Club History 2019

Block 1
Jan 8 – Feb 12
Legend of the 5 Rings (4th Ed) — Anthony — Matt, Gabriel, Michal, Charles, Albert
Skyfarers — Liz — Rhian, Ella, George
Pendragon: The Verangian Part I — Bernard — David S, Ace, Adrian, Carol, Graham
Not voted in:
World of Warcraft (D&D 5th Ed) — Albert
Bloodbowl — Matt
Block 2
Feb 19 – Mar 26
Pendragon: The Verangian Part II — Bernard — Ace, Anne, Carol, David D, David D, Graham
Legend of the 5 Rings (4th Ed) — Anthony — Albert, Charles, Ella, George, Rhian, Ricardo
Blood Bowl — Matt — Adrian R, Ally, Gabriel, Liz, Michal
Block 3
Apr 2 – May 14
Legend of the 5 Rings — Adrian R — Albert, Anthony, Bernard, David D, David S, Zuki
Victorian Mysteries — Ace — Charles, Ella, Gabriel, George, Rhian
Bloodbowl — Matt — Liz
Block 4
May 21 – June 25
Goblins: Viva La Revolución (FATE) — George — Bernard, Zuki, Anthony, Ally, Rhian (xxxxxx)
One-shot gallery — David D — Adrian R, Matt, Albert, Liz, Graham (xxxxxxx)
Call of Cthulhu — David S — Gabriel, Carol (xxxxxxxxx)
Didn’t get in:
Eclipse Phase — Albert — xxx
Warcraft (D&D 5e) — Albert — xxxx
Block 5
July 2 – August 6
Call of Cthulhu — David S – Charles, Carol, Graham, Frank, Ann
L5R — Adrian R – David D, Anthony, Gabriel, Albert, Zuki
WFRP in the Bloodbowl Universe (WFRP 2nd edition) — Bernard – George, Matt, Liz, Rhian, (xxxxxxx)
Didn’t get in:
Apocalypse World — Graham
Block 6
August 13 – Sep 17
Dresden Files Accelerated — Albert — Graham, David D, Zuki, Anne, Lloyd
Skyfarers — Liz — Frank, Anthony, George, Rhian
Series of Fortunate One Nighters — Adrian R — David S, Bernard, Matt
Didn’t get in:
Apocalypse World — Graham
Block 7
Sep 24 – Oct 29
Call of Cthluhu — David S — 6 — David S, Bernard, Carol, Liz, ~Rhian~
Star Wars — Matt — 7 — Matt, Lloyd, Frank, George, Ace
Unspoken Heros: A week in the life of the Essex Council Data Integrity Unit — Graham — 6 — Graham, Albert, Adrian, Zuki, David D, Anne
Didn’t get in:
The Pulp Fantastic — David D — 3
Block 8
Nov 5 – Dec 10
Numanera — Bernard — auto — Dave S, Graham, George, Charles, Gabriel
TechNoir — Lloyd — auto — David D, Zuki, Anne, Adrian R, Riccardo, Jo
Musketeers — Anthony — 5 — Matt, Carol, Frank, Ace, Axel
Didn’t get in:
Qin — Riccardo — 2
Dec 17 is the date of the Christmas meal. The next two Tuesdays are Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Club History 2018

Block 1
9 Jan to 13 March
Iron Kingdoms (Adrian): George, Charge, Laurence, David S, Riccardo
Dark Heresy (Bernard): Matt, Ace, Albert, Liz, Gabriel
Dungeon World (David D): Graham, Rehan, Carol, Zuki, Anne

Block 2
20 Feb to 27 March
Warhammer (Matt): Adrian R, Bernard, George, Albert, David S
Shadow of the Demon Lord (Riccardo): David D, Zuki, Graham, Gabriel
Musketeers (Anthony): Charles, Carol, Lawrence, Rihan

Block 3
3 April to 8 May
Iron Kingdoms (Adrian): Matt, Lawrence, Charles, David D, Carol
Goblins (George) (Cancelled): Anthony, Rihan, Zuki, Liz
Numenera (Bernard): Riccardo, Gabriel, Graham, David S, Anne

Block 4
15 May to 19 June
Roleplaying in Glorantha: Under the Raging Storm (RuneQuest) (David S): Bernard, Charles, Lawrence, Matt, Anthony
The New Essex Council Data Integrity Unit (Savage Worlds) (Graham): Zuki, Anne, Liz, Rihan, Albert
Deadlands Noir (Savage Worlds) (David D): Adrian R, Riccardo, Gabriel, Ace, Carol, Lloyd

Block 5
26 June to 7 August except 2 July (because Football)
Roleplaying in Glorantha: Under the Raging Storm 2 (RuneQuest) (David S): Lawrence K, Charles, Bernard, Matt, Anthony (5)
Code Red — Dirty Bomb (HeroQuest) (Ace): Graham, Gabriel, Albert, Adrian R (4)
Realms of Terrinoth (Genesys) (Lloyd): David D, Riccardo, Zuki, Carol (4)

Block 6
14 August to 18 September
Ooops. Missing. Should go back and fill it in.

Block 7
2 October to 6 November
Bounty Hunters in Space (Scum and Villainy) (David D): Bernard, Adrian, Carol, Graham, Albert
Star Wars (WEG) (Matt B): David S, Anne, Gabriel, Frank
D&D (D&D5) (George): Charles, Anthony, Michal, Rhian, Riccardo
Ace skipping the block.

Block 8
13 Nov to 11 Dec (only 5 weeks)
Fallen London (Skyfarers) (Liz): Adrian, Gabriel, Rhien, Michal
D&D (D&D5) (George): Frank, Graham, Albert, Bernard, Anthony
Space 2019 (Dramasystem) (David S): Matt, David D, Charles, Katea, Riccardo

Christmas Meal
18 Dec

Tuesday Knights will return 8 Jan 2019

Club History 2015

Block 1 6th January

Star Wars with Matt (Adrian, Albert, Gabriel, Graham, John)

Nova Praxis (13th Age) with Riccardo (Ace, Jerret, Zuki, Dave D, Dave S)

Block 2 17th February

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Zuki, Dave D, Jerret, John, Ace)

Eclipse Phase with Albert (Matt B, Graham, Gabriel, Riccardo)

Block 3 31st March

Victorian Mystery with Ace (Dave S, Jerret, Rumblot, Albert)

Deadlands Noir  with Dave D (John, Gabriel, Riccardo, Graham)

Block 4 12th May

Monster Hearts with Dave D (Ace, Adrian, John, Noah, Graham)

Unknown Armies with Riccardo (Albert, Dave S, Jerrett, Zuki, Monica, Gabriel)

Block 5

RKO Adventures with Ace (Adrian, Dave D, Dave S, Riccardo, Laurence, Jonathon)

Blood Bowl with Matt (John, Albert, Graham)

3:16 with David S (Adrian, Dave D, Dave S, Riccardo, Laurence, Jonathon)

Block 6

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Jerret, Dave S, Matt, Ace, Charles, Albert)

Essex Council Data Integrity Unit (Monster of the Week) with Graham (Dave D, Zuki, Jonathon, Gabriel, Laurence)

Block 7

Star Wars with Matt (Ace, Amelia, John)

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Albert, Zuki, Jerrett, Gabriel, Riccardo)

One Nights stands with Dave S (Katya, Laurence, Charles)

Block 8

Victorian Mystery with Ace (Dave S, Jerrett, Matt, Adrian)

Feng Shui 2 with Riccardo (Dave D, Zuki, Graham, Albert, Gabriel, John)

Club History 1995

January 3 – Pendragon 1

January 10 – Pendragon 2

January 17 – Pendragon 3

January 24 – Pendragon 1

January 31 – Pendragon 2

February 7 – Pendragon 3

February 14 – Pendragon 4

February 21 – Pendragon 5

February 28 – Pendragon 6

March 7 – 1

March 14 – 2

March 21 – 3

March 28 – 4

April 4 – 5

April 11 – 6


Block 1 starting January 15th 2013 Blood Bowl and the Dark Elf Game

Blood Bowl


A game of American Football with monsters! What is there not to like! Take a team of Elves Dwaves or even Haflings onto the granite field.
You are the head coach and must select your team from the 1000000 gold coins you have acquired. Blitzes throwers or general linemen the choice is yours. Over the course of the season (block) players will gain experience for causing casualties scoring and passing (probably in that order!) and can develop into star players with extra skills. However their salary increases and you have to balance your books!
A board game with strategic manoeuvres to out score your opponent.
Players need to attend every week as there will be one game a week an you forfeit if you can’t make it.
Needs 6 or 4 players to run.
With 6 you will play the other 5 teams once in a league and the final week will be a final for the top two teams. A plate for 3/4 play off and wooden spoon for 5/6 in the 5 week league.
4 player version is straight league playing all other opponents twice.

The Dark Elf Game


After centuries of loyal service, the Witch King, Malekith has decided to elevate your house from a lesser house to a greater house.  This is a great honour and means the head of your house will be offered a seat on the High Council of Advisers.  You will join the ranks of the upper nobility.

There’s just one small fly in the ointment…
Your house has lost some of its lands near Clar Karond.  A small, but embarrassing slave revolt has taken place there and it needs to be put down.  The real problem is that it’s politically embarrassing because it started in your house lands in Clar Karond just as your house is being elevated and could be taken as a sign of weakness and used against you by your enemies.  Centuries of work could be wasted if the Witch King changes his mind about elevating your house because you look weak as a result of this.
You are sent by the head of your house to deal with the revolt and deal with it quietly.  Deal with it and you will be well rewarded for your actions for the house.  If you fail, your pain will be limitless.
The game starts as you are preparing to leave.
The game is set in the Warhammer Fantasy world, with the players playing the part of the Druchii, or Dark Elves.  I intend to use the Game of Thrones system as it has the right levels of heroic combat, mass combat, personal interaction and intrigue.  It’s also a simple system to learn and play, being reminiscent of the roll and keep system of L5R but using D6s instead.
Players will create their characters using a simple points buy system, but also their house, including lands, population, influence, defence, army and wealth.  If any of you decide to spend enough points on status you can become the head of the house or the house heir.  Mind you, with the Dark Elves, murder is an art form – enemies, friends and family alike are fair targets.  Who’s to say slipping some poison into his wine won’t work?
Other than that, play a Witch Elf, a Sorceress, a Blackguard, an Executioner, perhaps a Cold One Knight….
For those who don’t know the Warhammer world, I plan to introduce a very small part of it and only very slowly.  No knowledge is required to play.  To start with, it should be sufficient to know – you play the bad guys!

Club History 2012

Block 1
Orlmarth Campaign (HQ2) by David S.
Mythic Espionage & Adventure by David D.

Block 2
L5R by Adrian R.
Exalted by Ant

Block 3
Shadow Run by Ant
Victorian Mysteries by Ace

Block 4
Pendragon by Carlos
L5R by Adrian R.

Block 5
Medieval Mysteries run by Adrian M,
Mad Prax Beyond Sun Dome (HQ2) by David S.

Block 6
Colin’s One Night Stands by Katrina
Mad Prax Beyond Sun Dome (HQ2) run by David S.

Block 7
Spirit of the Century WWII by David D.
Dark Heresy: A New Assignment by Ant

Block 8
Iron Kingdoms by David D.
Prometheus (HQ2) by Ace

Club History 2009

Block 1
Exalted Dragonblooded – Dave S. Katrina, Dave D, Lawrence, Ace, Rob
Warhammer – Ant. Adrian R, Merrick, Dave, Gabriel, Matt, Steve, Carlos

Block 2

L5R – Ace. Adrian R, Dave D, Lawrence, Ant
One night stands – Katrina. Matt, Merrick, Dave
Tekumel – Steve. Dave S, Carlos, Rob, Gabriel, MArtin

Block 3
L5R – Ace. Katrina, Rob, Matt, Adrian, Gabriel
Babylon 5 – Dave D. Gareth, Carlos, Lawrence
RuneQuest – Ant, Dave S, Steve, Ken

Block 4
L5R Adrian. Ace, Katrina, Matt,Rob
Con X – Gareth. Ken, Dave, Merrick, Craig, Lawrence
Exalted – Ant. Dave S, Gabriel, Carlos, Steve, Dave D

Block 5
Heroquest – Dave S. Dave D, Carlos, Ant, Steve, Ace
Cthulhu – Gareth. Matt b, Rob, Adrian, Katrina, Ken, gabriel

Block 6
Cthulhu – Gareth. Katrina, Adrian, Gabriel, Dave D, Ace
Star Wars – Matt. Carlos, Rob,Steve, Dave S, Ken

Block 7
Witch Hunter by Ant. Gareth, Katrina, Gabriel, Steve and Craig(?)
HQ by Dave S. Rob, Ken, Lawrence and Merrick (did not run)
Arabian Nights by Ace. Ade R, David D, Dave and Carlos

Block 8
Week 1 Warhammer & LotR Risk
Week 2 Mystic Wood & Cosmic Encounter
Week 3 Orkus Maximus
Week 4 Xmas meal at the Thai
Week 5 Aliens

Evil over the River – a Orlanthi Adventure

The Sangor clan have recently become both famous and notorious. The actions of some its younger members have not only saved the whole clan from death, but they’ve also helped in rebellion that’s starting to push out the Lunar occupation forces. The notoriety stems from Niall Filberson telling the Lunar authorities that he helped burn down the Lunar mansion a few miles away. They weren’t impressed, even after he’d told them it contained an evil chaos sorcerer! Many of those younger members are now “away on business”. No one knows where they are, especially as they have a price on their heads.

A friendly bordering clan has asked for help. The Lysang have been suffering from attacks from the Upland Marsh and that can only mean one thing – Undead.

This game will start with new characters from the Sangor Gor clan. You will be brothers, sisters, cousins of the group that is “away on business”. You’ve lived in their shadow long enough, now it’s your turn to prove your worth. Although the characters are new, they won’t be inexperienced. You’ll be playing bronze age hill barbarians, farmers living in the rolling green hills of Sartar, Land of Heroes. Their life and culture is based on the actions of their gods – Orlanth and Ernalda and there’s nothing they like more than boasting about livestock.

The rules will be HeroQuest Core (a generic system) with the background drawn from the up and coming Sartar, Land of Heroes and a pre-existing campaign.

Beyond The Mountains of Madness Introduction

The scientific world was amazed by reports from the 1931 Miskatonic University expedition into uncharted Antarctica. which was followed by world wide shock when all hands at their forward base were lost in a huge Snow storm.

Now a new larger and better equipped expedition will brave the mysteries of the icy continent.

 James Starkweather (Explorer) stated “We will have the finest equipment and highly skilled men. Geologists-paleonogists- we already have Professor Albermarle from Oberlin, Glaciologists and perhaps one or two biologists. The team not fully formed yet of coruse, we are not leaving for another 5 months and are still looking for the best men to take with us.”

 “It is Important” added Willam Moore ( Misatonic University ) ” to try find Proffessor Lake’s Camp and bring home what ever we can from the caverns he found”

How credible were Miskatonic University reports of fossilized remains of ancient life forms predating all known terrestrial life? Will this expedition return in glory or tragedy?