Frontier World – Session 06 (18/10/16)

They head back to the Gentleman’s venue for meeting up with Lucille and the customer.  She comes alone, in a rush, bleeding and furious: Grain managed to survive and escape the mine and is  now giving siege to the canyon hideout where she held the customer into custody.

The Gunslinger and Lucille head for the prison to get Heath out of there with a perfectly controlled explosive charge that pulls down the cell external wall.

The others ride through the night, straight to the hideout. At dawn, as they proceed along the String creek in between red rocky wall, the Native spots suspicious boulders on both sides at the top. She and the Stranger sneak up there to find two of Grain’s men ready to push those off the cliff. It gets messy and bloody, but in the end it is the henchmen corpses that fall below.

Lucille, Heath and the Gunslinger catch them up by noon at the rope bridge leading to the mesa hideout. On the other side, Grain and his posse are hiding behind rocks, trapping the Customer and his men inside the cave. Grain warns them to back off, claiming to have rigged the place: he is ready to blow it all up unless he gets 50% of the share in this business. Looks like a standoff.

The Native sneaks below the bridge and crawls to the other side, hiding there underneath. The Stranger challenges Grain to a showdown, to settle things for good, once and for all. After a long silence, Grain comes out and steps on the bridge – ear of grain in his mouth. They stare down for unbearably long seconds before Grain finally breaks and reaches for his gun. The Native spots one henchman skulking under the bridge, taking aim at the Stranger: she jumps him from above, taking the shot, but snapping his neck. In that very moment, the Stranger pulls and shoots right before his opponent, hitting straight in the chest. Grain falls on his back in disbelief. The Stranger knees to his side and snatches the dead man’s hat; then the Native  climbs over and snatches the deal man’s heart out instead.

Grain’s men surrender. Lucille runs to the arms of William, the customer, for whom she has developed tender feelings during his ‘captivity’. He says he’ll hold to his promise to make an honest woman of her – making little brother Heath start crying like a baby.

William finally get his mine and pays everyone. It turns out his interest about it is about the black oil down there, which he is adamant to be a great investment for the future – go figure.

The (former) Outlaw is visibly shaking when taking his sister to the altar. At the party afterwards he gets very drunk along with everyone else, bar the Native (who manages to drink most below the table) and the Gunslinger, who just sips milk and thus manages to spot two peculiar men in the crowd, who to him smell very much like Pinkertons on the lookout for something or someone.