Nova Praxis (Season 2) – Session 1 – 10/5/16

They get a job offer from the 4th Legion. That means miltitary and it means shady as well, for that’s what the 4th stands for (if its existance would ever be confirmed, that is). The meet up is at the graveyeard in Stygia – a persistent virtuality city enclosed in a Dyson sphere.

The contact there is a lady wearing a Strife model biosleeve: Commander Helen Sipowicz, paying respects to the graves of MIA soldiers from the Consolidation Wars whose mnemonic cores couldn’t be retrieved.

The perspective contractors are: Henry Normal, a true born from Kimura; Yuki Hanshiro, a cybersleeve from Silva; Seraphimme, an androgynous SIM from Kimura.

This is setup as a reckon and info gathering mission, with a good Rep bump on completion. Contract type is standard for this kind of business: they go in as independents (‘auxiliaries’), with no traceable ties to the employer and no liability from its side. A free core backup is offered in the package before deployment.

The target is on Earth, now accessible after the Technophage Qurantine has been lifted, but still secluded from the global Coalition Mesh, for reasons still not entirely clear. It looks like no vulcan swarm nanotech works there, as it gets instantly assimilated by Technophage, but some alternative tech appears to have been successfully employed to build structures: the objective is to discover more about this tech and possibly retrieve a sample. A good starting point for investigation would be ‘The Crab’, a massive structure of unknown origin laying abandoned in the sea off the southern coast of UK.

They will be carried to the Sol system on board of a Legion vessell – the Balckbird – up to the Eye of Sol jumpgate. From there they are expected to procure themselves admission to Earth using their own contacts and resources.