Star Wars – Shattered Galaxy

Proposal for the August/September games block – to be put up 31st July – votes 7th August

The time – approximately 60 years after the Battle of Endor

The galaxy – torn by a century of strife and warfare.  Technology is mainly stagnant or in decay, though every faction seeks for the ultimate weapon(s) which will enable it to prevail over its enemies.

The factions – the New Republic struggles to re-establish peace and order throughout the galaxy.  Other factions such as the remnants of the Empire – now known as The Reformation – oppose them, as do various crime syndicates and local warlords.  The Jedi Order has been reborn through the guidance of Grand Master Skywalker, but is not fully trusted or accepted.  Palpatine’s propaganda of the Jedi as traitors and sorcerers still lingers

The heroes – representatives of the New Republic or the New Jedi Order.

The system – D20 Saga Edition (the 3rd edition of the D20 licence).  Will switch to D6 if this doesn’t work out!

The setting – most of the old heroes of the Rebellion era are dead or old aged.  The majority of the EU developments didn’t happen – especially the Yuuzhon Vong!  However, the Solos and Skywalkers did have children, of which only Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker now survive.

The mission – currently to track down the person(s) intent on selling details of the location of the last undiscovered repository of Emperor Palpatine’s secrets to the Imperial Reformation or crime lord factions.