Series 02 – Interlude

Jul 25, 2003 msg 3181

Ant : I think a visit to the Court of Spirits may be in order.

Unless, of course, you have other ideas (and if you do, let’s hear them!)

David W: I have no idea what the Court of Spirits is.

Ant: That’s OK, none of you do. You DID, 2000 years ago, when you were all instrumental in regulating it. But in the intervening 2000 years, when you ‘slept’ with your forefathers, some of the spirits have decided to desert their posts because there was no oversight. I’d imagine there are a few that are unhappy that the Solars have returned.

The term spirit is synonymous with the Japanese Kami. Every rock, every tree, every river has its own spirit. Some of them are VERY powerful, but the ‘god’ of a minor crossroads in an unpopulated part of the Scavenger Lands isn’t really something to fear.

Ant: Matt Baker will only be joining Carlos and David in week 5 (I think)…… We’d have to work out why a deranged Solar with a kidney fixation joins at a later date. I think the other two Solars, Cathak Shadrach and (oops, what’s your Solar’s name David?) will get on fine, though.

Ant: David W is playing a Dawn Caste Solar Exalted. Gordy plays a Zenith Caste Solar Exalted

called Marcus, who was once voted the Most Righteous Man in Heaven (OK, Yu Shan, but that’s Heaven). And good job too, otherwise Braxus’s daughter, Mercy’s Blade and her friend, Hope, would have been executed for their terrible crimes.

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