Arabian Knights

Week 1

Having arrived in the City of Arkesh, we leave the ship and stay with Merula hiding from the black turbans. In Mithras’ place of the holy we meet Namzee, merchant. He’s slightly dodgy. Is he a good source of Dream dust at cheaper rates?

Week 2

On our way home from our night out we are met by four black turbans with wizard and an effrit. In the midst of the battle the wizard summons up four skeletons. Rather than run from this dangerous group, we engage them like the valourous sailors we are.

Week 3

We destroy the skeletons. Kill the black turbans. Attack the wizard who throws poisonous snakes at us. He releases a cloud of acid. Layer, near death we are healed hy Merula hidden in a warehouse. After our recovery Merula gives us a job. Princess amera and prince jahal aged eight need to be taken out of the place to protect them. Merula cannot help us, he asks us to take them in our ship to marabua to the caliph mahar. He will give us an introduction.

He also tells us of the secret passage into the palace grounds and the plans of palace. The grounds of the palace are guarded by lions and soldiers called the immortals. He will try to provide with anything we need. He offers us a huge bag of dream dust as our reward. Abula will bring the plans.