Year 545

The ADVENTURE OF THE SPECTRE KING saw the rise of the dead Saxon king Hengest and the deaths of many knights of King Eifion of Roestoc. It proved impossible to destroy by mortal means until its secret was uncovered and finally laid to rest by Sir Aeryn Gwyllwyn wielding the blade of Duke Eldol at the site of King Hengest defeat and execution.

Next was the return to Anglehearth and the tourney of the Green Wyrm. This became the ADVENTURE OF THE GHOST KNIGHT. Where Sir Caradoc succeeded in winning the Ghost Lance and allowing Sir Ferran too finally defeat the Ghost Knight and return to health. The knights also encountered a Fay Knight, known only as the knight of the Golden Shield and passed his test.

They then signed up for a campaign in Anglia the ADVENTURE OF THE FEN WAR. In which they came across the dark face of war and the horrors within the fens. During the campaign they had time to hunt but they ended up on the  “other side” and the ADVENTURE OF THE CHALLENGE OF THE 7 FAY KNIGHTS.

They proved thanks to the Knight of the Golden Shield intercession that mortal knights were worthy to be called knights. Upon their return they hunted a marsh Demon which Sir Afan heroically leapt into the dark waters and slew the beast, but they were nearly undone when they ventured upon a mysterious Isle. Only Sir Eleri’s previous mercy to Saxon prisoners and her gaining an Old Saxon talisman prevented the Saxon dead warriors from slaughtering all of the knights. Only upon her oath that they will bring their murderer Sir Cyldno to them by this time next year that they will remain on the isle and not bring destruction upon the Cymric lands. This is the ADVENTURE OF THE ISLE OF THE DEAD that remains unfulfilled as the winter draws in. The Knights return to Camelot and agree to meet again the following spring. While there they pick up information that King Mark of Cornwall had left after his huge ransom was paid to Arthur and his Knights. News also from Escavalon that all knights must return to the Kingdom without fail. The Orkney brothers and kin were all absent save for a very quiet Sir Gawaine and Prince Loholt amougst others were still missing. Only one knight Sir Tathan remained in Camelot for Christmas and witness to the event that followed.

“There hales in at the halle dor an aghlich mayster,

One the most on the molde on mesure high.

Fro the swyre to the swange so sware and so thik.

And his lyndes and his lymmes so long and so grete.

Half etayn in erde I algate mynne him to bene.

And that the meriest in muckel that myght ride.

For of bak and of brest all were his body sturn.

And all his fetures folwande in forme that he had ful clene.

For wonder of his hewe men hade.

Set in his semblaunt sene.

He ferde as freke were fade.

And overal enker grene.”

The Green Knight entrance from the poem “Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight”

Sir Gawaine takes up the challenge from the green knight and hews his head off, the green knight gets up and strides over to were his head lies and picks it up and gets on his huge horse and informs Sir Gawaine that he will be waiting for him at the green chapel a year hence!