Beyond The Mountains of Madness Introduction

The scientific world was amazed by reports from the 1931 Miskatonic University expedition into uncharted Antarctica. which was followed by world wide shock when all hands at their forward base were lost in a huge Snow storm.

Now a new larger and better equipped expedition will brave the mysteries of the icy continent.

¬†James Starkweather (Explorer) stated “We will have the finest equipment and highly skilled men. Geologists-paleonogists- we already have Professor Albermarle from Oberlin, Glaciologists and perhaps one or two biologists. The team not fully formed yet of coruse, we are not leaving for another 5 months and are still looking for the best men to take with us.”

¬†“It is Important” added Willam Moore ( Misatonic University ) ” to try find Proffessor Lake’s Camp and bring home what ever we can from the caverns he found”

How credible were Miskatonic University reports of fossilized remains of ancient life forms predating all known terrestrial life? Will this expedition return in glory or tragedy?