Series 03 – Interlude

Oct 19, 2003 msg4301 Ant:

Exalted: The Sidereals has arrived!!

Braxus, Turoc, James, Marcus, Shadrach, Char, Jirah, Erland, Akosta and Oliverus it’s all over for you now!!

Mind you, I wouldn’t mind running a cross-Exalted game some time. One Lunar,

one Solar, one Sidereal, one (powerful) Dragon-Blooded, one Dragon King, one

God-Blooded and one Abyssal (?) Maybe even a Fae (although you’d have to be

VERY ambiguous and probably a bit nasty)! All against the terrible Infernals.

Oct 30, 2003 msg4460 Ace:

Char awakens from a deep troubled sleep; the sweat on his skin chilled him

to his very core. The unconquered sun had left him, but still he felt the

power of his exhaltation; at least he still had that. His polecats nestled

against his neck sensing his restlessness, Shiva raises her head and looks

deeply into his eyes, her ears laid back against her head. Had his dreams

troubled them all as well as himself. He was not sure but the visions he had

seen, the death at the hands of the Dragon blooded guided by the hands of

the sidereal. Had he been lax in telling the sidereal that his war with them

was over. He know knew what it was like to be hunted like a wild beast, he

thought of how he felt two years ago when he had been exhalted. When they

came for him that night, memories of his wife and child come back and he

finds it hard to hold back the tears.

Luckily Marcus was still asleep, he let his grief pour to the earth and felt

a little better for it. Shiva after a time licks his face acknowledging his

pain but bringing him back to the now and not the past, She was always good

like that. How could he cope without his friends whom asked nothing in

return except affection and respect? A question which sends a shiver down

his spine, but a smile as Podo and Codo nip his hand somehow knowing what

he was thinking. But how could they understand, he had seen his own death

all that time ago. Remembering even the vultures who picked at his flesh as

he was drawing his last few breaths, holding Podo or was it Codo in his

hands, the pulped body he could not recognise but the pain deeper than the

poison flowing through his veins.

He had escaped them, two years of running, hiding and fighting to end like

this alone on a mountain; not even the peak he laughs at not achieving even

that. But the poison had long ago taken away his ability to walk. To crawl

in the snow ice and dirt, the sidereal if they could see this now would be

smiling he was sure. Those that had survived him, too many but at least the

few that had found the blade on their throat before he cut it, hand over

their mouth to muffle their gurgles and his sweet smile to greet them in

their death throes gave him a little satisfaction. They died well and with

dignity though, he would give them that, unlike their families. Yes he had

done terrible things to them to make them suffer, to feel his loss and pain.

Could he have once been that monster, a killer, murderer, butcher? Yes

His insides coiled tightly causing him to double over and vomit, the taste

and smell of it like a rotten bloated corpse in the sun. He has to leave the

world behind and find at least forgiveness in himself for what he was

before. Locar the child whom had travelled with them from his village stared

at Char, seeing perhaps what he was once capable of. No no it is concern on

the childs face, not fear just concern. Chars face breaks into a smile more

of a grimace than smile. Locar brings the fire to a steady roar and prepares

breakfast. So the Unconquered Sun had shown him what he was, a cruel stroke

to show him that; Char would find no solace under his eye that he knew. He

was not worthy to regain his seat at Rathess or perhaps he never held it in

the first place. But he had some idea where he had fallen, perhaps if he

found himself walked far enough then her may find the peace he so wanted


Marcus awakened by the smell of cooking looks over at Char his gear packed

as if ready to leave, a frown upon his brow a look of questioning upon his

face. Char turns “ I must leave my friend, the Unconquered sun has shown me

what I was. A gift for my testing him I am sure. I can find no peace or rest

here, we are not strong enough to deal with that fool in Rathess. So I bid

you farewell and ask a favour, please take Locar home. I am sure we will see

him time when we return. I will not say goodbye as I am not going for long

and friends never truly mean it “

Gordy: Marcus looks in sadness at his friend but knows the deep wound of

Soul-Remembrance even though Char has not told him the specifics. “Sometimes it

is better not to know my friend. It was the Unconqoured Sun’s blessing this

time around. But consider that even his telling will be a blessing in time,

though you will not think it now. My conviction is strong in this matter. Go

thither my friend. You will always be one of us – just like that fool in

Rathness is one of us though he denies his heritage. I will do as you wish and

take Locar back to his village – if he wills it. I feel that I have other

matters to attend to too. I must return to Braxus and the others. I think they

have need of me. I will call upon James, if I can. If he still lives.”

And I must also find my partner – the one who was a Fae.

Exhalted character 75 or less words

Nov 12, 2003 Message #4626 Ace

I am Jirah of the desert, dreamer, seer. Tall proud, with piercing eyes of

the bright desert sky, a true desert son, noble, proud, knowledgeable above

my years. Twilight I am, spirits my friends, demons my slaves. I tell of

places never imagined. I bear the bejewelled scimitar and turban of the

desert tribes and my golden staff, dreamed of, found, now mine.

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