Unknown Armies – Session 1 (12/05/15)

Looks like you all happened to be at the wrong place at the right time: a crossroad in San Francisco’s hills, just when a car took over from a ramp and landed onto another passing by below.

The scene is a mess, with the hitting car flipped and the other one partially squashed – its lady driver miraculously safe. Not so much luck for the other car driver: a woman as well, and a very dead one too. The passenger however managed to crawl out and is now pulling out a gun and pointing it against the other car’s driver, all with copious tears running through his face.

The lady got out too and has reached for the boot, in an attempt to pull out some kind of ancient sword from it. Here things go weird as you step into this, adding your own share to the mayhem. At some point the gunner teleports aside to get a clear shot on the lady and manages to hit her. Your attempts to attack him all appear to weirdly miss the target. The wounded lady pulls herself on top of her Pontiac Firebird , right above the large phoenix-shaped bonnet decal, and suddenly an explosion knocks you all off to the ground, blinded by flames that look like fiery wings for a split second. Both contenders gone.

You just notice a biker on a custom, observing and leaving the scene at this point: wearing a leather jacket with an eagle logo on the back and an aviator helmet with googles. You get the plate too.

You also recover a leaflet from the Pontiac wreak, advertising some kind of shop named Circle’s End. You also got possession of the sword the lady left behind.

The police arrives on the scene and seems fine with your statements, which carefully remove any reference to unnatural events from the facts.

Following up with some detective work you discover the bike’s owner identity as Margaret LaTorneau, an LA resident, currently staying in a motel about town.

Some research on the sword reveal it to be devoid of any magick, but probably ancient, even though perfectly kept: looks like a greek gladius with the hilt shaped as a pair of wings; possibly a ritual weapon for Nemesis, goddess of the righteous vengeance.