Evil over the River – a Orlanthi Adventure

The Sangor clan have recently become both famous and notorious. The actions of some its younger members have not only saved the whole clan from death, but they’ve also helped in rebellion that’s starting to push out the Lunar occupation forces. The notoriety stems from Niall Filberson telling the Lunar authorities that he helped burn down the Lunar mansion a few miles away. They weren’t impressed, even after he’d told them it contained an evil chaos sorcerer! Many of those younger members are now “away on business”. No one knows where they are, especially as they have a price on their heads.

A friendly bordering clan has asked for help. The Lysang have been suffering from attacks from the Upland Marsh and that can only mean one thing – Undead.

This game will start with new characters from the Sangor Gor clan. You will be brothers, sisters, cousins of the group that is “away on business”. You’ve lived in their shadow long enough, now it’s your turn to prove your worth. Although the characters are new, they won’t be inexperienced. You’ll be playing bronze age hill barbarians, farmers living in the rolling green hills of Sartar, Land of Heroes. Their life and culture is based on the actions of their gods – Orlanth and Ernalda and there’s nothing they like more than boasting about livestock.

The rules will be HeroQuest Core (a generic system) with the background drawn from the up and coming Sartar, Land of Heroes and a pre-existing campaign.