Nova Praxis (Season 2) – Session 3 – 24/5/16

They make their own way back to Vantage Station. Here they collect a two weeks permission to enter and stay on Earth. They also receive an invitation for drinks from a high up Cipriani executive: Francisco Da Silva.

The meeting with is apparently informal, but clearly the executive is willing to impress his agenda about ‘saving and preserving endangered species’, whatever that may mean. He also provides references for visiting a community living in London, in the Southwark area. There are hints this man may be the Praetorian who led the Earth expedition three years earlier.

The next day, as they fly into Earth’s stratosphere, they realize the Mesh here is completely different from the normal paradigm: it appears to be analogic actually. Entering it would likely result in fragmentation so they switch on the portable short range Mesh generator.

They visit the London community first, where they are taken to the head of security (a mechanic named Lenka who looks like a war veteran) and she escorts them to Father Martin, priest of the Church of Revealtion: a small parish recently rebuilt over the ruins of Southwark cathedral. He expains that this community has actually been surviving inside the Crab all along the Technophage quarantine, as that was the only safe place on Earth from the plague. He doesn’t know how and why the change happened, but the late Doctor Casila Artalin may have: her corpse is buried in this church, but her research notes are still inside her lab deep into the Crab.

The following day they travel to the Crab, land over it and then climb down from the large crevasse on top, descending through the narrow pathways inside the massive structure. Eventually they reach what seems to be a fortified manor hanging over a cliff. As they approch it, the environment changes to that of a fully resotred castle in the outdoor, in what appears to be a powerful augmented reality effect upon stepping into a virtuality bubble. Some knights clad in full metal armor come out to block their way, but for those without a Mindset they are revealed as armed combat drones instead.