Frontier World – Session 01 (13/09/16)

The Stranger woke up hurting in a ragged bed inside the Gentleman’s establishment, with few hazed memories of what happened and a vivid one: being shot by his own partner. They were coming back from a ‘collection’ job, going through the forest behind the Hanger mountain. The bastard fired in his back, legged it with the goods and left him for dead at the mercy of ‘the Cub’ (a man-eating 500Kg grizzly living around there). He just manage not to bleed out and get in the saddle fro his bronco to dutifully carry him back to town.

The Gentleman was not pleased: his customer would be in town in less than two weeks if the rail repair work at the ‘roller coaster’ bridge were on schedule. He decided to took the matter into his own hands and assembled a posse with the Stranger, The Gunslinger and that little Native girls for going after the bloody Jeremiahs brothers – the former gang of that backstabbing thief.

After a three days ride south, they found them in a rotten farm up the hills. Just few on site, the others nowhere to be seen. They claimed attention with a gunshot: that never fails and actually brought a handful more down the hill on horseback, led by Heath, the younger and most hotheaded of the bros. The Gentlemen drove a hard bargain, which the Gunslinger settled for him by mowing down the counterpart with his Gatling gun, taking great care of sparing Heath, with whom the negotiation would continue.