Series 09 – On the Dragon Isle

We arrive on the Dragon Isle, onboard Braxus’ first age skyship Prometheus.

As we arrived, we were suddenly ‘escorted’ by two ships from the Imperial Isle.  We shoot down one ship.

The other damaged ship we board. Braxus fires an essence cannon at it severely damaging the back.

We all board the ship and head to the Imperial city.  We landed near the Deliberative and were ushered in to the Deliberative building.  We stayed there in a suite set aside for us.  The Wyld Hunt had not appeared and some said Lady Mnemon was using all her political might to hold back any repercussions of our visit.  None knew why, but again, some believed she planned to use us to tip the balance of power in her favour.

We meet Braxus’ mother – the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears.

We were invited to watch the Grand Deliberative in session.  Sitting in the public gallery, we watched in horror as Lady Mnemon got up and brought an action to the attention of the speaker.  It was to arrest us!  Braxus could contain himself no longer.  He gets to his feet, the statesman in him coming to the fore.

Striding to the floor of the Deliberative, he begins to speak, his words having a great impact on the men and women around him.  He is quickly joined by the other Solars who feel they should offer some solidarity.  Heaven’s Gaze is surprised to note her manager, Kejak Chejop, among Mnemon’s ‘retinue’.  Still, Braxus continues his discourse, and it seems, suddenly, as if the hearts and minds of the Deliberative hang in the balance.

Then Shadrach is moved to speak.  No one remembers exactly what he says with any real clarity, but it can be summarised as “You are the sheep.  We are the wolves that guard the flock.”  Gasps of horror can be heard from all around the Deliberative and his companions look on Shadrach with shock and disdain.  In a few dismal minutes, all of Braxus’ good work is gone.  The cry of “Arrest them!” resounds about the hall.

A dinner party.

The Wyld Hunt turn up. They look tough and have warstriders.

Heaven’s Gaze teleports the group to the docks. We land and fight the Wyld Hunt. Shadrak does some bad stunting.

Ragara Anja and Heaven’s Gaze open fire on the Wild hunt, saving the day.

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