Nova Praxis (Season 2) – Session 5 – 14/6/16

They follow the creature back to the manor courtyard. Here the augmented reality effect shows her as the old lady from the picture, sitting and knitting under a tree.

When addressed she responds vaguely, almost lost, mostly with rambles, but some fragments seem to make sense: she is the original Dr. Casila Artalin, who was part of the Mimir team itself as their mnemonics expert. She had her lab deliberately ingested by the Crab in order to study it from the inside. She figured out it to be an hardware device created by a new DCE AI of unknown origin: Deadalus. She never came back from an expedition down to the core of the complex and was replaced by a self-activating backup: now a corpse in the church of Revelation. This new incarnation discovered the organic nanoid technology devised by Daedalus to build and process materials: microscopic spider-like insects producing a plasmoid filament that can be shaped into structures of all kinds. In order to interface with the tech, Casila created biosleeves made of the plasmoid itself and download her own forks into them, with deranged results. Eventually she had success by regressing a backup to infancy and allowing it to grow within and alongside the sleeve, in an symbiotic way: she called this experiment Rebecca (Becky). As she grew up, Becky manifested a natural affinity to the Crab, becoming able to travel anywhere inside it and a displaying a natural understanding its morphology naturally.

When asked about Becky, the old lady projects what seems to be the girl own point of view in the augmented environment: it looks like a sand desert, with a bulky humanoid running in from the horizon signaling imminent danger.

They decide to leave and head back to London for questioning the community leaders there. Approaching from the sky, smoke columns rise from the village. On landing they are swiftly escorted by Lenka to the church, where a bruised Father Martin updates them: a task force of Rings of Mars soldiers came here on their trail and forcefully made their way in, aquiring the mnemonic core from Casila’s sleeve; from that they may have been able to figure out the hidden location of Becky: a spot in the Sahara desert in southern Morocco.

They take off immediately to give chase. On the desert border a sandstorm forces them to land and proceed on foot. Eventually they find Becky cornered alongside an bear-like biosleeve by a handful of armed men and a warframe (piloted by the guy who dealt with them on Mars); they claim to have a bomb planted in the London village, due to blow up unless Becky gives herself in to them.

The savant decides to go for broke and meshwalk into the Earth Mesh, for downloading back in London to attempt disarming. The pressure of the fractal mesh takes a huge fragmentation toll with each moment. She travels through it however and then has no choice but to attempt re-sleeving in the Casila sleeve itself, to escape the pressure. The download is traumatic, on top of the realization that the sleeve itself has been rigged with the bomb, implanted where the memory core was. She starts awkwardly to run out, away from the village. Lenka chases her till they reach a clearing and then shout to meshwalk out right before blowing up the sleeve with a well aimed shot.

Back in the desert the team takes the assailants by surprise and manage to get the upper hand, culminating with the vanquishing of the warframe by a monofilament blade slash.

The savant reappears here in SIM form, with no clear recollection about how that happens other than some puzzling, hallucinating memories.

Becky is thanksful and reveals her true self: a plasmoid biosleeve able to control Daedalus nanoids for building and manipulating structure. She asks about her existance not to be revealed.

They agree to that, resolving to disclose only the information regarding Daedalus and the Crab to the 4th Legion and inform just the Praetorian (Francisco) about the safety of ‘endangered species’. House Turin instead used and double crossed them, so they feel no obligation towards their side of the deal.