Frontier World – Session 05 (11/10/16)

At dawn they head out to the Canary Graveyard Mine, as all leads point there, confirmed by two of the Outlaw’s men left on guard at the entrance, with their throats sliced.

They make their way inside along the carts rail, with lanterns lit out, descending to the main mining hub: a large cave with several smaller tunnels accessing it and large wood beams on top, sustaining the ceiling.

The Stranger goes in first and calls out for Grain, offering to hand him the contract for a renewed partnership. Grain doesn’t show himself, but talks back with interest about the proposition and sends out Jon Jon himself to collect the papers. As they meet in the middle of the cave, the Strangers spots armed men hiding over the beans; he snuffs out the lights and gets Jon Jon into cover, amid firing and cussing from above.

The Gunslinger fires his gatling in that direction, pulling down the men and the beam alike. The Native throws a torch to light up the area, which sets the fallen beam on fire. The Outlaw throws a dynamite stick inside one of the tunnels, kicking off a chain of explosion, shaking up the whole mine. They rush out, but the Gentleman gets trapped by a beam falling on his leg. The Outlaw and the Stranger stay behind to lift it and help him out, then barely making their way outside as the entrance collapses. They stand there, catching their breath amid the dust fallout and a strange small of something flammable, then realize the Gentlemen is not around.

They get the posse to good use excavating the debris for few hours and eventually they rescue him, dusted, hurt and unconscious, but still breathing. At this time, twelve Black Bisons on horses approach, led by Long Horn and a wizened old  man.

The tribe accuses them of desecrating a sacred place. The argument heats up quickly and escalates into a gunfight, settling few moments later with most of the raiders laying dead on the ground and the old man captured. The Native questions him about who killed her tribe and gets a riddling response about a white man with ‘the ear in his mouth’; he will say no more.

They return to town to inform the sheriff, who puts Jon Jon’s testimony about the murder to the record  and places a bounty on Grain for it. He then cheerfully announces that  the trial of Heath Jeremiah had taken place earlier today and the hanging is due tomorrow at noon.