The Scorpion Clan

Hmm I’m going to have to be careful on this one because…….they could be watching ~_~’

The Third option for the upcoming game is the Scorpion Clan but there are some very specific reasons why the Scorpion would get involved. If they are your choice the reasoning will become clear……

And what is more where previously I have given the full gist of ALL associated families and schools within the clans there are reasons for me NOT to do that with this lot…..


The Shosuro

While the Bayushi are the natural head of the clan the Shosuro are their de facto right hand men. And those right hand duties can entail all sorts of distasteful activities but they are duties nonetheless.

To many a Shoshuro ‘bushi’ is no more than a ninja and the Shosuro will kill any who accuse them of being such. A ‘Ninja’ in the eyes of a Shosuro bears no loyalty to a lord, clan or family – Shosuro are samurai.  They are incredibly proud that they bear a burden, a dark burden at that, which means they must carry out missions for their masters which other samurai would not have the strength of purpose or loyalty to do.

Physically speaking the Shosuro are bland in the most part and will fade from most people’s minds when it comes to recalling what one looks like.

The Soshi

The religious heart of the Scorpion, the Soshi have an unusual view of Rokugani religion. A Shugenja family which are universally cynical in their approach. The Tao of Shinsei and worship of the Fortunes are tools that are to be exploited and turned to their Clan’s advantage. Either the peasantry or the samurai class. A Soshi holy man or woman will always give advice sincerely but they are always looking for…..something.

As with most aspects of the Scorpion Clan they try to keep themselves hidden away so that none may notice them until it is far too late.  Their appearance resembles their beautiful Bayushi brethren but the hard, bitter cynicism can sometimes twist that beauty into something dark.

The available schools ladies and gents are as follows:

The SHOSURO SHINOBI school is the foremost taining ground for those growing up in the Shosuro family.  A shinobi is never recognised in the outside world as such.  Taking the roles of a yojimbo, a diplomat  or a herald it is only when their unique skills which have been learnt outside their covering disguise are called for by their masters do they cast off their cover and become the agents which they are required to be.

A SHOSURO SHINOBI must never reveal themselves to any but those they trust implicitly. It is the nature of keeping their true identity safe and hidden that a Shosuro can survive. They are spies and assassins true but if they were to forget what they truly were they would join the ranks of those Shosuro damned by their beliefs that they were untouchable….

The SOSHI SHUGENJA school is quite a straightforward school practising its arts of illusion and deception. In areas of study it is quite diffuuse.  If a SOSHI SHUGENJA was asked wat the focus of the school was the simple answer would be ‘Everything’.

The Soshi’s role is to wtch and observe all that occurs around the Bayushi family in court and protect it. The skills that a Soshi might learn is that of using magic to create threats that are not there and vice versa. In addition where some other shugenja families will shy away from the political sphere the Soshi regard it as essential in their duties in protecting and guarding the secrets of the Scorpion…


There is an awful lot more to the above families and respective duties they might have BUT I can’t say anymore otherwise everyone will know all there is to know about the Scorion.  And that would not be fun….

Right the final PC Option, The Mantis, will be up next.

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