Legend of the 5 Rings Pitch

with Adrian R. Starting 17th February 2015

What’s it about in one sentence?

Fantasy roleplaying in a far eastern setting, drawing on Korean, Chinese and Japanese elements.


The PC’s will take on the roles of samurai in the lands of Rokugan. Taking on the role of swordsmen, magic users, diplomats or variations on each.

Sent across the burning sands desert the PCS have been asked to find a weapon to use against the traitorous Spider Clan the group has reached the
city of Medinaat Al Salaam, more specifically the cave of Mul-Shazzir…The Khadir of the 40 Sons of Trespass!

Our PCs have uncovered a weapon that will, hopefully, help destroy the ‘Floating Kyuden’ that is terrorising the lands of the Phoenix and Dragon Clans.

It is a rather unorthodox weapon but one with the potential to change the face of the PCs world….

It is also sharing the body of one the PCs….but more on that if the game gets voted in 🙂


Simply put: D10. Using a roll and keep system based around Traits/attributes and Skills. Trust me…its easy 🙂
Plenty of players have access to both hard copies and PDF so if anyone needs access to books they will be available.

Recommended Media

To be honest it’s the same media recommendations as last time.
TV: Monkey, The Water Margin and a splash of the Sinbad movies
Literature: Tales from Old Japan

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