YEAR 544

Year 544

At Camelot during a winter feast held in honour of an upcoming marriage between a noble of Escavalon and a Frankish Princess. The Franks or the French as they are now more often called. Started an argument that divided even the Round Table Knights! Only the wisdom of Arthur saved the situation and a challenged issued to prove the point, that tournaments were indeed as valid to prove ones martial prowess as battles and the hard lessons of war. The ADVENTURE of the EIGHT TOURNEY CHALLENGE was to prove that young knights who had not been tested in battle were as good a knight as those who had. Many Round Table knights sponsored many of the young knights (over 200 Cymric) and helped with advice and arranging entrances to many of the tournaments. The whole year was spent on the Tourney Circuit. The first was the Tirocinium, which was won by Sir Guy. An occitianian in service to Earl Robert. Also deserving a mention was Sir Elad who won the Challenges, perhaps spurned on by his Sister, the lady Eleri, who travelled with her brother. The tournament however was overshadowed by the death of a very promising young knight. No less than kin to Lancelot himself, who was found dead in the woods during the Hunt Challenge, whispers of murder were never proven, who had anything to gain for killing such a courtly and handsome boy of a knight?

The Pentecostal tourney proved difficult as expected with the French knights getting a pasting. During the tourney the ADVENTURE OF THE WEREWOLF.

Led our knights to finding a missing Round Table knight and the foiling of a vile plot.

In the Mayors Joust set in London our Knights joined the jousting team of Sir Seriol, and performed magnificently earning great glory and considerable wealth.

The Grand Tourney proved to be another difficult one for our young knights as one of their number Sir Elad had been kidnapped! They chose to find their companion but they missed the boat to take them to their next tourney up north. They found Sir Elad who did not remember any of them? Sir Elad’s secret had been revealed, that Sir Elad was in fact Lady Eleri!

This resulted in the ADVENTURE OF NOT A LADY and the tourney of the Lady knight, as well as the battle of Stopham. There were encounters with a strange knight who seemed to be able to change his appearance at will and others who bore an unknown shield device who aided the Saxon Lord Sir Oeric. The real Sir Elad was found (the Father had not been so fortunate) and the family lands saved by the actions of Lady Eleri who is now known as Sir Eleri the newest member of the knights of Kenilworth Castle, the only order of lady knights in Britain.

Then they found a small tourney near the Anglian hills. During the celebrations, before the jousts began, a Great Green Wyrm arose from top of the mound where the new extension of the Lords Manor was to be built. A young proud knight called Sir George cried out “By my Faith, this fell beast is mine alone, or let my Life’s blood be spilled!” and rode up the hill to confront it. As any honourable knight would know this as a call to single combat no other could interfere. The battle did not last long as Sir George’s horse slipped and the Green Wyrm bit him in two! At this point Sir Aeron rose from his sickbed, dressed his shield towards the beast without armour or horse and claimed single combat! He smote the beast with three mighty blows and its head was removed from its body. Sir Aeron then walked down the mound and fell into a swoon as his old wounds burst forth with his life’s blood. Fortunately Sir Eleri’s healing skills were up to the task and Sir Aeron survived. The knights decided that day to form a fellowship and swore mighty oaths to be each other’s sword brothers and be known for evermore as the “Knights of the Green Wyrm”. As for Sir Aeron, he gained the name of Dragon Slayer.

The Old Anglian Melee was next and only some of the French Knights did well or so it seemed.

Next were the Castle and Archangel Tourneys in which Sir Aeryn Gwyllwyn won the Archangel tourney overall. Though many knights had stayed away due to the presence of a “lady knight”.

The eight tourney challenge ended with a young French knight being named the victor, though this was challenged by Sir Eleri who claimed that other more experienced knights had disguised themselves as Sir Armend and took his place to win him victories. This resulted in a trial by combat between Sir Eleri and Sir Armend in which Sir Armend won, thus proving before the Judge of Battles who was right and who was wrong…Certain knights were still missing, and a disturbing rumour was circulating in court that Sir Geharis brother to Sir Gawain, Sir Gareth, Sir Agravain and Sir Mordred, had murdered their mother Queen Margawse (half sister to King Arthur), who he had found laying with their hated rival Sir Lamorak.

Year 545

The ADVENTURE OF THE SPECTRE KING saw the rise of the dead Saxon king Hengest and the deaths of many knights of King Eifion of Roestoc. It proved impossible to destroy by mortal means until its secret was uncovered and finally laid to rest by Sir Aeryn Gwyllwyn wielding the blade of Duke Eldol at the site of King Hengest defeat and execution.

Next was the return to Anglehearth and the tourney of the Green Wyrm. This became the ADVENTURE OF THE GHOST KNIGHT. Where Sir Caradoc succeeded in winning the Ghost Lance and allowing Sir Ferran too finally defeat the Ghost Knight and return to health. The knights also encountered a Fay Knight, known only as the knight of the Golden Shield and passed his test.

They then signed up for a campaign in Anglia the ADVENTURE OF THE FEN WAR. In which they came across the dark face of war and the horrors within the fens. During the campaign they had time to hunt but they ended up on the  “other side” and the ADVENTURE OF THE CHALLENGE OF THE 7 FAY KNIGHTS.

They proved thanks to the Knight of the Golden Shield intercession that mortal knights were worthy to be called knights. Upon their return they hunted a marsh Demon which Sir Afan heroically leapt into the dark waters and slew the beast, but they were nearly undone when they ventured upon a mysterious Isle. Only Sir Eleri’s previous mercy to Saxon prisoners and her gaining an Old Saxon talisman prevented the Saxon dead warriors from slaughtering all of the knights. Only upon her oath that they will bring their murderer Sir Cyldno to them by this time next year that they will remain on the isle and not bring destruction upon the Cymric lands. This is the ADVENTURE OF THE ISLE OF THE DEAD that remains unfulfilled as the winter draws in. The Knights return to Camelot and agree to meet again the following spring. While there they pick up information that King Mark of Cornwall had left after his huge ransom was paid to Arthur and his Knights. News also from Escavalon that all knights must return to the Kingdom without fail. The Orkney brothers and kin were all absent save for a very quiet Sir Gawaine and Prince Loholt amougst others were still missing. Only one knight Sir Tathan remained in Camelot for Christmas and witness to the event that followed.

“There hales in at the halle dor an aghlich mayster,

One the most on the molde on mesure high.

Fro the swyre to the swange so sware and so thik.

And his lyndes and his lymmes so long and so grete.

Half etayn in erde I algate mynne him to bene.

And that the meriest in muckel that myght ride.

For of bak and of brest all were his body sturn.

And all his fetures folwande in forme that he had ful clene.

For wonder of his hewe men hade.

Set in his semblaunt sene.

He ferde as freke were fade.

And overal enker grene.”

The Green Knight entrance from the poem “Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight”

Sir Gawaine takes up the challenge from the green knight and hews his head off, the green knight gets up and strides over to were his head lies and picks it up and gets on his huge horse and informs Sir Gawaine that he will be waiting for him at the green chapel a year hence!

Persona Dramatica

Akiro Daikomi, Gordy. A Nippon Tech Corporate Ninja. Missing in action.

Armand d’Artagnan, Gabriel. A Canadian Knights Templar, transformed in France.

George Harman, Ace. A Core Earth new age shaman. With a leatherman and a cool leather jacket.

James Robertson, Ant. A Core Earth Adventuring Archeologist.

John Lawman,  Colin A Core Earth Canadian Mountie. Last seen going off with his new found love Hildy, Daughter of Dr. Marlene.

Kamil Addup,  Matt B. A Nile Empire Mathematician

Moody, Ciaran. A Core Earth Tech Wiz.

Peter Letterman, Adrian. A Core Earth Adventurous Scholar. “I have no idea, but maybe it’s worth investigating”.

Petey, Rob. A Nile empire Gadget Hero.

Ramalan, Steve. An Orroshan Gypsy.

Seymour Tush, Ken. A Nile Tough Hero.

Shara, Natalia. A Witch from the Cyberpapacy

Trisha McMillan, Matt Z. A Terran Rocket Ranger.

Star Wars – Shattered Galaxy

Proposal for the August/September games block – to be put up 31st July – votes 7th August

The time – approximately 60 years after the Battle of Endor

The galaxy – torn by a century of strife and warfare.  Technology is mainly stagnant or in decay, though every faction seeks for the ultimate weapon(s) which will enable it to prevail over its enemies.

The factions – the New Republic struggles to re-establish peace and order throughout the galaxy.  Other factions such as the remnants of the Empire – now known as The Reformation – oppose them, as do various crime syndicates and local warlords.  The Jedi Order has been reborn through the guidance of Grand Master Skywalker, but is not fully trusted or accepted.  Palpatine’s propaganda of the Jedi as traitors and sorcerers still lingers

The heroes – representatives of the New Republic or the New Jedi Order.

The system – D20 Saga Edition (the 3rd edition of the D20 licence).  Will switch to D6 if this doesn’t work out!

The setting – most of the old heroes of the Rebellion era are dead or old aged.  The majority of the EU developments didn’t happen – especially the Yuuzhon Vong!  However, the Solos and Skywalkers did have children, of which only Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker now survive.

The mission – currently to track down the person(s) intent on selling details of the location of the last undiscovered repository of Emperor Palpatine’s secrets to the Imperial Reformation or crime lord factions.

Ordering the Exalted campaign

I’ve given the main stories series numbers (like on TV), and started at a highish number. When adding previous stuff guess where it fits in. We can easily renumber everything.

I wasn’t in the previous Exalted block so don’t know what happened in series ten.

I’m guessing Largin is series 8?

Series 4 – The Forever City

Episode 1 Attack of the Monks

Starring D’Artanion, Ramalan, Shara, Seymour Tush, Trisha McMillan

The intrepid Storm Knights have arrived in the Core Earth Hardpoint that is London. Unaffected by the reality of Aysle, London still has a large mix of fantasy types wandering about.

Sailing up the River Thames, they dock in the city, where Tolwen of House Tancred meets them

Clutching the Possibility Chalice,  they’re attacked by hooded cyberpapacy monks. After vanquishing them with fire and the sword (well, dagger), Tolwen takes them to New Scotland Yard, where they pledge themselves to be bearers of the Chalice.

Episode 2 CyberKnight revenge

Starring D’Artanion, Ramalan, Shara, Seymour Tush, James Robertson, Trisha McMillan.

One of the Cybermonks, Fra Adrien is prevented from committing suicide using a hidden poison tooth. Proving their devotion to goodness and truth, the Storm Knights beat him insensible and suck his blood until he tells all. He was charged by the Cyberpope himself to steal the Chalice, and was due to hand it over to his masters on the Fabled Orient Express.

The Sangor Clan

The Sangor clan is one of the nine clans of the Lismelder Tribe.

It has a young few troublesome members who have got a name for themselves

Alaric (Ant) A devotee of Humakt




The Clan Ring

Position Person Cult(s) Family

Orlanth Udrecht init Harst the Reeve init Dar the Leader Filberson

Ernalda the Earth Hervalda init Roitina the Ceremonialist Greatarm

Uralda the Cow Frieda Dev Uralda the Cow mother Corverson

Esra the grain Myara init Esra the Barley mother Corverson

Durev or Barntar Bren init Barntar the ploughman Corverson

Orolmarn or Voriof Krogar init Voriof the Herder

init Orlmarn the Herder

init Filberson

Ormalaya or Odayla Korstardos init Odayla the Deep hunter Corverson

Outer ring (Thunder brothers & weaver women)

Clan Champion Farangar the Resolute init Finovan the Raider Corverson

Weaponthane t Jorstan Quicklaugh Dev Destsor the Adventurer Filberson

Weaponthane O Malan init Elmal Hearthguard Corverson

Weaponthane a Varosh the Steady init Hedkoranth the Thunder slinger Greatarm

Weaponthane d Kenstrel init Starkval the Weaponthane Greatarm

Warband Leader Idris Strongarm dev Vinga the Spear Greatarm

Dishthane Orcarl dev Durev the Householder. Greatarm

Lawthane Urandar init Andrin the Lawspeaker. Corverson

Orlanth Chief Priest. Venharl dev Ohorlanth the Thunderer Filberson

Ernalda Chief Priestess Friga dev Roitina the Ceremonialist Greatarm

Clan Healer Angora Dev Belveren the Chaos Cleanser. Corverson

Bonded Trickster Liesel init Downboy the Lightbringer Filberson

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Series 3 – The Possibility Chalice

Starring Petey, Ramalan, D’Artanion, the mathematician, Seymour Tush.

Episode 1 Holiday in Thailand

The group arrive in Thailand to find the temple that contains the chalice.

They land in a nearby airfield and park the Dakota (Petey is the pilot).

They walk to the small fishing village.

They visit the temple of Kra.

They discover the temple is under the sea and there is an oil rig on top of it. A kawana oil rig.

Episode 2 Sea Tales and Robosubs

They swim to the rig and discover a dome underneath.

Episode 3 Into the Temple

The Beast of Kra

The glow of Arashandara

The chamber with the dance steps (Dance of Kra)

The many armed god and mask

The giant buddhas

The well of flames

Not finding the Chalice.

Episode 4 Escape from Thailand

paratroopers, sky ninjas and a wheelbarrow

Episode 5 London


Episode 6 On to Yorkshire


the dungeon

Episode 7 All at Sea

The Story so Far

Inside the Loom Hut Alaric stands in front of the Grandmothers. Ty Kora Tek stands in front of him and pulls out the clan’s most sacred and secret item, Ana Gor. The darks knife glistens under the torchlight.

“We told you what would happen if you came in here again”, with that she plunges the knife into his heart.