The Sangor Clan

The Sangor clan is one of the nine clans of the Lismelder Tribe.

It has a young few troublesome members who have got a name for themselves

Alaric (Ant) A devotee of Humakt




The Clan Ring

Position Person Cult(s) Family

Orlanth Udrecht init Harst the ReeveĀ init Dar the Leader Filberson

Ernalda the Earth Hervalda init Roitina the Ceremonialist Greatarm

Uralda the Cow Frieda Dev Uralda the Cow mother Corverson

Esra the grain Myara init Esra the Barley mother Corverson

Durev or Barntar Bren init Barntar the ploughman Corverson

Orolmarn or Voriof Krogar init Voriof the Herder

init Orlmarn the Herder

init Filberson

Ormalaya or Odayla Korstardos init Odayla the Deep hunter Corverson

Outer ring (Thunder brothers & weaver women)

Clan Champion Farangar the Resolute init Finovan the Raider Corverson

Weaponthane t Jorstan Quicklaugh Dev Destsor the Adventurer Filberson

Weaponthane O Malan init Elmal Hearthguard Corverson

Weaponthane a Varosh the Steady init Hedkoranth the Thunder slinger Greatarm

Weaponthane d Kenstrel init Starkval the Weaponthane Greatarm

Warband Leader Idris Strongarm dev Vinga the Spear Greatarm

Dishthane Orcarl dev Durev the Householder. Greatarm

Lawthane Urandar init Andrin the Lawspeaker. Corverson

Orlanth Chief Priest. Venharl dev Ohorlanth the Thunderer Filberson

Ernalda Chief Priestess Friga dev Roitina the Ceremonialist Greatarm

Clan Healer Angora Dev Belveren the Chaos Cleanser. Corverson

Bonded Trickster Liesel init Downboy the Lightbringer Filberson

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