Nova Praxis (Season 2) – Session 4 – 31/5/16

The savant attempts to hack one of the drones to make it friendly, but as soon as the operation appears to succeed the others shoot it down and proceed to attack the intruders as hostiles.

After an intense shootout that almost gets some of the them killed, the party manages to outgun the opposition and proceed inside the ruined manor, entering from the top floor.

The living quarters, now abandoned, have pictures of the owner: lady Casila Artalin, as well as two female relatives of different ages: her mother and daughter perhaps.

Proceeding down to the basement, the structure turns into a modern, state of the art technology lab, featuring a biosleeve-growth pool too. They download as much info and data as they can from here, for scanning and analyzing later.

Something else also appars to lurk in the corridors there, leaving behind a crumbled old photo of the young girl with Father Martin. The noises lead to a secret passage that winds up outside the manor, to a cave that looks like a junkyard of spare parts. From a pile of those a large figure suddenly emerges: a sort of makeshift cybersleeve. It tries to drag one into its hole, but hesitate when addressed as ‘Casila’. When shown the photo of the young girl and priest it seems to placate, but then becomes enraged at the sight of one with the old lady, running away from it, back towards the manor.