Club rules

The Three Main Rules

(The enjoy yourself rule)

Roleplaying games are an enjoyable hobby. Lets keep it that way. If your not enjoying yourself at the club, ask yourself why.

All members are responsible for their own behaviour at the club. Please respect the people around you, they are here to enjoy themselves. It’s easy to forget yourself sometimes, we all do that.

(The no bitching rule)

It’s okay to tell someone they’re doing something that is making your game less enjoyable, but please don’t make it personal. Personal attacks will not be tolerated in any form. If you have a non-gaming problem with someone, then take it outside the club, otherwise you’ll both be leaving.

Continued anti-social behaviour will result in you leaving the club, where’s the fun in that.

(The try to get there on time rule)

If you can’t attend or are going to be late, please let your players or referee know. Make sure you have a mobile phone number of a few people who are going to be there. We start at 7pm sharp. Try to order your food before 7 so you are ready to start.

What the rules apply to.

  • Any meeting of the Tuesday Knights
  • Any Tuesday Knights email list
  • The Tuesday Knights Slack Group
  • This website

Obviously not all of the rules will apply to all aspects of each of the above. Please apply common sense.

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