Pendragon – Year 485

So the players are still squires and perhaps soon to be knighted! More INfo soon ūüôā

Series 12 – Wanderer in whites audience with Cathak Letal

After the meeting with the old man in the park, the wanderer had decided that time in the city was short and he needed troops. Walking to Cathak Letals home, he passed hundreds of people but none would look him in the eye. He had given up on being friendly with them, perhaps when a few generations have passed they may feel differently! HE had time and theirs was like a butterflies, a short and beautiful existence but nonetheless short.

Arriving at Cathak Letals house, he held back a laugh of derision at the crass opulence of his palace. Well at least he was sure that would be what Letal called it! The guards at the gate now had a backbone of pride, he smiled at that but knew that they would turn on them when they knew that troops would be coming. But he still had time, and knew that they feared them with good reason. 2000 Ragaran troops had borne witness to what he could do, Shadrach had defeated a giant autochthon in a duel, and the others had shown that on their own they would be capable of defeating Letal and his little band of loyal troops.

The guards turned to him; crossing their spears they asked his business!

“I am here to see Cathak Letal, with a matter of urgency.”

” The great Cathak Letal is busy and cannot¬†be disturbed.”

” Then I shall wait for him within.”

” I am afraid that will not be possible, perhaps if you¬†try tomorrow.”

” You will find that I have something important to put to Cathak Letal.”

” Again we must repeat that Cathak Letal is busy, perhaps if you come tomorrow he may well see you.”

The glint in the Wanderers eyes made the guards resolve wither, but the clank of the spears crossing each other again showed that they had a little back up. He turned to see Ragara Anja, damn was she quiet! “Ragara Anja, I did not expect to see you here. Are you here to see the great Cathak Letal as well?” Smiling she replies, “I came to see you ask for whatever it is you are after?” “How did you know that I was after something?” “Something in the stars, solar!” Holding back his shock, but not well enough to hide from Ragaran Ana, “does that mean that I can see Lethal now then?” Turning to the troops Ragaran Anja¬†smiles,¬†waves her¬†pretty¬†hands and¬†they¬†are allowed to enter.

“I thought¬†the great Letal was busy?”

“He will see us now”

But the smile on her face, did not make the wanderer feel comfortable. A retainer came quickly, bowed to them both and requested that they follow him to the audience chamber. The audience chamber was not as crass as he expected. But one of the tapestries brought a rage in him to the fore. Anja placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him tearing it down. Turning swiftly he glared at Anja, but her smile was somewhat disarming.

“Now is not the time for that Char!”

“He is dead, I am the Wanderer in White.”

“Yes I know that, but nonetheless, you cannot hide that forever. We are not quite sure of all that you have done, but you did go missing from us for a while.”

“As I said he is dead, a deserved death for his crimes.”

The sound of a door opening ended the conversation. Cathak Letal entered the room in a loose fitting toga like an emperor at the head of a conquering army. The stench of sex and drugs was about the man, the wanderer barely disguised his disdain.¬† Ragara Anja turned to him, ” How nice of you to greet us all conquering Letal!” The barely held venom in her voice shock Cathak Letal him from his proud lofty platform. “This man has spilt his blood to help give you a reputation, I hope you will at least show the hospitality that you are known for. Would you treat the others the same as the Wanderer here, when they come to give their respects?” The wanderer was surprised at how Letal held himself.

“Apologies to you both, how is it that I can help you?”

“I need troops.”

“To the point” Letal replied.

“I thought that there would be no point to playing games, I have never played them very well!”

“And would you have me give over my loyal men.” The tone of his voice denoted his lineage, and barely held anger at his outrageous request.

The wanderer looked from Letal to Anja, his face full of pompous pride, and hers almost smiling, almost.

“You must have criminals in your cells, bandits, murderers and thieves? I want them, not your loyal men, I would make them deserving of a second chance and of course they’d be doing a service to society.”

Laughter fills the audience chamber, Letal calls for some wine to be brought. A few moments later food and wine are brought into the chamber, Letal offers Anja and the wanderer a place on cushioned divans.

“You want me to hand over the lowliest scum in my prisons, and deny the populace a viewing of beheading’s. And give into your hands those that would slit a childs throat for a handful of jade.That is a great risk, that I am not sure that I am willing to take.”

“But of course you will give over some of them Cathak Letal, a showing of mercy would of course help your reputation amongst the populace. As one of victor and one of mercy, surely you could not turn down an opportunity such as this?”

“And what guarantees will I receive that they¬†will¬†not¬†be used against us here.”

“My word.”

“Your word, Wanderer is that all? You would have me hand over hardened¬†scum to you¬†on your word that¬† you would not turn them against¬† me?”

“Yes” The tone of the wanderer’s voice, stopped Letal in his tracks. He also feared the wanderer, but had so far hidden it but now he had shown it.

“I have only asked, I would not demand. I may be many things but I am not treacherous Cathak Letal, that I am not.” The edge in his voice left Letal no reason to disbelieve him.

Ragara Anja smiled, “Then we have a deal Letal, you will release the prisoners into the kind hands of the Wanderer here?”

“Yes, you can have what you are after. They will not be easy to command you know, positively rebellious I am sure.” The self-satisfied smirk on his face told the wanderer all he needed to know.

“I thank you for your audience Cathak Letal, when can I pick up my little band of helpful fellows?”

“In the morning, and I wish you luck with them.”

Letal rises from his seat, “You may leave me now, I grow tired and need to rest.”

Ragara Anja smiling turns to the wanderer, “Now that was interesting, you really are one to watch. Remind me to keep an eye on you.”

Ragara’s comment did not make him feel any easier, rising from the Divan he offers his hand to the lady. Smiling a most beautiful smile she takes his hand and with his help rises.

“Would you like me to walk in front, Ragara. So that you can keep an eye on me?”

Laughing “And there was me thinking you had no sense of humour.” Turning she kisses him on the cheek, the wanderer blushes which makes Anja laugh even louder. The echoes of her mirth echoing down the halls as she takes his arm.

The Great City of Arkesh

The great feast at the end of Ramadan had begun, the fasting was over and a time of celebration begins. In the grand market place you overhear one such storyteller in the square talking of a great white walled city Arkesh it sits proudly in the bay of Arkesh Alhun, the sun shines down upon the city radiating its glory for all to see.

A place of trade in the finest of items, it is even said that some sellers are not all they seem! Tales of a beautiful toy horse gifted to a shah, was in fact a true wonder, It could gallop across the sky. It is rumored that it was made in Arkesh, just one of many wonders to be found there.

But a wonder that is rare, though not a wonder such as a galloping clockwork steed is that of the dream dust! A purse alone full of it is worth the dowry of one of the princesses of Baghdad!

The story teller himself sits grandly, listened keenly to by a crowd of over 100, a man in his fortieth moon, resplendent in his white silks tanned skin and piercing blue eyes. You feel the need to hear more of his tales, he talks of india and rubies the size of a childs head, and of china with a great wall built by the hands of small gods!

But he returns again to Arkesh and talks of the great white lotus’es that grow in the palace gardens, whose pollen is used to make the dream dust, of the bees that have no home in this world that travel from heaven itself to flower the beautiful blossoms. Whose honey is the sweetest in all of the world, but once tasted is like the bitterest of fruits as no matter how good or how much wine you drink you can never forget its taste!

His tales continue and you hear of palaces appearing in the deserts, of wild horsemen, beautiful green eyed maidens dancing that would make a blind man cry, and of the songs of the nightingales in the palaces of india!

Your mind is ablaze with wonderment at his tales, and of this dream dust!

Where is this city and how could one get some of this dust worth more than a thousand pearls!

Series 12 Battle of the lap aftermath

The laps smashed gates, lay strewn across the causeway. Many of the buildings along the main route into the city lay smashed and blackened by the dragons fire. A miracle had happened, the beast had left, the Lap had been saved.

Ledats troops were heroes, the solars had done what was asked of them. One had nearly paid the price with his own life, Lord Typhon  had been blasted by the beast and had barely survived but only with the ministrations of a strange healer. Shadrach and the wanderer in white had been badly injured, but had survived and fought on. But the victory went to the glory of Cathak Ledat and his loyal men.

Soon troops would arrive to protect the city and the Anathema would leave, the people could breathe a sigh of relief.

The wanderer in white sat in the remains of a small stone pavillion, his familliars alongside him. An old man approached him. Turning  to him the wanderer smiled, but  the old man looked at him with  barely concealed hate.

“You are not welcome here anymore Anathema, our dragon blooded protectors will be here and you will run!”

The wanderer was shocked at his intensity, and hate!

I understand old man, I will be here again when the time comes, when you are threatened, I asked nothing this time and will ask nothing  next time.

The old man spits on the floor, and walks away. A small group had watched, the wanderer  was aware of them the old man was not. Smiling the wanderer rises bows to the back of the old man, looks like we have overstayed our welcome my friends.

He kept his emotions behind the stone wall of his will, he would turn that pain into a worthy weapon.The Autochon had a lot to teach them, and he would be a fast learner! Looking up to the sun, he mutterred a prayer to the unconquered¬† sun. Forgive me father for using Varin so, must I use him in this war so, or would you that I free him from his bonds? I do not know how I can release him from the blade, but if it is your will I will strive to free him. let me know your will on this and I will do as you ask.”

The dread mist saga prologue

A great feast had been prepared celebrating the marriage of Chief Thurolfs sister to King Grinwalds 3rd son Hamir of the far eyes. Many hours had passed of eating, drinking , bragging, feats of strength, wit and axe throwing. A few of your clan had fallen foul of the excesses as well as some of Grinwalds. No blood feuds had yet been started and no wereguild owed. But the night is early and much can change.

Though the storm outside blows hard and the rain falls like silver daggers to soak even the hardiest. No one wants to get wet so it seems that no fights tonight. Praise be to Odin, for he is wise and strong and keeps us safe. Then likened to a bolt of lightning through the fire slit in the roof falls a huge iron shod spear, spilling out burning wood from the fire over the throng!

What omen does this portent, then the runes glow amber along the haft of the spear, like dying embers in a fire. Thurolf rises from his seat and cries out for the wise woman. Outside the wind blows and the rain lashes down hard. Thurold points towards you, bring me the wise woman now. It is deep into the night and she lives up the hills to the north, a good hour in the day. But it is dark and she is needed now, speed is essential. Out into the night you must go, and the wolves are hungry of that you are sure.

So begins the saga.

Series 10 Shadrach’s armour

The words that Shadrach had spoken to Jirah the prophet caused a rage in him. Jirah was proud of who he was, a desert prince, a seer, an ambasador amongst the desert tribes a nobleman! But to be told that he was none of that, just a worshipper of demons and misguided solar had pushed Jirah to the edge of his temperment. The words of a fool should not affect a man such as hebut they had. Jirah would no longer talk to the fool Shadrach, but as he had promised to him that he would make him a suit of armour , and on his word to do all that he could to protect creation and the other solars he would make only the finest armour for him.

Two whole days of labour he spent in the smithy of Braxus’s manse, the rage in him¬†fuelling the flames of the forge that no mortal could step inside the forge itself.¬†Then came the visions, the calm and beatiful nature of Harnust destroyed, a healer¬†and priest nailed to a cross as his body burnt by dragon blooded elemental fires.¬†Meyimar a woman of great beauty but a wily warrior of the dawn, risking all to save¬†her family from the fury of the wyld hunt as they sought her in her village home to¬†the north. Only to be struck down by an inablitly to fight, the laughter as the hunt took her¬†head as a trophy and killed all in the village as conspirators. And Tsunachen a simple man of the land¬†newly exalted taken from his family screaming in grief and rage, then silenced by a simple thrust of¬†a blade to his heart.

Jirahs heart broke, three tears for each fell on the breastplate of the armour the pain of their passing like the loss of his own family. He had watched these three through their dreams, and there greatness would be missed. Jirah is called to meet with the fool Shadrach, but his grief had exhausted him. Shadrach presented himself onhis knees before the prophet and begged his forgiveness.

Jirahs only answer,¬†“It is not mine to give.”¬†Nine tear shaped sapphires mark the golden plate over the left breast of¬†the armour. Though they stand out from the plain and unadorned armour¬†they seem to complete the perfect golden suit of Oriachalcum. The¬†gems seem when looked upon, to be in three distinct sets, like wet¬†tears fallen onto the armour itself. They sit perfectly within the¬†breast plate of the armour, even the hands of a blind silk weaver¬†would not feel a blemish! Strangely the gems themselves look moist,¬†like tears upon the heart of the wearer.

The armour itself is perfect! No blemish marks it’s surface, it’s¬†lustre deep and rich. Although it is plain and unadorned, it marks¬†it’s wearer as one of the unconquered suns chosen.

As the sunlight glints from the armour three names can be seen faintly alongside the gems.




The armour of the righteous man, quenched in the tears of a prophet.

Series 11 The prophet’s dream of doom

The prophet lies in his prophecy laden nightmare. The prophetic visions of the south laid barren and black filling him with horror and dread. But his heart would break as he sees the desert sands red with blood and the coprses of his own people spread across the sands. But his pain at his loss was not to lessen, as they rise from the ground, a mindless shambling number of corpses rise from where they fell. Tears fall from his eyes onto his pillow. A vision of LArgen fills his mind, a brief light of hope. If his people lived he would send them to Largen.

As Jirah awakens from his slumber he looks to theh rising sun.

“Help me great lord to save my people, they are my heart and my soul. Without them I would be lost.”


The day had not gone well, the Bostrop had us escorted from their

tula. All we had done was come to their land for the healers to help

them. But their suspicious nature and recent raids by the Poss must

have made them less than reasonable. So we spent the night under the

clouds, but we could not pass through their tula which would add 2

days to our journey time. So at daybreak we had to head back the way

we came, as it would not be right for us to put the healers through

the trouble of crossing the forested hills. It would be hard travel

and would not be good for them, though I miss the closeness of the

woods. But our concerns over the lunars chasing us were not to go

away. As we neared the ford we could see that it was guarded,6

flaming spear outlanders, and all i wanted to do was kill them. Vara,

Onsara, Alaric and even Serenalda wanted it to be so. Myself and the

vingans would move round to the forest and ambush them,I had

waited for this moment since my birth but Alaric in a moment of

clarity recommended that we scout the forest first.

This was my work and i moved swiftly and silently. I entered the

woods moved in deeper to where we would attack from, and our plan was


The hunters who were after us before, were there! Watching, waiting I

was sure for us. Then he spotted me, I had been as silent as I could

even the twigs beneath my feet had bent instead of snapping for me. I

am a hunter and know the way of the woods.But he knew I was there, so

I had become the hunted. But I made him work for his quarry, I would

not be easy. But it took all of my skill and more to try to loose him

but to little avail. But I am no normal quarry and when he thought he

had me, my spear I turned against him.He is strong and fast and I

knew I could not outmatch him. But I had caught him off gaurd and he


hunting land? You have scared my quarry to deeper in the woods. What


That was when I discovered the trouble we are in, we are his quarry.

I had to get back to warn the group, but first i had to get rid of

him!! I persuaded him I hoped that I was here hunting and had nothing

to do with the healers they were after. Deeper into the woods i went

to continue with my ploy.Time passed and I came to the edge of the

woods to see Alaric and the healers riding into the woods in a

hurry!! Stunned I was, what had happened? I had the patience of a

hunter, and knew the dividends it paid. But what had happened?

Everything was on the brink and enough trouble had we brothers caused

without failing at this as well.

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Jirah Ashad of the desert tribes

I am Jirah Ashad, 10th son of Sheihk Salim of the Asheel tribe. I am the first birthson of Hamira daughter of Ashmel of the Jashir. May the desert winds be cool and refresh them in their journey. Although a son of lower order I am special among the desert tribes as I am a dreamer. Sincce my birth I have travelled to the great walled city of Jearon, with it s mighty obsidian gates that rise to clouds and above where the lords of the city reside and carry out the decrees of their emperor. But I cannot even write his name as I cannot write in their language and in this world I do not have a cleft tongue. I have seen the flying city of the Vanir and spent many months among them, listening to their stories and spending time amongst their entertainers, concubines and wizards. Learning some of their ways, tales and even gained some knowledge of how to focus my own inner powers and knowledge of gods, daemons, objects of power, and of other dreamers. I seen wonders that I cannot describe, and told tales to my peoples of such wonder that tears came to the eyes of even the hardiest of our tribes.

I have stood before the dream dragon and listened to his singing in my mind. There I was nearly lost, I did not want to leave. But the ghoul who was once dreamer such as I Gilber’t, led me away and back to my dream gate. I had lain for a week in my tent  and my body was wasting away, I was ten years of age; but in the dream world I had listened to him for twelve years the music above any I had heard before and not heard its equal since. Gilber’t and I became close friends and I journeyed much and learned a lifetimes experience before I was even a true man of the tribe. He showed me terrors beyond the imagination, wonders and pleasures that would destroy a mortals mind and body. I had been to dream worlds and seen in the flesh the dreamer herself, her world a true wonder to behold a sea of turquoise and gold the sky white with clouds of blazing saffron with the sea itself singing as the waves crashed against the golden sands.

But she a blind cripple, who could not have seen such things but as a dreamer created a world where no cruelty could befall her. It took me many months to find her but find her I did. I am glad as she was left to beg in the streets and had been poorly treated and things done to her body that even the lowest slave should never endure.

That was when he came to me the mighty sun came to me and they followed. But I had learnt well from the Vanir, Gilber’t and the lords of the dead city of Chimar. I had power. I let them feel it and they were crushed. But they did not know me or my people, so I took Esther and fled the city. I heard that the Dragon blooded were coming for me. I summoned around me the desert winds and left behind that cruel city.

Esther was greeted warmly by my people because even among dreamers she was a wonder, able to create and keep her own world and allow others to see her world and spend time there. My mother tended as well as any could to her physical and mental scars that she bore in silence. But I had to leave, I had lost my dream key and could no longer travel to those places and I missed it so. But I knew out there my key lay waiting for me to find it again. I know some of those places I have seen exist and I will find them. So I have left my people for a time and will return soon I hope.