YEAR 544

Year 544

At Camelot during a winter feast held in honour of an upcoming marriage between a noble of Escavalon and a Frankish Princess. The Franks or the French as they are now more often called. Started an argument that divided even the Round Table Knights! Only the wisdom of Arthur saved the situation and a challenged issued to prove the point, that tournaments were indeed as valid to prove ones martial prowess as battles and the hard lessons of war. The ADVENTURE of the EIGHT TOURNEY CHALLENGE was to prove that young knights who had not been tested in battle were as good a knight as those who had. Many Round Table knights sponsored many of the young knights (over 200 Cymric) and helped with advice and arranging entrances to many of the tournaments. The whole year was spent on the Tourney Circuit. The first was the Tirocinium, which was won by Sir Guy. An occitianian in service to Earl Robert. Also deserving a mention was Sir Elad who won the Challenges, perhaps spurned on by his Sister, the lady Eleri, who travelled with her brother. The tournament however was overshadowed by the death of a very promising young knight. No less than kin to Lancelot himself, who was found dead in the woods during the Hunt Challenge, whispers of murder were never proven, who had anything to gain for killing such a courtly and handsome boy of a knight?

The Pentecostal tourney proved difficult as expected with the French knights getting a pasting. During the tourney the ADVENTURE OF THE WEREWOLF.

Led our knights to finding a missing Round Table knight and the foiling of a vile plot.

In the Mayors Joust set in London our Knights joined the jousting team of Sir Seriol, and performed magnificently earning great glory and considerable wealth.

The Grand Tourney proved to be another difficult one for our young knights as one of their number Sir Elad had been kidnapped! They chose to find their companion but they missed the boat to take them to their next tourney up north. They found Sir Elad who did not remember any of them? Sir Elad’s secret had been revealed, that Sir Elad was in fact Lady Eleri!

This resulted in the ADVENTURE OF NOT A LADY and the tourney of the Lady knight, as well as the battle of Stopham. There were encounters with a strange knight who seemed to be able to change his appearance at will and others who bore an unknown shield device who aided the Saxon Lord Sir Oeric. The real Sir Elad was found (the Father had not been so fortunate) and the family lands saved by the actions of Lady Eleri who is now known as Sir Eleri the newest member of the knights of Kenilworth Castle, the only order of lady knights in Britain.

Then they found a small tourney near the Anglian hills. During the celebrations, before the jousts began, a Great Green Wyrm arose from top of the mound where the new extension of the Lords Manor was to be built. A young proud knight called Sir George cried out “By my Faith, this fell beast is mine alone, or let my Life’s blood be spilled!” and rode up the hill to confront it. As any honourable knight would know this as a call to single combat no other could interfere. The battle did not last long as Sir George’s horse slipped and the Green Wyrm bit him in two! At this point Sir Aeron rose from his sickbed, dressed his shield towards the beast without armour or horse and claimed single combat! He smote the beast with three mighty blows and its head was removed from its body. Sir Aeron then walked down the mound and fell into a swoon as his old wounds burst forth with his life’s blood. Fortunately Sir Eleri’s healing skills were up to the task and Sir Aeron survived. The knights decided that day to form a fellowship and swore mighty oaths to be each other’s sword brothers and be known for evermore as the “Knights of the Green Wyrm”. As for Sir Aeron, he gained the name of Dragon Slayer.

The Old Anglian Melee was next and only some of the French Knights did well or so it seemed.

Next were the Castle and Archangel Tourneys in which Sir Aeryn Gwyllwyn won the Archangel tourney overall. Though many knights had stayed away due to the presence of a “lady knight”.

The eight tourney challenge ended with a young French knight being named the victor, though this was challenged by Sir Eleri who claimed that other more experienced knights had disguised themselves as Sir Armend and took his place to win him victories. This resulted in a trial by combat between Sir Eleri and Sir Armend in which Sir Armend won, thus proving before the Judge of Battles who was right and who was wrong…Certain knights were still missing, and a disturbing rumour was circulating in court that Sir Geharis brother to Sir Gawain, Sir Gareth, Sir Agravain and Sir Mordred, had murdered their mother Queen Margawse (half sister to King Arthur), who he had found laying with their hated rival Sir Lamorak.