Frontier World – Session 04 (04/10/16)

The church bells ring, with no official reason to do so: they are calling out for everyone in town to gather for the anticipated opening of the rail station, as the bridge has been repaired ahead of time! Which means a train will be arriving in town real soon, unless it’ll get delayed.

They go and get mining implements and dynamite from the hardware store, but head out towards the railway to the east rather than the mine to the west. After a good day riding they cross the canyon and reach the rails, only to discover these had already been wreaked out. As they assess the damage, the sharp noise of a train whistle comes from behind the hills as a bunch of riders dashes out of a nearby wood heading towards it, gun blazing: it is none other than Lucille Jeremiah and her posse.

The Outlaw heads towards his sister, together with the Native. The gunslinger plants his gatling gun and sprays in front of the mob, slowing them down. The Stranger and the Gentlemen launch to gallop, flanking the train.

Lucille hears out her brother and desists from the assault, but the train is still going to derail. From the second wagon several guns are pulled out from the windows and fire in the direction of the Gentleman, who gets hit and has to fall back to the tail. The Stranger however manages to board, climb up on the roof and run to the front from above, reaching the locomotive and taking over control from an old machinist: he pulls the handbrake with all his might and it snaps. He then resorts to disconnect the wagons from the locomotive, jumping off with the old man as well right before it goes crashing out.

The Native and the Gentleman get on the rear wagon and pull the handbrake there, halting the convoy. The second wagon however brings up metal screens behind windows, with the customer barricaded inside with his own bodyguards. They leave all this in the good care of Lucille, confiding it has caused for enough of a delay.

Back into town, they head to Doc’s place to get medical care check upon Jon Jon. Here they find clear signs of breaking in and Doc unconscious on the floor with a bleeding head: he didn’t realize who did it, but it was several hours before. Jon Jon is missing as well.