Persona Dramatica

Akiro Daikomi, Gordy. A Nippon Tech Corporate Ninja. Missing in action.

Armand d’Artagnan, Gabriel. A Canadian Knights Templar, transformed in France.

George Harman, Ace. A Core Earth new age shaman. With a leatherman and a cool leather jacket.

James Robertson, Ant. A Core Earth Adventuring Archeologist.

John Lawman,  Colin A Core Earth Canadian Mountie. Last seen going off with his new found love Hildy, Daughter of Dr. Marlene.

Kamil Addup,  Matt B. A Nile Empire Mathematician

Moody, Ciaran. A Core Earth Tech Wiz.

Peter Letterman, Adrian. A Core Earth Adventurous Scholar. “I have no idea, but maybe it’s worth investigating”.

Petey, Rob. A Nile empire Gadget Hero.

Ramalan, Steve. An Orroshan Gypsy.

Seymour Tush, Ken. A Nile Tough Hero.

Shara, Natalia. A Witch from the Cyberpapacy

Trisha McMillan, Matt Z. A Terran Rocket Ranger.

Jirah Ashad of the desert tribes

I am Jirah Ashad, 10th son of Sheihk Salim of the Asheel tribe. I am the first birthson of Hamira daughter of Ashmel of the Jashir. May the desert winds be cool and refresh them in their journey. Although a son of lower order I am special among the desert tribes as I am a dreamer. Sincce my birth I have travelled to the great walled city of Jearon, with it s mighty obsidian gates that rise to clouds and above where the lords of the city reside and carry out the decrees of their emperor. But I cannot even write his name as I cannot write in their language and in this world I do not have a cleft tongue. I have seen the flying city of the Vanir and spent many months among them, listening to their stories and spending time amongst their entertainers, concubines and wizards. Learning some of their ways, tales and even gained some knowledge of how to focus my own inner powers and knowledge of gods, daemons, objects of power, and of other dreamers. I seen wonders that I cannot describe, and told tales to my peoples of such wonder that tears came to the eyes of even the hardiest of our tribes.

I have stood before the dream dragon and listened to his singing in my mind. There I was nearly lost, I did not want to leave. But the ghoul who was once dreamer such as I Gilber’t, led me away and back to my dream gate. I had lain for a week in my tent  and my body was wasting away, I was ten years of age; but in the dream world I had listened to him for twelve years the music above any I had heard before and not heard its equal since. Gilber’t and I became close friends and I journeyed much and learned a lifetimes experience before I was even a true man of the tribe. He showed me terrors beyond the imagination, wonders and pleasures that would destroy a mortals mind and body. I had been to dream worlds and seen in the flesh the dreamer herself, her world a true wonder to behold a sea of turquoise and gold the sky white with clouds of blazing saffron with the sea itself singing as the waves crashed against the golden sands.

But she a blind cripple, who could not have seen such things but as a dreamer created a world where no cruelty could befall her. It took me many months to find her but find her I did. I am glad as she was left to beg in the streets and had been poorly treated and things done to her body that even the lowest slave should never endure.

That was when he came to me the mighty sun came to me and they followed. But I had learnt well from the Vanir, Gilber’t and the lords of the dead city of Chimar. I had power. I let them feel it and they were crushed. But they did not know me or my people, so I took Esther and fled the city. I heard that the Dragon blooded were coming for me. I summoned around me the desert winds and left behind that cruel city.

Esther was greeted warmly by my people because even among dreamers she was a wonder, able to create and keep her own world and allow others to see her world and spend time there. My mother tended as well as any could to her physical and mental scars that she bore in silence. But I had to leave, I had lost my dream key and could no longer travel to those places and I missed it so. But I knew out there my key lay waiting for me to find it again. I know some of those places I have seen exist and I will find them. So I have left my people for a time and will return soon I hope.