YEAR 543

The year ended in the ADVENTURE OF THE LOST EAGLE in which Pagan Knights and their allies rode into the far North, a land of mist and wild Picts. To recover an ancient symbol from the times of the Legion. For one of the squires a personal quest. On his choices alone would success or failure depend.

After a long and difficult search in disguise, they found the Eagle in a holy barrow, used by the wild Picts as a sacred shrine. Many tribes had gathered there to enact an ancient rite of passage for their boys who were to become Warriors. Getting the Eagle and escaping with it were two very different things. In the end a desperate subterfuge and a long chase by the Wlyd Hunt, in which the Knights were saved by Nimue’s guides and the Fay Knight of the Silver Lance, resulted in the successful return of the Eagle into the safekeeping of the Lady of the Lake. To be used once more when the Great Boar of the North descends upon the Red Dragon of the South.

In that same year it was rumoured that three Knights of the Table Round and their companions were still missing in the Great Forest Adventurous. Also still missing was King Arthur’s Son, Prince Loholt.