Frontier World – Session 03 (27/09/16)

An eager Native and a reluctant Stranger head towards the whereabouts of the roaring. Here they find a huge grizzly bear in clear pain and someone unconscious on the ground, not too far. The Native figures out the bear is going through labor, which keeps it distracted enough for her to get hold of the body and carry it away: it is revealed to be a black guy, matching the likelihoods of  Jon Jon. He wakes shortly after up with a contusion and almost total amnesia (couldn’t remember the colour of his own skin).

The Gentlemen delivers his bounties to justice, but there Grim turns his story around, claiming innocence and accusing the Stranger of Miller’s homicide instead.

The Outlaw, the Gentleman and the Gunslinger head into Black Bisons lands, looking for Jon Jon who had been seen heading off in that direction. It doesn’t take long for the tribe to find them. The Gentleman manages to strike a deal with chief Longhorn for free passage in exchange of booze. They camp for the night at the meet up point. In the morning they are joined by the Native and Stranger with Jon Jon, but also discover that the Outlaw’s posse horses have gone missing.

They go back to the Bisons, which has apparently have the horses into custody. They agree upon a future trade of animals for guns and also some kind of support from the tribe for delaying a certain train due to come to town in few days.

Back to Stringsville, they leave Jon Jon to the cares of Doc, who reckons he may recover his memory, but can’t say when. In the meantime Grim had to be left out of jail by the sheriff, for lack of evidence, and is proceeding to cover the Stranger with infamy all over the place. They decide to go and seek the Outlaw’s elder sister, Lucille, who may have evidence to incriminate Grim and free up both the Stranger and Jon Jon from suspects and accusations.

According to the Outlaw, his sister is likely planning a train robbery from her cove in the hills caves, two days ride away on the south-west side.