Nova Praxis – Session 5 (10/02/15)

On their way to Valare manor, off the city’s boundaries, the crew spot a car following them. It turns out the Whale had sent them backup in the persons of Francisco and Maya, two of her long time associates.

Reaching the manor, they find it heavily guarded and opt for subterfuge to get in, with Jacob taking the appearance of the late Rusila Alvid. Inside on the first floor they find some servants and guests, both in ghosting form, like SIMs (which is not supposed to be the case in virtualities). The only ‘real’ person appears to be the butler, who barely acknowledges them.

On the first floor they go through a series of rooms without being able to locate the way up, when suddenly they are called out by the butler, walking upside-down on the ceiling. He doesn’t appreciate at all them poking around and responds forcefully to their request for seeing Mr. Valare. Thugs join in the confrontations, as well as ‘ghostling’ from the lower floor, turning the house into a war zone.

At the end the crew are the last ones standing and are able to reach the second floor. There Valare awaits them in the master bedroom, behind a thick glass wall. he is assisted by a huge, fat nurse at his bedside. The butler is present there again as well, silently overseeing.

Valare himself appears to be a wizened old man who is stuck in bad and can only communicate through the display of his life-sustaining apparatus. He used to be a crimelord even back on Earth before the war, an Alliance loyalist during it and a House Turin boss afterward. He abused the mindset technology to the extreme consequences, forking himself an indefinite number of times: this has allowed him immortality and hive-mind awareness across all his forks, but at the same time has stretched his mind so much that he has lost control of his own body, even in a virtuality.

The crew confronts him with evidence of his involvement both in Second Chances traffic of cores and the smuggling of Tsarya’s weapons to anti-Coalition groups (the Talons) – he appears particularly upset about learning those had been delivered to Federation-side Remnants.

As a conclusion the parties come to agree on a truce between House Turin and the Whale, as long as some sensitive information will not be divulged. For final settlement with the crew Valare provides them with a Second Chance authorization code, to go and collect any of their own core backups that had been stored there.



Eclipse Phase pitch

with Albert. Starting 17th February 2015

What’s it about in one sentence?

A group of operatives for a shadowy conspiracy must embark on a mission that will help prevent a possible conflict that could destroy a large chunk of the remaining population in the Solar system.


It has been eight years since the Fall, and the loss of Earth to the Titans and their creations. Transhumanity, through luck more than anything has survived in the vastness of the Solar system, trying to move on with its life. Dangers lurk in the shadow, both created by things other than humanity and our own seeming need to perpetuate conflict, in a time where unity is needed.

You, that is the Firewall Sentinels you are playing, are on a mission on the Martian surface, attempting to find where certain groups are acquiring extremely high quality equipment(mostly military), some of which is making it’s way into the hands of the more violent parts of the Barsoomian movement, and other organizations which can upset the peace on the Red planet. Especially worrying are indications of possible WMD manufacturing, although any signs of that have yet to be verified by Firewalls extensive information network.

Now, you might be asking, what exactly is a Firewall Sentinel? In short, Sentinels are Firewalls troubleshooters, the people who head into situations (both combat and otherwise) that cannot be investigated or dealt with remotely. Sentinels come in many forms, talented hackers to con men and women, mercenaries to engineers.

Who you are is largely up to you, so long as you’re willing to do your part to saving humanity, and have the skills that it needs, Firewall will likely not turn you away, although they prefer people who are actually trying to be doing the right thing.

Being a sentinel is not (usually) a ‘full time’ job, you likely have work and connections outside of it, although you are expected to be ‘available’ at any time, which means most Sentinels either work freelance or for very flexible bosses.

As a short note for character creation however, do note that in 99% of instances, you are either approached by firewall due to your skills and personality, or due to having witnessed something (and survived with sanity intact), and had been recruited then.

Very –very– rarely do people approach firewall from the outside, given it’s status as a shadowy conspiracy ran by [REDACTED], although there have been a few cases, including a…concession by the group to the Titanian Commonwealth to allow one of it’s agents to participate in firewall ops, in exchange for resources, connections and help on certain matters, as well as basically a ‘free’ hand in the Outer system to deal with issues pertaining to [REDACTED].


D100 system, rather basic, but it works. Mind, I’m still debating whether or not to use something else in it’s place, but probably not. (Has the corebook, as well as a few other sidebooks available as a free PDF)

Recommended Media

Honestly, this is kinda hard to say, media that portrays transhumanism is mostly Literature, visual media is…somewhat rarer. Below are a few I know of that you can watch/read.

Appleseed (Manga). Ghost In the Shell (Manga/Anime) Deus Ex Series (Video Games) A miracle of science (Webcomic)

Legend of the 5 Rings Pitch

with Adrian R. Starting 17th February 2015

What’s it about in one sentence?

Fantasy roleplaying in a far eastern setting, drawing on Korean, Chinese and Japanese elements.


The PC’s will take on the roles of samurai in the lands of Rokugan. Taking on the role of swordsmen, magic users, diplomats or variations on each.

Sent across the burning sands desert the PCS have been asked to find a weapon to use against the traitorous Spider Clan the group has reached the
city of Medinaat Al Salaam, more specifically the cave of Mul-Shazzir…The Khadir of the 40 Sons of Trespass!

Our PCs have uncovered a weapon that will, hopefully, help destroy the ‘Floating Kyuden’ that is terrorising the lands of the Phoenix and Dragon Clans.

It is a rather unorthodox weapon but one with the potential to change the face of the PCs world….

It is also sharing the body of one the PCs….but more on that if the game gets voted in 🙂


Simply put: D10. Using a roll and keep system based around Traits/attributes and Skills. Trust me…its easy 🙂
Plenty of players have access to both hard copies and PDF so if anyone needs access to books they will be available.

Recommended Media

To be honest it’s the same media recommendations as last time.
TV: Monkey, The Water Margin and a splash of the Sinbad movies
Literature: Tales from Old Japan

Nova Praxis – Session 4 (03/02/15)

The prehistoric killer whale reveals to be the actual client who hired the crew and invites them to meet back in Samara, claiming to have their more recent memory backups there.

The hideout is accessed through the city sewer system, with a series of tunnels leading to a vast underground basement mostly occupied by a pool where the large cetacean swims together with a smaller one.

The memory merge process is carried out, revealing the following: after the backup at Second Chances the crew met their first client: Rusila Alvid, connected with House Turin. The job he gave them was about dispatching a rival crime lord named ‘The Whale’. The crew successfully managed to get to the target (at the time in a human female biosleeve), to discover she was waiting for them and telling they had been manipulated upon doing the backup at Second Chances, with a kill-switch implanted into their bodies, due to trigger upon completing the mission. Their cores have been basically sold to Second Chances for re-use in back ops anytime they need.

They then agreed to get a new backup done and left it with the Whale, which also backed-up herself. Next they proceeded to kill her as planned, triggering the kill-switch and dying right after. The Whale then re-sleeved in orc form and hired the crew from Second Chances shortly afterward.

Upon the merge, the crew also get to re-sleeve into their original bodies, which are now safe from the kill-switch.

They also manage to crack the encryption of the black box of the aircraft from the jungle, uncovering a traffic of Tsarya manufactured weapons going from the Talons of Freedom to the Remnants – which the Talons accidentally had mistaken for being from Alliance side instead of Federation, with tragic consequences.

The next part of the plan now is for them to head into the Chicago 1920 virtuality (replicating the eponymous city from early XX century), find Rusila and figure out who is really behind all this. Their contact there is Aime Antla, a jazz singer by trade, doubling up as a spy for the Whale.

Arriving in Chicago they head for The Outfit, a club owned by Rusila. Aime gets them in to attend to her peformance and then manages to arrange a meeting with Rusila afterwards.

The meeting takes place in a blind alley, where Rusila awaits with some thugs. It becomes soon clear that he sold them to Second Chances and that is just a middleman in a much bigger operation. When confronted with evidence of Tsarya weapons being smuggled by Talons he gives in and mentions Mr. Valare, a major crime lord operating (mostly) in Chicago.

Then the gangsters try to surprise and dispatch the crew, but are quickly overcome and killed in the attempt.