Who can Vote for Games

A member of the Tuesday Knights is defined as someone who has paid their block fees and is up to date in payments.

If a member is having difficulty paying they need to approach Adrian, Matt B or Ace and come to a private arrangement.

If an arrangement is made before voting, they count as Members.

Members can put games up

Members can vote

Members can put up games by proxy.

Members can vote by proxy

If you want a proxy vote, it is your responsibility to make sure that you give it to someone, contact someone present before the voting or post it to Slack.

If you are not there and do not give a proxy vote you will be put into a game to balance the numbers out.

The exception to all of this are new members who get one block free, they get put where possible in a game of their choice. They can vote for the next games and which games they want to be in.