Nova Praxis – Session 2 (13/01/15)

The last two members of the crew complete their re-sleeving process one day later, and meet with the others at the gate of Samara, where they are ready to leave for a jungle expedition on board of an hovercraft, to meet the unknown client.

Decision is taken to travel along the course of the river, upstream, which provides a exquisite view of the impressive wildlife and landscape of Proch, if not much concealment.

In the second day of travel, heading towards the waterfalls, a crashed aircraft is spotted near the river shore. Close examination on the scene and data analysis reveal four burnt corpses inside (true born, likely apostate, not local to Proch) and heavy damage caused by some kind of missile explosion, no more than 24 house before, which is reconstructed as coming from behind the waterfall cliffs in front.

Approaching the cliffs, the crew sneaks past two guards patrolling from the caves above (one armed with an RPG) and reach a small cave entrance behind the waterfall. Here they surprise a group of solider in mimetic-guerrilla outfits, getting the upper hand in the ensuing gunfight.