Unknown Armies – Session 3 (26/05/15)

The situation at the motel escalates rapidly into a gunfight. Only through foolishness and blind (or maybe not so) luck the party manages to overcome the opposition and keep their own guts inside (some more than others). There is not much to learn from the corpses: no IDs, locked mobiles… just a company name on the car renting papers.

The wounded leave towards the whereabouts of shady doctor Victor Crane for patching up, while others go to meet the biker at Ocean Beach.

There she is, leaning on the bike near the shore. Maggie needs allies and is willing to share information with whoever may be inclined to be one: the watch is supposed to be the one worn by Amelia Earhart on her last flight in 1937 – a gift from Harry Gordon Selfridge Jr. The lady in the Pontiac name is Angela (Osborne) and she is an avatar of the Flying Woman, same as Earhart has been herself, allegedly. Angela is also Maggie’s ex-lover and was her guide on the path of the Flying Woman as well. Angela got close to TNI and likely acquired information about the artifact that way.

Maggie however is adamant the watch is a fake: too recent make. It should not hold any power, but apparently it does as a consequence of the major charge being used at the crossroad, with the watch at the center as the interest focus of both sides in the conflict. Now it seems to be tied to that moment in time and keeps rolling back to it when the leftover charge within gets released, like some sort of mystical time-warping jo-jo. The process is however unpredictable and may stop working or go wrong anytime – that said Maggie is willing to take the chance, also to erase the mess with TNI and start with the party on a clean slate. The agreement is for the party to investigate the Circle’s Edge shop (where probably the watch comes from) while she goes after Angela.

She smashes the watch against some rocks and all find themselves back at the crossroad, right after the explosion, with a biker in aviator gear approaching.