The Lion Clan

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The Akodo:

Until about 40 years ago the Akodo were the first family on military matters in
Rokugan, not just the Lion Clan. When the first Emperor chose his bodyguard it
was Akodo One-eye the founding father of the Lion Clan who had the role. And
the role of the Emperor’s right hand stayed for life.

What happened 50 years ago was that Akodo Toturi tried to defend the actions of
the Scorpion champion and was rewarded with his family’s dissolution. A
dissolution he was later able to overturn, however within that time the ‘ronin’
that were his family were corrupted by an entity called The Lying Darkness.
Again a threat that has only recently been overcome with the help of Lady Moon.
As a result the Akodo have come back but as a consequence of their recent trials
there are many samurai in the Akodo family who have very little memory of what
they did or who they were.

But they will survive because Akodo are stoic in nature and very conservative
and traditional when following the code of Bushido and their main strength is
working together cooperatively. The Akodo mantra is ‘If your brother drops his
sword in the battle line, lend him yours.’ With all their recent adversity the
Akodo know that only by pulling together as a family will they survive and rise

The Matsu

The matriarchal Matsu are everything the Akodo are not. Followers of Bushido
with a natural fierce and independent nature. It is a foolish warrior who
confronts a Matsu who has had a bad day.

The Matsu’s power relies in their individual martial prowess and power. Just as
traditional and guided by bushido as much as the Akodo a Matsu is told from an
early age that they must rely on themselves only. They are Lion and a Matsu
must be fierce and strike down all enemies! They are the largest family in the
Lion Clan. Outside of the Clan the Matsu are regarded as being hot tempered and
unpredictable for their violent tendancies. The Matsu are aware of this and play
on that presumption.

The Ikoma

From the Matsu we move to the Ikoma.  When Akodo One-eye set the Lion Clan in
place he realised that not all his problems could be resolved on the
battlefield or via a duel so he gave the job of training a diplomatic service to
a braggart of a samurai called Ikoma. At the time it was an odd choice but a
thousand years later it has proved to be a wise choice indeed. The Lion Clan’s
scholars, diplomats, historians, storytellers, spymasters and even some of it’s
greatest tactictians have come from the Ikoma.

To an Akodo or a Matsu losing face through showing emotions is disastrous, it
goes against the tradition of ‘On'(face) within bushido so to counter that the
Ikoma are given a unique role within the Lion clan which no other samurai
family has in Rokugan: they are allowed to ‘let go’ in public.

An Ikoma may cry, laugh, declaim in public without any loss of face if he does
it on behalf of his Clan brothers and sisters. For example if a Matsu is
insulted and he is with an Ikoma ‘Omoidasu’ (storyteller) the Ikoma will tell
the poor samurai who did the insulting, with full cry about the history of the
Matsu and exactly why the Matsu is going to kill him. It is an extraordinary
role as when an Ikoma is on their own they tend to be a quiet sort, some might
say rather dull!

The Kitsu

Finally the last family of the Lion, but perhaps the most important are the holy
men and women of the Kitsu family. Besides being the normal shugenja that
funtion within the clan, the religious heart of the Lion, from a non-human
origin, they have kept the Lion Clan in touch with the Spirits of it’s
Ancestors for centuries. As an Akodo might organise and control a huge army on
the battlefield, an experienced Kitsu shugenja can call upon great powers and
favours from the Clan’s great heroes of the past and channel them through it’s
heroes of today.

They are closely tied to the Ikoma in emotions and with their origins the Kitsu
are semi histiorians carefully noting in detail who has done what within the
clan. And then asking politely for help as and when required.

The Akodo and Matsu dominate the battlefield but sometimes they need the
resources to achieve higher and greater results. The Kitsu are there for that


So we move onto the Lion Schools:

Firstly there is the AKODO BUSHI school. This school takes as it’s creed the
first rules written by Akodo. That a samurai must learn not to act as a
solitary warrior but part of a huge titanic entity.  As a result an Akodo bushi
is happy either in the rank and file or as the army’s leader. Either role is an
honourable position.

Next there is the MATSU BERSERKER school. Epitomising all that is Matsu the
Berserker school trains it’s students in various weapon skills and physical
activities directed towards strength. Individual focus without fear and the
ability to strike with extreme violence in one stroke.

Then there is the AKODO WAR COLLEGE. Students of this school learn about the ebb
and flow of combat. Looking at the ‘Tides of Battle’ in it’s smallest detail a
samurai can apply lessons not only to the grander battle scence but also apply
himself in the smaller skirmish looking for weaknesses in his or her opponent,
and take advantage when required. Taking a more practical approach than the
IKOMA TACTICIAN school the AKODO WAR COLLEGE has a close relationship with the

Moving to the IKOMA OMOIDASU school. The ‘Omoidasu’ school covers the skills of
a storyteller.  In this school the samurai is taught the way of the diplomat.
It is an interesting way of life where a samurai would normally complete a
series of katas or demonstrate a perfect technique with a sword to learn the
next technique from his or her masters and Ikoma must recite a part of lion
history with accuracy and passion. Therefore not only increasing the glory and
honour of his subject but also of himself. The school also trains it’s
followers in the way of the sword but an Ikoma Omoidasu would have other

The IKOMA TACTICIAN school is similiar to the AKODO WAR COLLEGE but tends to
lean towards historical aspects of battles and the lessons they could give.

When the Akodo were disbanded the Matsu, the new family head, insisted that the
Ikoma take the mantle left vacant by the subsequent disbandment of the AKODO
WAR COLLEGE. This caused difficulties as the Ikoma had always had the role of
bards and historians and although they applied themselves to their new role
they lacked the ability to apply the small unit strategies that the Akodo
excelled in. However students of the school have now begun to find their role
and the historical knowledge a student has of all opponents a Lion samurai
might face has proved invaluable. Especially in the current difficult

Finally there is the KITSU SHUGENJA school. The Kitsu teach a rare and
specialised form of magic. Based around skills to perceive and contact the
various spirit realms the Kitsu are founded in reverence for the Lion Clan’s

Those shugenja that become qualified from the school can draw power from
Ancestral Spirits and guide those who are lost within those realms to find
their way back to where they rightfully belong. In outlook they are hostile to
outside interference not because they are paranoid but because there are very
few who can actually understand the magic that makes the Kitsu what they are.

Don’t forget that picking one particular family over another does NOT dictate what school you should attend.  Family members within the clan can move quite easily around different schools.

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