Nova Praxis – Session 3 (20/01/15)

The shootout concludes with the crew overcoming the soldiers and capturing their officer, which they manage to persuade to cooperate and get other soldiers to let them leave unharmed. The soldiers turn out to be Remnants forces, still loyal to pre-Coalition faction from the war time.

While moving through the hideout, a storage cave is discovered behind a metal gate, holding several crates, which appear to be weapons of House Tsarya manufacturing.

Resuming the travel over the river stream, they encounter a horde of frenzied dinosaurs and barely manage to steer the hovercraft away from their trajectory. It looks like the reptiles were fleeing from something.

The following day they reach the pluvial forest, surrounding the Salty Lake, and have to proceed on foot through it. Here the steamy atmosphere and minerals create a natural interference for the Mesh, making surveillance extremely difficult.

As they cross the forest, they get attacked by two dinosaur, which then rapidly flee upon a roaring screech, preceding the arrival of a huge amphibian carnivorous bipedal lizard.

The battle takes some on the verge of death, but at its climax all crew members hear a voice into their Mindset, prompting to “take it to the water”. As they manage to lure the predator there, a massive creature emerges from the water, bites with its huge jaws and drags it underwater.

The water goes dark and then a massive creature emerges from it, vaguely resembling a killer whale, but much larger, with bones protruding off its skin and double fins on each side.

Nova Praxis – Session 2 (13/01/15)

The last two members of the crew complete their re-sleeving process one day later, and meet with the others at the gate of Samara, where they are ready to leave for a jungle expedition on board of an hovercraft, to meet the unknown client.

Decision is taken to travel along the course of the river, upstream, which provides a exquisite view of the impressive wildlife and landscape of Proch, if not much concealment.

In the second day of travel, heading towards the waterfalls, a crashed aircraft is spotted near the river shore. Close examination on the scene and data analysis reveal four burnt corpses inside (true born, likely apostate, not local to Proch) and heavy damage caused by some kind of missile explosion, no more than 24 house before, which is reconstructed as coming from behind the waterfall cliffs in front.

Approaching the cliffs, the crew sneaks past two guards patrolling from the caves above (one armed with an RPG) and reach a small cave entrance behind the waterfall. Here they surprise a group of solider in mimetic-guerrilla outfits, getting the upper hand in the ensuing gunfight.

Nova Praxis – Session 1 (06/02/15)

You died. Waking up in a resurrection chamber doesn’t leave many options open about that.
Your last memory is about getting into the Second Chances laboratories for a safety backup, and there you are again, two weeks later. The backup was the first condition stated in the contract job you had been offered by a non-disclosing party. The pay was good, and you can see it has all come through now. A quick check in the Mesh shows that the same contract and policy had been issued at the same time to five persons: all of them are here being resurrected, with two yet to awaken.
On your way out the receptionist (a Marilyn-type brunette biosleeve) forwards you an encrypted correspondence which turns out to be another contract, following up on the previous one, with the customer requesting a meeting at the Salty Lake – situated far outside the capital city of Samara, beyond the Mesozoic jungle that covers most of planet Proch.
Further investigation into your houses shows signs of fiddling, although with a lot of effort to try and conceal this. All your personal data flows for the last two weeks also appears to have been cleaned up or erased, so there is no discernible trace of what you were actually involved into along that period.
You resolve about following the request of the new contract, procuring yourself a pass for the outside through House connections and then hiring a vehicle to travel to destination within allowance of your Reputation rating.