Series 02

1 April 2003 to 20 May 2003

week 1 01 April 2003

week 2 08 April 2003

week 3 15 April 2003

week 4 22 April 2003

week 5 29 April 2003

week 6 06 May 2003

week 7 13 May 2003

week 8 20 May 2003

Apr 8, 2003

Ant: Anyone had a chance to think over the certain death email I sent last week?

Matt B: I believe we should go for it. mask of Winters will be very hard and we will need to make a joint concerted affort as a team. if we don’t then we will all be mincemeat.

Ant: That’s the spirit!! None of this namby-pamby “I’m too busy looking in the mirror” stuff like you get from Braxus!

Adrian R: My initial reaction was ‘Yes. If we are going to get him. We get him now.’

But then I thought about it.

I’m a Solar. I have been reborn into the body of a slave. I have seen my daughter subjugated by the Mask of Winters to the ‘darkside’ I have no qualms in killing him but I know nothing of him. And then there is where we are ‘going to fight him’ in a small antechamber, in the middle of a dead and

rotting giant.

Hardly favourable conditions to our good selves as Solar. Retreat and learn of our foes weaknesses. I will use my powers to ‘persuade’ the mask of winters that we are interested but he must treat us as equals……

I have a plan of sorts. Shock and Awe if you will. But I’m going to need the help of Marcus and Shadrack and yourself and James to keep patient for a day longer or two. I will explain later I promise

I think we should wait.

Ant: A plan? I’m impressed! Someone needs to apologise to the Mask of Winters,then! Because, as I recall, we left it as Turoc was leaping toward him, arms outstretched, ready to take away his daiklave.

Adrian: I suppose a simply shouted ‘No Turoc! Stop! Please!’ Would suffice for now?

Ant: It might do. It depends on how far Turoc decides to go, and what the

intentions of Mask of Winters are. But I leave that to you and the others to

judge. Shadrach won’t be doing much this week, either. He might attack or

defend. Or perhaps one of Ace’s players could run him for the evening?

> It depends on how far Turoc decides to go, and what the

> intentions of Mask of Winters are.

By the way, this isn’t good or bad. If Matt decides that Turoc will carry

the attack and attempt to kill Mask of Winters, then fine. If he doesn’t and

decides to listen to Braxus, then also fine. Remember, none of the

characters KNOWS that Braxus has a plan. He hasn’t mentioned it, and if he

does, then it’s likely that Mask of Winters will certainly hear it too.

We’re carrying on exactly where we left off, and that was with Turoc about to

attack MoW. If Braxus wants to intervene, then he must do so in a way that

Turoc can notice. And if Turoc, who is almost right on top of MoW can

hear/see the intervention, then MoW will hear/see it too.

Gordy: We never die – if we go down now – we will rise again at another opportune

moment. Whatever is done is done for the best. If we decide to destroy MOW

and die or survive – it was meant to be. But remember – we must not sell

our names. If that is what MOW wants then it is better that we die than

become like Braxus’s daughter.

Ant: And what’s wrong with her? Remember, you took on her wounds.

Gordy: Ahh….But that was out of compassion and the memory of her, I am still

allowed to judge her. If she will not turn back to the Solar way of life

then she is lost to us. She is already in the Darkness. Ending her life

will make us like her. Our quarel is with WoM. I have faith in the

Conquering Sun. MoW will not shake that. What I’m interested in knowing

is why MoW does not work with the Blood Dragons. Why does he hate the

BDs? Just because we have the same enemy does not make us allies with MoW.

Adrian:  You’re like that bloke ‘Shouldna done that! Shouldave done it like this…..”

Ant: I don’t recall saying either of those! The choice is yours – either fight Mask of Winters or try to attempt to make some sort of peace with him (or do something totally different if you can think of another option at this juncture). Either way, which option you choose could affect your life for a long time to come.

Ant: Does anyone remember what became of Braxus’s daughter and Opal? I think Mercy was shot (three times) by Turoc and then healed by Marcus, before all of you left the two of them sitting in a small pool of blood (even though both were healed) in the antechamber place before you raced up the colonnaded corridor to the throne room. Right?

Matt B: look Mercy has turned to the darkside.

she should pay for her crimes.

so should MoW

We are all “brothers” according to our dreams and should therefore be

willing to die for each other.

I believe its payback time.

Talking will only result on taking this guy on in week 9 anyway when he is

fully prepared for us.

I say stand up and be counted.

Sort Mercy and pal out later.

Plan yes right after we all have our nails done!

Ant: I like Turoc! He’s a simple, no-nonsense barbarian type who knows what he wants and knows what he needs to do to get it!

Adrian:  Marcus Is with them. Or that’s where I left him…….

Ant: I remember Marcus swinging down the colonnaded corridor like Spiderman. He even overtook James, since James had the added weight of Shadrach and his 100lb hammer.

Gordy: Ahh but you forget that Mercy was a Sister of ours as well. She may be immersed in the pool but we can put our hand and pull her out – or we can let her drown. I agree that MoW is our common enemy but not Mercy.

She has tried to survive for 2000 years with out us with only the MoW as her counsel. With that voice in your ear all the time it is no wonder that she turned. She thought us all dead. But we are not. We are back and it looks like we came back for the Sun and also for her.

I believe MoW was instrumental in our downfall 2000 years ago. Think on that.

Gordy: Ah – you forgot that I did the James trick and followed you guys. Sorry.

Apr 10, 2003

Adrian:  What EXACTLY are we looking for?

Ant: Well, now THIS is the question. If I remember rightly, the only people able to answer it have been left in the Shadowlands..

Apr 16, 2003 msg 2794

Ant: So! You met the Unconquered Sun in person! It was quite impressive, seeing the look of shock mixed with awe on all your faces!!

I was surprised, when he offered a last ‘favour’ that no-one asked him to return memories of your previous lives.

He said that you had to find the Monstrances of Celestial Portion for Opal and Mercy’s Blade. Once you have done that, you need to destroy them somehow (and according to Septus, you can’t get near them, although the Unconquered Sun blessed one of you to do it for him). He said you then had to travel to Yu-Shan with the two Abyssal Exalted and find the most righteous man there. He would then speak on their behalf in a court made of the gods.

If the gods judged Mercy and Opal worthy (i.e. they ‘repented’ of their wrong doing) then they may be ‘healed’. If not, the two and their representative (this righteous man) would be executed.

He also said he was pleased with your work so far.

Doh! I meant to say also that Mercy, Opal, Malla and the Fae were still safe in the Palace of the Mask of Winters which was near the Well of the Void. He told you to hurry there…. I don’t think he gave you directions, but you could ask him…..

Also, Marcus has an item which allows a one-way, once only trip to Yu-Shan.

Gordy: The thought did occur to me but I also had the other request. I had to make a choice as nobody else seemed to put forward another idea. With the Fae there we now have another ally to help us. Hopefully.

Ant: Since you met your ‘creator’ in the Underworld last time, you each get 7 experience points on top of any others you gain from the game.

Carlos: Shadrach, on being asked whether to wait and train or take on Mask of Winters now, says “Can the hunter recall the arrow to the bow?”

He then follows it up by saying “The bear sleeps in the Winter. The ice melts in the Spring. The bear awakes, we know not when the Spring comes?

Apr 28, 2003 msg 2872

Ant: Sorry guys, got the name of the dead being wrong last week. I said it was Erembour, That Which Calls To The Shadows, but she’s alive and well.

I should have said Valanthus, That Which Shields The Darkness. A slight distinction, I think, especially when you consider that he’s dead. It may not be of comfort to know that he remembers how and why you killed him, 2,000 years ago.

May 21, 2003 Message #2926

Ant: The Unconquered Sun wishes it to be known by all that he is pleased with his sons Braxus, Marcus, Turok, Shadrach and James. He has seen their efforts to restore his righteousness to Gaia, and watch with pride their strength of purpose, their dignity and their courage. They have faced the Underworld, they have argued with the very gods themselves, and they have redeemed their fallen. They have acted with honour, as befits the Solar Exalted. And for that, the Unconquered Sun thanks them.

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