Nova Praxis – Session 4 (03/02/15)

The prehistoric killer whale reveals to be the actual client who hired the crew and invites them to meet back in Samara, claiming to have their more recent memory backups there.

The hideout is accessed through the city sewer system, with a series of tunnels leading to a vast underground basement mostly occupied by a pool where the large cetacean swims together with a smaller one.

The memory merge process is carried out, revealing the following: after the backup at Second Chances the crew met their first client: Rusila Alvid, connected with House Turin. The job he gave them was about dispatching a rival crime lord named ‘The Whale’. The crew successfully managed to get to the target (at the time in a human female biosleeve), to discover she was waiting for them and telling they had been manipulated upon doing the backup at Second Chances, with a kill-switch implanted into their bodies, due to trigger upon completing the mission. Their cores have been basically sold to Second Chances for re-use in back ops anytime they need.

They then agreed to get a new backup done and left it with the Whale, which also backed-up herself. Next they proceeded to kill her as planned, triggering the kill-switch and dying right after. The Whale then re-sleeved in orc form and hired the crew from Second Chances shortly afterward.

Upon the merge, the crew also get to re-sleeve into their original bodies, which are now safe from the kill-switch.

They also manage to crack the encryption of the black box of the aircraft from the jungle, uncovering a traffic of Tsarya manufactured weapons going from the Talons of Freedom to the Remnants – which the Talons accidentally had mistaken for being from Alliance side instead of Federation, with tragic consequences.

The next part of the plan now is for them to head into the Chicago 1920 virtuality (replicating the eponymous city from early XX century), find Rusila and figure out who is really behind all this. Their contact there is Aime Antla, a jazz singer by trade, doubling up as a spy for the Whale.

Arriving in Chicago they head for The Outfit, a club owned by Rusila. Aime gets them in to attend to her peformance and then manages to arrange a meeting with Rusila afterwards.

The meeting takes place in a blind alley, where Rusila awaits with some thugs. It becomes soon clear that he sold them to Second Chances and that is just a middleman in a much bigger operation. When confronted with evidence of Tsarya weapons being smuggled by Talons he gives in and mentions Mr. Valare, a major crime lord operating (mostly) in Chicago.

Then the gangsters try to surprise and dispatch the crew, but are quickly overcome and killed in the attempt.