the Star Galleon. However they thought this would be the lead ship and it is actually at the rear of the convoy. This buys the Imperial vessel a little more time. However some sharp shooting from R3 and another Y-Wing sees two hits penetrate the Star Galleons defences. One actually takes out the ships shields. This turns out to be a strake of luck. Sandy has performed his job well and the torpedoes pick up their target and lock onto the Star Galleon. Fighting ensues. The nine torpedoes hit and do critical damage. Sensor readings show an imminent explosion. All vessels from both sides manoeuvre as quickly as possible in order to avoid damage. Most make it. However three Imperial ships and one rebel ship fail to get out of the blast radius. However all bar one Imperial ship’s shields hold out and the other only takes light damage.

Politics follows with Darash having successful persuaded the Imperials to surrender before the explosion continuing dialogue. The Imperial Captain advises they will honour the surrender by way of realising the cargo to the pirates for them to collect in space (a relatively easy task). The group wants more including the ships. Discussions continue and bargaining continues. The Imperial command means they will not relinquish their ships. This does not sway well with the entire group.


A photon torpedo is released from a Y-Wing and hits a freighter but its shields hold. Parley has ended and the Imperials return fire. The Y-Wings manoeuvre and one light freighter takes damage, but the fight continues.

Lo Pan              Who fired that torpedo?
Darash       Its to late now lets hope we don’t take any unnecessary casualties.
Kren         Keep your guard up their firing!
Kree’maia    (silence)…Lets board, for the Honour of Lord Skywalker
Carlos        Oh my, my servo motors will need a lube job later.
Sandy I have a bad feeling about this….(heavy turbo cannon fire)

Star Wars Episode XIII

The Space fire fight continues. The shields on the Imperial ships are holding and all the firing seems to be doing minimal damage. Some of the Ion cannons do penetrate the defences and down various electrical systems, Comms, nav drives etc. Slowly the fight is going the Rebels way.

The group decide its taking to long and decide to concentrate their attacks on one ship at a time. Soon the realise one ship is just floating. The other Imperial ships head away from each other in an attempt to spread the attack. However the multiple ships at tacking soon takes an advantage and when one ship goes another has more Y-Wings bearing down on it.

The Ion cannons really get to work and every Imperial ship takes some damage with one or more systems going down. The battle swings quickly to the rebels. Kren notes they should send more surrender communiqués. Darash soon gets round to hit but simply says “surrender or…..”

Surprisingly, with little hope of escape or winning, as most nav computers have been vaped at least for the time being, the Imperial Captain surrenders on the condition that one ship can be used for all the survivors to escape. Darash agrees and the remaining weapons systems are turned off by the Imperials. It takes a couple of hours but all Imperial crew are transferred to one ship. As this happens Kren followed by Lo Pan heads towards the bridge of the ship where a stun baton is used to destroy the nav comps.

Lo Pan does not like this action and draws his lightsabre. However he is not fast enough to stop Kren. But, he does slice the stun baton in half after Kren sheaths it on his hip. Impressive but the crew easily see the lightsabre. So much for their appearance as pirates.

However, our intrepid adventurers, after making a few false hyper jumps so as not to be followed, return to Oracle. The hidden rebel base in the Brak Sector. Here they are welcomed as triumphant heroes. They not only return fully intact but have captured four more ship and all the supplies the Imperials were carrying.

A few days later General Trep Reskan calls tem all into one of the command chambers. Here he again congratulates the group. He adds that the success of their mission has given them more ideas. His plan is to stop the Imperial Ships being built in the Bacrana shipyard from completion. Of course this is the most heavily guarded place in the system. Therefore the General decides that if the Imperials do not get their supplies from LMC Mining Corporation this will stop or hinder completion.

The next problem though is that LMC have changed their security systems due to previous attacks. The rebels do not have an inside man and therefore only way to obtain further information is from the local Info Services slicer and intelligence agency. They obtain and sell any information. They are used by all sorts, crimelords, rich wives, bounty hunters and on occasions the Rebel Alliance. The characters are given 70,000 creds to buy information from Dav Wissark in Brenn, Genesia. Of course they are told to get the best deal possible.

The group decide how best to travel. They now Imperial customs are at their most active in the current climate. However they decide as they have more ships to take one for the mission. Between them the can crew the vessel. They assemble some spare components and arrange for a false history of a trading vessel from out of the sector. Off they set and into hyperspace.

Kren                How we doing?
Sandy              Buckle up we about to come out of hyper space.
R3                  systems ready sir.
Lo Pan                     everything strapped down. Hope customs are asleep.
Darash             Well we will be fine.
Sandy              here we go..  whhoooooshhh…(exit hyperspace)
Darash             Genesai Control this is Alacante 2 permission to land?
Genesia Control     Alacante 2 proceed to docking bay 3
Kree’maim          grrr I have a bad feeling about this…

Star Wars Episode XIV

Our heroes come out of hyperspace at the Star Port on Genesia. After communicating with Star Port Control they land at Docking Bay 3. Shortly after a customs officer attends to their ship. Darash speaks with him and after very discreetly transferring 100 creds “Sam” advises if they have any problems they must come to him. The group exits the ship and passes through customs quietly. The space port is very busy and that helps keep their anonymity.

They hire a speeder and Darash again gets a good rate hiring an exec speeder for the week for the price of a small economy model. Of course 10 creds sees its way into the operator’s hands.

From here they travel to the “Time travelers Arms”. Of course after downloading a map, transport info and several company details for potential trade. (Keeping up appearances.) They call these companies and arrange a few meetings.

On arrival at the bar they are greeted by a waitress and find a table. The bar is busy. Kree’maim takes a wonder and sees a Dekel. This creature is obviously security. It sits between customers in the shadows unnoticed by most.

Soon their meet is spotted along with a Rodian nearby. Darash and R3 go to talk. They are greeted and sat hidden away from the main bar. Lo Pan decides he wants to know whats happening and heads their way. Kree sees this and watches. Lo Pan puts his head round the corner and is greeted by the Rodian puts a blaster in his ribs. Lo Pan stutters and R3 comes to his rescue, “Mster, haven’t you had your medication yet, let me help you” escorting him away.

Darash asks for the info and strikes his price with again a good bargain. They will have to wait a few days. The group decides to move on and heads towards the speeder park. When they arrive Lo Pan R3 and Sandy spot Elana Kirat. Whoever she is attacked and a fight ensues.

Kree’maim kills several assailants after arriving late to the fight. Darash hits but scratches a few times. R3 pulls Sandy’s blaster and hits one opponent. Lo Pan calling on the Dark Side finally see of a rival while Kree’maim chases of the last one killing him and juming into the escape vehicle taking all of these creatures too!

Lo Pan         What is happening to me?
R3             High Adreline bursts but your stats are normal.
Sandy          Elana are you all right?
Elana           I have a bad feeling about this.

Star Wars Episode XV

Having rescued Elana from Soach’s gang and they returning her to Kirat’s organization they realize they know have in the criminal underworld both a potent ally and enemy.

They return to Dav Wisseck after a couple of quiet days. Dav offers them extra information for 5,000 credits. They decide to accept the info as the funds are available.

The crew decides that they need to return to Oracle and pass on the newly acquired info to General Trep Reskan. They return to their ship and after a series of hyperspace jumps designed to lose any would be stalkers, reach the rebel base, Oracle.

R3 CP2 passes on the decoded messages and helps with the deciphering. Soon they realize that LMC have received Imperial permission to mine on the Carba Asteriod Belt. The reasons seem to be that the rebellion attacks have caused heavy casualties and the Bacrana Shipyard is very low on essential supplies to continue building and repairing the Imperial fleet in this sector.

The extra information obtained from Dav is that the “Pulverizer”, an LMC mining ship is being sent to the Carbs Asteriod belt in 4 days. Due to the previous attacks on LMC and the nature of this mission this mission there will be an Imperial guard. This is a Star destroyer with full supplement of TIE fighters.

The General decides this very dangerous mission needs the first available crew to go there as the rebels have a secret listening post, C-2 in the asteroid belt. It will involve going via Bacrana so a normal hyperspace route is taken and the added detour. Thee mission will involve rescuing the inhabitants of the post and any important equipment that may be transportable.

General                Good speed and may the Force be with you.
Lo Pan                 and with you….R3..err pack my….stuff…
R3 CP2                 yes master, how many bottles will you be requiring?
Sandy                  not again, I have a bad feeling about this.
Others                 what have I got myself into?

Star Wars Episode XVI

The General has selected his crew for the next mission. That is get the crew and recoverable equipment off C2, a rebel listening post in the Carba Asteriod belt. They have 4 days before the Imperials start mining the asteroid belt.

The Icy Moon is the only ship available at short notice suitable for the purposes. Jace Steelhawk, a young confident X-wing pilot is selected to fly the ship. Logan, a former merchant is selected to be the face of the ship and fits the part well. His sidekick, Alishieara, a 7 foot Wookie is the muscle of the group. Sandy is the usual handy man and Lo Pan the Jedi with his trusty droid R3 CP2 make up the rest of the crew.

Logan arranges for several boxes, most containing food are loaded as cargo for the cover story. Cammander Dara arranges for paperwork for the crew and cargo. R3 and Alishieara fit a special black box to the Icy Moon and both are impressed with the results. Sandy arranges for a scanner scrambler in cargo bay with Alishieara and this will give false readings to localized hand scanners.

The hyperjumps go smoothly and the ship soon arrives in Bacranna 36 hours later. Lo Pan remembers “Sam” Imperial customs officer that took a back hander last time. Lo Pan, Logan and Alishieara find him and arrange for a meeting later.

In the meantime R3 and Sandy spot two bounty hunters at the other starport.  They last saw these hunters after dumping them off their own ship before flying off in it! Lo Pan keeps his head down. (This is not the Jedi that you are looking for!)

Later Lo Pan, Logan and Alishieara meet with Sam who takes them via a hovercar to a bar in town. They pass a Gamorrean guardand meet Morla Maalet, a Sullustran. After some discussion the group agrees to make a delivery for Morlay. They take a package (drugs) and 5000 creds. They have 4 days to deliver to “Tony” on Aramand, where they will get another 50 00 creds. Lo Pan is not happy with these arrangements but Logan leaves 1000 creds on the table for him. Lo Pan takes these murmuring I suppose I need the beer tokens… Sam arranges for the package to get through customs and the crew returns to the Icy Moon.

Bacranna Tower    Bacranna Tower to Icy Moon
Logan               Icy Moon to Tower
Bacranna Tower    You are cleared for take off, proceed to the outer ring
Logan                      Affirmative
Steel               like I need them to tell me
R3                  Coordinates input, hyperdrive ready sir.
Sandy              All systems go
Steel               ready, hold on tight
Alishieara           Rraaggaarrghhh
Lo Pan                     err, I have a bad feeling about this…

Star Wars Episode XVII

The Icy Moon jumps into hyperspace and the ship jumps from Bacranna. A successful jump sees the crew arrive just outside the Carba Asteriod Belt. Steel piloting the ship navigates the Icy Moon through the moving asteroid belt and towards C2, the rebel listening post. The ship hails the post after docking. Here they meet two techs and also a pirate named Cap’n Barny.

R3 goes with the techs and starts using the repulsor lift to get the equipment onto the ship. Initial estimates by R3 suggest that it may take 24 hours to get everything dismantled and aboard. However, both Lo Pan and Alishieara assist. Lo Pan in the more common way and Alishieara actually lifting boxes and moving them manually! This means they only take 4 hours to complete the recovery of crew and equipment.

Steel has remained in the ship throughout this period and just as completed picks up small movement in the system. 3 TIE fighters are scanned seemingly searching the asteroid belt. Steel puts non essential systems on stand by for minimal energy output and guides the Icy Moon through the asteroids trying to keep in the shadows of the larger asteroids to evade the TIE fighters scanning them. All goes well until one of the TIE fighters becomes hidden themselves and the moving asteroids mean momentarily the Icy Moon is exposed in an open area. The TIE fighter is found along with its actively scanning the ship.

The chase is now on but magnificently Steel pilots the ship with equal speed through the remaining asteroids and into the hyperspace lane. The ship jumps to hyperspace without the TIE fighters being able to engage the ship. Cap’n Barny has become the co-pilot (R3 is not so happy about this but Steel seems to be!) Barny plots a jump to a mid point and onto Oracle.

The group discusses its options on route and eventually decides that going to the Armandi Cluster is the best option. This way they can deliver the “goods” and make some money (for the rebellion of course).

The Armandi Cluster is a group of planets and moons very close together. It has a space port and a shuttle system to the main planet Aram and the surrounding planets.

The group arrives out of hyperspace at the spaceport of the Armandi Cluster. Here they notice that the Arandi fleet has been destroyed. There is a Star destroyer and several smaller Imperial ships and a hive of TIE fighters buzzing around. The Icy Moon is hailed but Logan, not quite sure how, talks the Imperials into allowing them to land!

On arriving at the Star port the group leaves Sandy and the techs behind and takes a shuttle to Aram. After going through customs on the star port they are safe planet side. Here R3 plugs in to a data jack and finds out that the Imperial presence is due to rebels being found in the ruling Armandi clan. Imperial military are now in charge here.

Logan contacts Tony and arranges a meet. Logan, Alishieara and R3 meet Tony whilst the other sit at another table discreetly in the restaurant. Tony takes a sample of the goods and they are passed as authentic. Logan tries to re-negotiate the price but Tony is having none of it. He does provide a vehicle for them to arrange delivery.

Logan, Alishieara and R3 take this hover vehicle whilst Lo Pan and the others get in a taxi following them. They find themselves at a remote warehouse. Logan sees five armed heavies with Tony and strides into the middle of them. Tony seems to flinch and upon delivery Logan nets 6K creds.

In the meantime with base comms from R3 the others decide to infiltrate the warehouse and make sure all is well. Barny opens the security gate and moves in with the others. As they get to the warehouse a speeder pulls out and they notice their colleagues on board. Turning to sneak away the move off but, (there is always a but) Lo Pan kicks over a crate of empty bottles….crash / smash etc…

Logan               Wells lads that all went smoothly
R3                  yes master
Alishieara           Rraaggaarrghhh

Barney              What did you do that for?
Lo Pan                     errr…. sorry?
Steel               I have a bad feeling about this…

Star Wars Episode XVIII

In the meantime with base comms from R3 the others decide to infiltrate the warehouse and make sure all is well. Barny opens the security gate and moves in with the others. As they get to the warehouse a speeder pulls out and they notice their colleagues on board. Turning to sneak away the move off but, (there is always a but) Lo Pan kicks over a crate of empty bottles….crash / smash etc…

Logan sees bottles glinting in the sun as the speeder pulls out. The driver is oblivious and goes through the security gates and onto the speederway.

“Someone’s there” shouts Tony and his henchmen move out. Barny leans up flat against the wall whilst Steel and Lo Pan duck round the corner. A henchman comes out and Steel shoots him squarely in the chest dropping him. Barny decides to run for the gates.

More henchmen exit the warehouse, ducking for cover as the firefight ensues. Lo Pan waits behind Steel and draws his blaster to assist. Barny gets to the gate and almost instantly opens the security barrier. Another henchman is shot and Barny is stunned by a glancing blow. However Lo Pan covers as Steel makes for the exit.

In the meantime a comm comes over the speeder radio and the driver is ordered by Tony to return immediately. As it slows down to turn round both Logan and Alishieara jump out telling the driver they have no need to return. R3’s fire extinguisher accidentally goes off covering the driver and the speeders dashboard. R3 apologises profusely and attempts to help the driver to clear up. However, he seems to smear it in more than wipe it away…droids.

Another henchman jumps out the side of the warehouse and Lo pan notices him. Steel is almost out of the compound and Barny is giving covering fire. Lo Pan pulls out his lightsabre and rushes the group. However they shoot and he deflect a blast and takes a stunning graze but, the show of strength is enough with a glowing lightsabre rushing towards them for Tony to order a retreat.

R3 is pulled out of the vehicle by Alishieara and the speeder returns back towards the warehouse. Logan hails a taxi and returns to the shuttle port.

Lo pan quickly exits the building and R3 sends him the taxi number. Lo Pan, Barny and Steel quickly disappear round the corner and get a taxi when it turns up. They also go back to the shuttle port. Here they all meet up but the two groups keep their distance from each other.

Steel suddenly find a blaster poking in his ribs from behind. He is walked to a side spot and questioned. It turns out to b another rebel operative. He had traced the transponder signals and realised the rebel codes (as standard) and spoken with Sandy. Sandy had told him who to look for but he needed to check just in case.

Steel quickly checked the shuttle board and port and noted that all the shuttles to the space port have been cancelled. The other services were operating though many people were being turned away.

Banham, advises the group when they arrive in a safe bar in the rougher districts of town, that the Imperials have removed the Mila Akia (ruling clan). However one member Irra has escaped Banham adds that they need to hlp and then report back to the rebels. They need to get another clan to aide the rebels and get a plan of action for them. The group agree and sees Irra. She is hidden on a farm outside the city of Aram.
The group travel to Irra and discuss what to do. They decide the Taal Clan are the most powerful and though often contending against the Mila Akia are the best to take over. The info held is that the rebels and all clan members arrested are being held on the Star Destroyer and with the fleet here makes it to dangerous to consider.
The other clans include the Seela, Mila Ilmi and the Arri. The remaining clans Irra stats are either located on the outskirts of the cluster and have no central strength or to small to effectively lead the fight against the Imperials here.
It is decided that Logan and R3 will go to the Taal while Lo Pan guards Irra and the hidden space transport at the farm is looked over by Alishieara, barny and Steel.
Logan                  See you guys soon, Alishieara make sure that’s ready to fly when I get back.
Alishieara              Rraaggaarrghhh
Barney                 I will ready the flight deck
Steel                   I look the ship over too.
R3                     Sir the speeder is ready for you.
Irra                    Good luck, and may the force be with you.
Logan                  err, and you
Alishieara              Rraaggaarrghhh (I have a bad feeling about this).

Star Wars Episode XIX

It is decided that Logan and R3 will go to the Taal while Lo Pan guards Irra and the hidden space transport at the farm is looked over by Alishieara, Barny and Steel.
Logan and R3 depart and easily find their way to the Taal Palace. Here there meet with Diiko relatively easily and Logan tells him about Irra, with the helpful reminder from R3. Diiko agrees to help and they decide how best to get him to Irra as Diiko states he is being watched by the Imperials. They return to the farm to formulate their plans and return later.

In the meantime Alishieara, Barny and Steel prepare the hidden ship on the farm, just in case. Lo Pan finds out a little about Irra and Politics in the Armandi Cluster.

Logan and the others come up with a plan. Alishieara masterfully creates, from parts of the droids on the farm, a suit complete with limited movement (to walk like a droid) and voice box to sound mechanical to disguise Irra as a droid.

Lo Pan, Logan and R3 take Irra, in her droid guise, to the Taal Palace. Diiko happily talks at length with her. Eventually the others are called in and Diiko states that Irra will stay there under the Taal’s protection. The will aide the rebels the best they can.

Logan goes to the shuttle port to see what is happening whilst the others return to the farm to update the rest of the party. In the meantime Sandy is visited by some Storm Troopers lead by an ISB agent. He gets the techs to hide most of the rebel spying equipment and hide the rest in the middle of the crates.

Logan sees that all the shuttles to the spaceport have been cancelled. However he spots a VackPack shuttle. These local caterers seem to be readying their shuttle. Logan sees some crew in the canteen bar and purchases some drinks for them. He gets them chatting and arranges to speak to their guv’nor. Logan finally agrees with the guv’nor to pay 3000 creds to take his group up to the space port on their next trip (in about 2 hours).

Logan calls the guys and they get themselves to the shuttle port on the double. They arrive and Logan provides them all with warm clothes. After asking why he explains that they are hiding in a refrigeration unit on a catering shuttle to the star port. The group board and the shuttle lifts off. Lo Pan helps warm the group, and the fridge, with the aid of the FORCE. The shuttle manoeuvres and they feel it landing. The Guv’nor opens the fridge and tells them to wait 5 minutes and do their own thing; they are stowaways if they get caught.

R3 leaves first and waddles across to the computer terminal. There are Storm Troopers all around the port. A couple go and speak to R3. He states that he is an Imperial droid and they leave him be.
R3 gets to the terminal and sets off a fire alarm test. The Storm Troopers are informed this is a test. A couple p lace yellow coats on and start a sweep. Some head towards a meeting point and others towards the ships on the docking bays.
R3 realises that the Storm Troopers will check all the ships so sends another message advising the Imperials that Cass Maston calls an alert to the other bay. The Storm Troopers stop and listen to their comms stopping just outside the Icy Moon.

R3                  Sir, I think that alert will divert their attentions.
Sandy              Wait, they’ve stopped outside the ship, that’s close.
Steel               Sandy, be ready to kick start that ship.
Barney              The space port is open, easy to get away.
Steel               Yah, just need to avoid the Star Destroyer and hundreds of TIE fighters.
Logan               Well I’ve done the hard bit, your turn now!
Alishieara           Rraaggaarrghhh (I have a bad feeling about this).
Lo Pan                     me too! Look they’re moving again…
Star Wars Episode XX

The group have to fight their way past dozens of Stormtroopers and onto their ship the Icy Moon. They then quickly manoeuvre out of the closing star port bay before the security doors close to the bay.

The sensors show that TIE fighters are scrambling but with some excellent piloting Jace and R3 get them out of trouble after taking some damage and just before the Star Destroyer engage in battle.

Several Jumps later to avoided being followed they return as heroes to Oracle, the secret rebel Alliance base.

As tribute R3 and Jace are requested to race X-wings. In a tense start Jace takes an early lead but the droid manoeuvres well and takes over at the half way stage. R3 out flies his human counterpart and having donned the orange flight suit and pilots helmet comes home in victory. Maybe it’s the light but it seems the droid smiles as being presented the jump suit and helmet by the commander.
Now however is a time for rest, recovery and new stratergies…..
Star Wars Episode XX.V

Barney:        What’s that red light mean?
R3:              It’s an alliance signal receiver. When the light starts blinking it means we’re close to a broadcasting base-homing device.
Sandy:         We just follow the signal to its origin. We should be docking in less than an hour.
Bounty Hunter:      Good. The sooner we turn this holo-disk over to Commander Ackbar, the better. Playing mail carrier to outer rim systems isn’t my idea of a glamorous assignment.
Mech:          I believe this disk is much more important than you realise. Alliance ships are too scarce to be used on frivolous missions.
Jedi:           And we were specifically ordered to hand deliver the disk to Ackbar himself.
Sandy:                   Don’t forget I saw Mon Montha back at base.
Bounty Hunter:      ….talking to our commander before the briefing. We know. You told us.
Barney:        No really. I did. Just before they gave us the code word.
Mech:          What do we need a code word for, anyway?
Jedi:           To identify us when we reach Commander Ackbar’s base. You don’t want them mistaking us for Imperials, do you?
Sandy:                   Um, what was the code word again?
R3:              I believe the commander pronounced it “Bantha pudu”. According to my data bases the phrase originates from Huttese culture and…
Barney:        Not now! Plotting a course into an asteroid field isn’t exactly easy, you know.
Bounty Hunter:      I never heard of an Alliance base located in an asteroid before.
Mech:          If everyone heard about it, it wouldn’t be a secret.
R3:              It also happens to be the home of the engineers working with Ackbar on the secret project.
Sandy:                   Secrets, everybody got secrets! Any idea who these engineers are?
Jedi:           They call themselves the Verpine. I understand the entire race lives within the asteroid field. Roche, I believe is the name.
Mech:          They developed that weird looking starfighter, didn’t they?
R3:              Weird looking? The B-Wing assault ship is one of the most heavily-armed starfighters in the galaxy.
Bounty Hunter:      Hey, whats’ that red light mean?
Barney:        I told you, that’s the signal receiver.
Sandy:         No, that’s the full-spectrum transceiver. Three TIE fighters are approaching on our port side.
Bounty Hunter:          Imperials! Why does it always have to be Imperials?
Jedi:           I have a bad feeling about this.

Star Wars Episode XXI

Are heroes have been sent on a mission to go to the Roche Asteriod system. Here they are to present Commander Aackbar with a holo-disk. They are still discussing the mission as R3 takes them out of hyper space and near the asteroid belt. As the light streams return to normal the sensors pick up three incoming TIE fighters……””roar”| as they fly by. Then a blaster warning as the TIE comms kick in asking for surrender. Our intrepid heroes have no intentions of surrendering (even if they haven’t done anything wrong?). R3 manoeuvres the Icy Moon and Sandy and Barney main the twin cannons. They wing a TIE fighter and R3 realises these are lighter recon ships. R3 skilfully gets hidden in the asteroids losing their chasing foe. Here, Dagdal Rimrunner tells R3 to go after the TIEs and so the droid does. However, on escaping the asteroid belt they come across two TIE fighters only. Sandy and Barney shot down their foes and R3 manages not to take one hit.  (NB R3 did ask the TIE about Bantha Pudu!).
Finally they arrive at the base (Shantipole). Here they meet the Verpine and soon after Salin Glek a Quarren. Glek asks what they want and is told they have something for Ackbar. He says he will take it for them and the group remembers their instructions and states they must take it to Ackbar themselves. He is obviously annoyed but takes them. Half way through a series of tunnels they meet Pollard who takes Glek to one side. They both led the group to Ackbar who welcomes them. He is given the disk and plays it. Mon Mothma appears in a message. Shortly into it Mon Mothma asks for all but the party and Ackbar to leave. Glek does reluctantly. The disk is started again and tells of a mission. They must take Ackbar to a rendezvous point along with the B-wing design plans. These are crucial for the survival of the Alliance.
Ackbar        I will get the data and prepare shortly. We will leave in a couple of days.
R3               If I can assist in anyway?
Ackbar        I am sure your services will come in handy soon.
Tan Queban Well maybe we can help with the blue prints?
Arman                   Maybe if we help we can get of this rock quicker?
Dagdal Rimrunner  Patience, the way of the Jedi is not to rush without looking and thinking first.
Sandy          I am sure we can speed things up anyway.
Sirens         Waaaaaahhhh     Waaaaaaahhhh
Barney        What’s that? Are we being attacked?
Arman                      I bet it’s Imperials! Why does it always have to be Imperials?
R3               I have a bad feeling about this.

Star Wars Episode 22
The alarm blast aloud. The warning rumbles through the base. “Hangar bay to Commander Ackbar, Sir, an unidentified ship is approaching the asteroid. It’s closing fast and isn’t responding to our signals.
Boom (shakes, lights flicker, dust falls).
It’s an Imperial Shuttle. Shortly after there are two explosions (more shakes, lights flicker, dust falls). The Hangar Bay goes silent and Ackbar pronounces the asteriod’s infiltration and gets Pollard to signal the evacuation. Ackbar turns to the heroes and asks they buy him the time needed to get the B-wing files downloaded and deleted from the bases computers.
R3 quickly closes all the base doors. They realise there is only one 18 inch blast door between them and the Storm Troopers. Some members go to the doors and prepare defences for when the inevitable happens. R3 gets the blast door to flicker open and closed. During this time Barney and co blast some surprised storm troopers!
R3 goes to the main power generators and turns off all the safety systems preparing for an override. He also closes the blast doors and prepares to walk the outside of the asteroid to the life boat bay. Upon checking first he sees their ship the Icy Moon disappearing from the command asteroid! Somebody has taken their ship!
Meanwhile Tan Queban blasts away the comms units after trying to intercept the storm troopers signals.
Finally a couple of explosions later the blast doors are down. The other blast doors are opened allowing the Verpine and Commander’s crew to escape in one life boat. As tens of storm troopers step through a smoking hole in the blast doors our heroes open fire taking down as many as they can. Dagdal Rimrunner extends his lightsaber and the power of the Force flows. Swoooosh as the weapon arcs through the air and storm troopers as if a hot knife through butter. They drop left right and centre but more step through.
Finally Ackbar signals he has downloaded the files and R3 sets the generators to overload. They have 2 minutes until….boom. Arman calls forward “grenade” and even the trained storm troopers duck as Dagdal Rimrunner cuts even more down. However as they duck our heroes turn and hastily retreat to the next blast doors. R3 rushes around the outside of the asteroid. They all reach the life boats, jettisoning the first and escaping in the last remaining life boat. They soon realise there are no controls and this is on a preset course. They sit tight hoping not to be spotted and wondering where they will end up.
About an hour later they are suddenly hit with a forceful grip. A tractor bean pulls them downwards towards another rotating rock. They soon realise this asteroid also has a hanger. Upon landing they see Verpine and breathe a sigh of relief.
The heroes disembark and follow a Vwerpine who leads them to Speaker Jurfel. Jurfel and Ackbar talk.
Jurfel                   One hour ago the Empire broadcast a sub-space message on all frequencies. They ordered the Verpine to surrender or die. The hive has rejected the Empire’s ultimatum and decided to join the Alliance. The situation however is grim. Imperial storm troopers have captured the research station Shantipole and with it the two prototype B-wings. Our remote sensors also tell us the Imp[erials have set up a blockade around the Roche Asteriod belt. TIE fighters are sweeping the system and its only a matter of time. We are amassing our fleet for the hive to escape.
Ackbar        Those capital ships have blocked our escape. The TIE fighters are systematically sweeping the asteroid field. They will not stop until they have found this holo disk. However after studying their fleet’s position I spot a weakness at G147. Here they only have one ship and we have a natural corridor to manoeuvre quickly out of the belt. We will be destroyed before we can make a jump but if we managed to get one ship to fight and provide covering fire the Verpine fleet could escape before the Imperial fleet were in position to attack.
With your ship missing the only ship in the vicinity is mine. You will have to take a Verpine Ship to Shantipole, sneak in undetected, destroy the B-wings and recapture my ship, return here and be that distraction and covering fire required for the Verpine fleet and myself with the B-wing designs to escape.  You are only hope, the Rebel Alliance’s future rests in your hands.
Suskafoo      I will come with you…
Ackbar        I have enough explosives to blow up Shantipole’s generators.
R3              If only the B-wings were finished….
Tan Queban Well maybe we can get them on Ackbar’s ship?
Arman                   If the Imperials give us time, why is it always Imperials?
Dagdal Rimrunner  If we are quiet and hold our nerve this plan may just work…
Sandy          It better work or we’ll all be brown bread!
Barney        I have a bad feeling about this.

Star Wars Episode 23
Our heroes our told they are the only hope of saving the Rebel Alliance. They have to infiltrate Shantipole, a Verpine research station in an asteroid field now held by Imperial Stormtroopers.
Looking at what’s available they have 4 unarmed Verpine asteroid hoppers, 6 detonite cubes and three timers. There are 7 of them in total all with space suits. They decide to take the detonite and times but only three of the hoppers. R3 goes alone so there is one with no life forms in. Sandy and Tan pilot the other two.
They discuss their actions intensively and Tan also produces a computer virus to download into Shantipoles mainframe system, its remit to destroy any files with space transport information.
Finally our heroes venture into the asteroid belt in their hoppers. They fly off cautiously making reasonable progress until a Probe droid is spotted. Arman opens his hatch and shoots at the probe but it bounces off. Barney has the quickest reactions and opens the hatch but follows out with the air. This does not put him off and he aims his blaster at the droid. Arman gets in first with three more blasts ripping it apart this time and before Barney or anyone else can help him Sandy scoops him up with ease back through the open hatch.
They slowly get nearer Shantipole but again curse their luck. Two TIE fighters are sweeping the area ahead. Their options are to fight, go round the asteroid field and hope they don’t come across anyone else the other side or head through a small asteroid storm. They decide to go through the storm. The intensity of small quickly moving rocks is scary but our heroes manoeuvre their hoppers well. They manoeuvre these new vehicles well, but (there is always a but) Tam manages to watch R3 stutter along and crashes into an oncoming asteroid! Damaged thrusters reduce manoeuvrability greatly and there is a hole in the hopper.
After successfully coming out the other side of the asteroid storm our group finally reach the tiny moon orbiting the research asteroid. They land and take a good look at Shantipole. They see one damaged hangar bay with 5 techies in it and obviously no lights, force field and gravity. The other hangar is full of stormtroopers, an Imperial Shuttle and a Mon Calamari freighter plus 4 TIE fighters in a suspended docking area are all visible. The group also see glistening icy crystals where Suskafoo advises the airlocks and Verpine tunnels are. However the group decide the damaged first hangar offers easiest option of entry. They embark in the two undamaged hoppers and land outside the hangar and sneak to its entrance. Here they time their attack and shoot stunning all the techies in less than two seconds. The bodies float in the hangar and our heroes are in. They pull the bodies past a temporary force field protecting the rest of the research station. Here they remove the comms from the techies.
Suskafoo      Welcome to Shantipole…
R3               I wonder where the B-wings are?
Tan Queban Well maybe we can get them on Ackbar’s ship?
Arman                   If the Imperials give us time, why is it always Imperials? The only good Imperial is a paying one…
Dagdal Rimrunner  Tie the techs up and leave them in the pilots rec room no one will miss them until we are gone.
Sandy          We can always reply to any comms they have to answer!
Barney        Good idea Sandy, there they are all tied up.
Comms Unit Commander Nothos, more Verpine captured. Heading towards detention centre,
Commander Nothos                   Good work stormtrooper.
R3              I have a bad feeling about this.
Star Wars Episode 24
Our heroes put on the techs uniforms and comm units. Arman pulls a hold out blaster and puts it to Suskafoo’s back like he is their prisoner. In addition R3 is with them in the guise of a protocol droid.
They start by heading left down the corridor. At the first junction some members spot some Stormtroopers along the corridor standing watch. They walk past in a purposeful manner and no reaction is made by the Stormtroopers. However one or two individuals didn’t notice the Stormtroopers.
Continuing along and around another corner they come head on to 5 Stormtroopers. They are asked what they are doing. Barney commands them to allow them to continue with their orders and Arman backs this sentiment up. After the fluttering of the hearts they are allowed to continue onto the med bay. Here they know they can access the mainframe computers. Suskafoo had told them that the med bay, comms room and command centre were where access to the mainframe computer system.
The med centre is covered in bacta fluid dripping from the two braken bacta tanks. The room has been rampaged however the computer is intact. Suskafoo and R3 find and erase the B-wing design files. The virus is also downloaded into the system to destroy all space transport files and records.
Having completed this part of their assignment the group continues along the corridors. They pass a group of Stormtroopers as they noted earlier and get past with a commanding ease. They go along the passages until they get to the elevator shafts. Here the group enters the elevator and descends to the lower levels. They have checked the inventory and 2 days ago the weapon systems for the B-wings were in the sub hangar. As the elevator opens R3 moves ahead to scout the area, droids are often sent on tasks and would not seem out of place. As he gets to the entrance of the sub hangar he sees Glek and states “Ah Glek glad to see you alive” (Like Glek would recognise R3 as the rebel alliance droid). He turns and so do the 4 techs he is working with on the prototype B-wing on a lift shaft. Arman hears the name and rushes forward blastering Glek through the centre of his head in one of a couple of shots. The  traitor falls down dead pretty instantly.
However, the open lift shaft goes directly into the hangar bay. The comms units kick in and red unit is dispatched to investigate the blaster fire. However Arman is not finished blasting and even though the techs have surrendered to Barney Arman opens up killing two and wounding a third techie. Suskafoo attempts to use the computer but to no avail. Barney sets the lift to go up. R3 and Sandy rush to the B-wing starting it up and checking the weapons systems. It will take a while but this ship is operational.
More blasts attract more comm. responses. Arman turns and shoots the remaining two techs. However in a turn of speed and flow of the Force Dagdal Rimrunner uses his lightsabre to deflect what was likely to be two killing shots. Arman realises that the Arman realises that the young Jedi did this with seeming ease.
The lift is closing on the hangar bay and Dagdal Rimrunner jumps up onto the lip of the bay. Here he almost lands on 5 Stormtroopers, red unit who were sent to investigate the blaster fire. He reacts faster and with one swipe destroys all 5 Stormtroopers in one blow. It’s at this point all Stormtroopers jump into action.
In the hangar bay there is the Imperial shuttle allegedly with the other B-wing on it.  Tan Queban had established this prior to realising the surviving techies so they weren’t caught in a fire fight. Also there is a Mon Calamari freighter and the Icy Moon.
Dagdal Rimrunner heads towards the nearest Stormtroopers by the Icy Moon and uses his lightsabre against his foe. Barney kills the E-Web Stormtrooper and captures the large tripod weapon. Suskafoo runs for cover behind the Jedi and Arman swaps shoots with Stormtroopers until hit and wounded. He then makes for the Icy Moon too. Sandy uses the laser cannons against the Stormtroopers and the B-wing takes several hits from the Stormtroopers so far surviving unscathed. Tan shoots out as best possible and R3 is starting the engines, shields and other B-wing systems as fast as he can.
Suskafoo        Arrghh that was close
R3                    The B-wings are almost prepped.
Tan Queban   Sandy keep the cover coming.
Arman             Ouch, err you will pay for that. Who taught the Imperials to shoot? That was a lucky hit, Imperials, why is it always Imperials?
Dagdal Rimrunner     Quickly, we are almost at our ship.
Sandy            Take that Imperial scum!!! (Blaster fire…)
Barney           Wow, I like this weapon…
Comms Unit   Commander Nothos, the hangar bay is under attack reinforcements required.
Commander Nothos              Hold them there were on route.
Dagdal Rimrunner     I have a bad feeling about this.

Club History 1992

At The Scouts Association, South Kensington.

Jan 07 Traveller (The Traveller Adventure) (David Scott)

Jan 14 Traveller (The Traveller Adventure) (David Scott)

Jan 21 Traveller (The Traveller Adventure) (David Scott) Last Night

Jan 28 Unknown

Feb 04 Cyberpunk (Colin Phillips)

Feb 11 Cyberpunk (Colin Phillips)

Feb 18 Cyberpunk (Colin Phillips)

Feb 25 Cyberpunk (Colin Phillips)

Mar 03 TORG (Gerrard Earley)

Mar 10 TORG (Gerrard Earley)

Mar 17 TORG (Gerrard Earley)

Mar 24 TORG (Gerrard Earley)

Mar 31 Aliens (Matt Bunker?)

Apr 07 RuneQuest

Apr 14 week 1 RuneQuest / Call of Cthulhu

Apr 21 week 2 RuneQuest / Call of Cthulhu

Apr 28 week 3 RuneQuest / Call of Cthulhu

May 05 week 4 RuneQuest / Call of Cthulhu

May 12 week 5 RuneQuest / Call of Cthulhu

May 19 week 6 RuneQuest / Call of Cthulhu

May 26 week 1 Judge Dread / Dark Conspiracy

Jun 02 week 2 Judge Dread / Dark Conspiracy

Jun 09 week 3 Judge Dread / Dark Conspiracy

Jun 16 week 4 Judge Dread / Dark Conspiracy

Jun 23 week 5 Judge Dread / Dark Conspiracy

Jun 30 week 6 Judge Dread / Dark Conspiracy

July 07 week 1 The Amtrack Wars (Colin Phillips) / Top Secret

July 14 week 2 The Amtrack Wars (Colin Phillips) / Pendragon

July 21 week 3 The Amtrack Wars (Colin Phillips) / Top Secret

July 28 week 4 The Amtrack Wars (Colin Phillips) / Top Secret

Aug 04 week 5 The Amtrack Wars (Colin Phillips) / Top Secret

Aug 11 week 6 The Amtrack Wars (Colin Phillips) / Top Secret

Aug 18 Toon / Paranoia

Aug 25 week 1 Star Wars / Dream Park

Sep 01 week 2 Star wars / Dream park

Sep 08 week 3 Star Wars / Warhammer Fantasy

Sep 15 week 4 Star Wars / Warhammer Fantasy

Sep 22 week 5 Star Wars / Warhammer Fantasy

Sep 29 week 6 Star Wars / Warhammer Fantasy

Oct 06 week 1 Runequest

Oct 13 week 2 Runequest

Oct 20 week 3 Runequest

Oct 27 week 4 Runequest

Nov 03 week 5 Runequest

Nov 10 week 1 Runequest / DC Heroes

Nov 17 week 2 Runequest / DC Heroes

Nov 24 week 3 Runequest / DC Heroes

Dec 01 week 4 Runequest / DC Heroes

Dec 08 week 5 Runequest / DC Heroes

Dec 15 week 6 Runequest / DC Heroes

Dec 21 Christmas Meal (Chinese)