Persona Dramatica

Akiro Daikomi, Gordy. A Nippon Tech Corporate Ninja. Missing in action.

Armand d’Artagnan, Gabriel. A Canadian Knights Templar, transformed in France.

George Harman, Ace. A Core Earth new age shaman. With a leatherman and a cool leather jacket.

James Robertson, Ant. A Core Earth Adventuring Archeologist.

John Lawman,  Colin A Core Earth Canadian Mountie. Last seen going off with his new found love Hildy, Daughter of Dr. Marlene.

Kamil Addup,  Matt B. A Nile Empire Mathematician

Moody, Ciaran. A Core Earth Tech Wiz.

Peter Letterman, Adrian. A Core Earth Adventurous Scholar. “I have no idea, but maybe it’s worth investigating”.

Petey, Rob. A Nile empire Gadget Hero.

Ramalan, Steve. An Orroshan Gypsy.

Seymour Tush, Ken. A Nile Tough Hero.

Shara, Natalia. A Witch from the Cyberpapacy

Trisha McMillan, Matt Z. A Terran Rocket Ranger.

Series 4 – The Forever City

Episode 1 Attack of the Monks

Starring D’Artanion, Ramalan, Shara, Seymour Tush, Trisha McMillan

The intrepid Storm Knights have arrived in the Core Earth Hardpoint that is London. Unaffected by the reality of Aysle, London still has a large mix of fantasy types wandering about.

Sailing up the River Thames, they dock in the city, where Tolwen of House Tancred meets them

Clutching the Possibility Chalice,  they’re attacked by hooded cyberpapacy monks. After vanquishing them with fire and the sword (well, dagger), Tolwen takes them to New Scotland Yard, where they pledge themselves to be bearers of the Chalice.

Episode 2 CyberKnight revenge

Starring D’Artanion, Ramalan, Shara, Seymour Tush, James Robertson, Trisha McMillan.

One of the Cybermonks, Fra Adrien is prevented from committing suicide using a hidden poison tooth. Proving their devotion to goodness and truth, the Storm Knights beat him insensible and suck his blood until he tells all. He was charged by the Cyberpope himself to steal the Chalice, and was due to hand it over to his masters on the Fabled Orient Express.

Series 3 – The Possibility Chalice

Starring Petey, Ramalan, D’Artanion, the mathematician, Seymour Tush.

Episode 1 Holiday in Thailand

The group arrive in Thailand to find the temple that contains the chalice.

They land in a nearby airfield and park the Dakota (Petey is the pilot).

They walk to the small fishing village.

They visit the temple of Kra.

They discover the temple is under the sea and there is an oil rig on top of it. A kawana oil rig.

Episode 2 Sea Tales and Robosubs

They swim to the rig and discover a dome underneath.

Episode 3 Into the Temple

The Beast of Kra

The glow of Arashandara

The chamber with the dance steps (Dance of Kra)

The many armed god and mask

The giant buddhas

The well of flames

Not finding the Chalice.

Episode 4 Escape from Thailand

paratroopers, sky ninjas and a wheelbarrow

Episode 5 London


Episode 6 On to Yorkshire


the dungeon

Episode 7 All at Sea