Eclipse Phase – narrative beat (by Albert K)

Firewall Mission Success T+2 Hours.

The sun shone brightly overhead, bouncing off the small oval metal platform floating calmly on the ocean, water stretching as far as the eye could see. There wasn’t much on the platform itself, except for a chrome plated octopus surrounded by floating VR screens.

The creature lazily poked one of the screens every now and then, but it was clear that it was a half-hearted effort.

A ripple in the air shimmered behind it for a moment, though the being seemed to pay it no heed.

A small glowing ball, changing between various hues of blue slowly moved out of the shimmer, floating towards the cephalopod.

The octopus sighed audibly as the object glided towards him.

“Why are you here Gladius, the meeting isn’t for another hour.” The octopus speaks slowly, with a soft tone. As if he didn’t wish for the target to miss the rebuke for disturbing him. The voice echos far out to the sea, seemingly not losing its intensity.

The sphere twists in the air for a moment, assuming a purple colouring. Even though it has no features it is clear, from the slightly electronic tone it projects the sheer exasperation it must feel.

“You are being far too care free about all of this Alexander. Firewall bested us despite our early surveillance, and our end response -a nuke-, what were you thinking?” The clear implication of ‘did you think at all’ hanging in the air, as the sound flew through the space both occupied.

The octopus turned to face the sphere for the first time. “I do not believe that you are correct. We have gotten to observe how firewall organises its new sentinel teams, and how they are allowed to operate. Besides, thanks to our surveillance of Mohammed, which, may I remind you the ‘idealists’ did not detect, gave us plenty of information on where to acquire the weapons for future reverse engineering.” He held a tentacle up to forestall a reply. In one of the other tentacles, four dossiers appeared. He pushed them into the ball.

The ball rapidly changed colouring, absorbing the data. “These are the sentinels then? An…interesting mix. I am surprised you were able to get their files this quickly.” It shook in the air for a moment.

“But do not distract me, why the nuke?” It replied, sounding not quite as annoyed as it had before.

“Simple, out there we control the feed, and if anyone somehow comments, we can easily say we saw something we didn’t like. That’s one of the benefit of being us, and not the idealists. Besides, it had the greatest chance of killing them even if they had escaped the facility in time. Our informants will tell us soon if it killed their team.” Alex replied easily, already turning back to his displays.

Gladius waited for a moment, before realising that for now, the conversation was over. “I will see you at the meeting then.”

The interloper fizzled out into the air.

The octopus sighed once more, storm clouds gathering above the platform.

“Smartass AI” he whispered under his breath.


Club History 2015

Block 1 6th January

Star Wars with Matt (Adrian, Albert, Gabriel, Graham, John)

Nova Praxis (13th Age) with Riccardo (Ace, Jerret, Zuki, Dave D, Dave S)

Block 2 17th February

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Zuki, Dave D, Jerret, John, Ace)

Eclipse Phase with Albert (Matt B, Graham, Gabriel, Riccardo)

Block 3 31st March

Victorian Mystery with Ace (Dave S, Jerret, Rumblot, Albert)

Deadlands Noir  with Dave D (John, Gabriel, Riccardo, Graham)

Block 4 12th May

Monster Hearts with Dave D (Ace, Adrian, John, Noah, Graham)

Unknown Armies with Riccardo (Albert, Dave S, Jerrett, Zuki, Monica, Gabriel)

Block 5

RKO Adventures with Ace (Adrian, Dave D, Dave S, Riccardo, Laurence, Jonathon)

Blood Bowl with Matt (John, Albert, Graham)

3:16 with David S (Adrian, Dave D, Dave S, Riccardo, Laurence, Jonathon)

Block 6

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Jerret, Dave S, Matt, Ace, Charles, Albert)

Essex Council Data Integrity Unit (Monster of the Week) with Graham (Dave D, Zuki, Jonathon, Gabriel, Laurence)

Block 7

Star Wars with Matt (Ace, Amelia, John)

Legend of the 5 Rings with Adrian (Albert, Zuki, Jerrett, Gabriel, Riccardo)

One Nights stands with Dave S (Katya, Laurence, Charles)

Block 8

Victorian Mystery with Ace (Dave S, Jerrett, Matt, Adrian)

Feng Shui 2 with Riccardo (Dave D, Zuki, Graham, Albert, Gabriel, John)

Eclipse Phase pitch

with Albert. Starting 17th February 2015

What’s it about in one sentence?

A group of operatives for a shadowy conspiracy must embark on a mission that will help prevent a possible conflict that could destroy a large chunk of the remaining population in the Solar system.


It has been eight years since the Fall, and the loss of Earth to the Titans and their creations. Transhumanity, through luck more than anything has survived in the vastness of the Solar system, trying to move on with its life. Dangers lurk in the shadow, both created by things other than humanity and our own seeming need to perpetuate conflict, in a time where unity is needed.

You, that is the Firewall Sentinels you are playing, are on a mission on the Martian surface, attempting to find where certain groups are acquiring extremely high quality equipment(mostly military), some of which is making it’s way into the hands of the more violent parts of the Barsoomian movement, and other organizations which can upset the peace on the Red planet. Especially worrying are indications of possible WMD manufacturing, although any signs of that have yet to be verified by Firewalls extensive information network.

Now, you might be asking, what exactly is a Firewall Sentinel? In short, Sentinels are Firewalls troubleshooters, the people who head into situations (both combat and otherwise) that cannot be investigated or dealt with remotely. Sentinels come in many forms, talented hackers to con men and women, mercenaries to engineers.

Who you are is largely up to you, so long as you’re willing to do your part to saving humanity, and have the skills that it needs, Firewall will likely not turn you away, although they prefer people who are actually trying to be doing the right thing.

Being a sentinel is not (usually) a ‘full time’ job, you likely have work and connections outside of it, although you are expected to be ‘available’ at any time, which means most Sentinels either work freelance or for very flexible bosses.

As a short note for character creation however, do note that in 99% of instances, you are either approached by firewall due to your skills and personality, or due to having witnessed something (and survived with sanity intact), and had been recruited then.

Very –very– rarely do people approach firewall from the outside, given it’s status as a shadowy conspiracy ran by [REDACTED], although there have been a few cases, including a…concession by the group to the Titanian Commonwealth to allow one of it’s agents to participate in firewall ops, in exchange for resources, connections and help on certain matters, as well as basically a ‘free’ hand in the Outer system to deal with issues pertaining to [REDACTED].


D100 system, rather basic, but it works. Mind, I’m still debating whether or not to use something else in it’s place, but probably not. (Has the corebook, as well as a few other sidebooks available as a free PDF)

Recommended Media

Honestly, this is kinda hard to say, media that portrays transhumanism is mostly Literature, visual media is…somewhat rarer. Below are a few I know of that you can watch/read.

Appleseed (Manga). Ghost In the Shell (Manga/Anime) Deus Ex Series (Video Games) A miracle of science (Webcomic)