Spirit of the Century: The Story So Far

Spirit of the Century has been pulled out a few times for Tuesday Knights, but usually only as filler material. Since it is getting a block of its own, I thought it was time for a recap.

The Pilot Mini Series:

The heroes attend the event of the season. Lady Steel absconds with an ancient map but they pursue her and recover it. In the confusion, someone kidnaps Professor Higgins.

Special #1:

Flashheart and Washington take Professor Higgins’ niece to safety while The Darkness teams up with Miss Henslow and The Masked Vigilante to track down and rescue the Professor. Their only lead is the knowledge that he was seeking to acquire the Marble of Ramesses at auction, so they bid on it in an effort to smoke out other interested parties. They win the auction and meet Herr Rudolph Templemann, a German with his eye on the Marble. A cursory investigation of his home revealed nothing of note, but placing the Marble together with the map caused the shifting images on the parchment to take solid form clearly pointing to a temple in Egypt.

The Unaired Episode Dredged Up Because The Network Couldn’t Get Regular Programming:

The heroes fly off to Egypt to track down whatever it is that the map points to. Unfortunately, they get caught in a storm and crash land in the desert.

After an initially tense encounter with a group of nomads, our heroes are taken to their camp where they befriend Ismail ibn-Gazi, the tribe’s Oxford educated chief. The next day they set out for their destination accompanied by some tribesman. There is no sign of a temple, so they make camp in an old fort. That night, one of the tents catches fire, and the group is attacked by another Bedouin tribe — these guys aren’t so friendly. Driving them off proves to be no problem for the team and, as the sun rises, they notice the Marble of Ramesses is warm to the touch and vibrating gently. Placing it back on the map, it becomes clear that this is the right place.

A moment later, the temple they were looking for erupted from the sands; it had been buried for centuries, but no longer.

The Long Awaited Announcement:

The TK Channel has ordered six episodes of SotC which will air at 7pm on Tuesday nights starting Feb 16.

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