Killing Two Küni-Birds with one Stone

The story so far…

Session 1

There was much excitement in the clan because Máh’rel and his father Aknallú had procured an order for 1000 suits of heavy armour for the Legion of the Helm of Night, based in Purdimál, the black toad of the empire. Nirún’s artisans were soon hard at work, despite distractions from angry clan gladiators and helpful Emerald Ladies.

In addition, a suit of bejewelled dress armour was to be crafted as an ‘inducement’ for the dritlán of the legion. To this end, a fine party was thown, inviting the Red Eye of Dawn clan, the finest jewellers in Béy Sü  The party was arranged by Lalúngi who used her charms to ensure that clan stores were thrown open for the occasion.

The party was a grand affair, hosted by the clan liason officer, Dlél’i the high priestess of Lady Dlamélish. There was food and drink from the far corners of the Empire, Livyáni twirling girls, and silver bowls with hnéqu-weed and ntó powder. Dlél’i herself was radiant.

Unfortunately there were also numerous breaches of etiquette, including the display of half finished armour at the dinner table, illlicit castings of glamour magic, and the pouring of a goblet of Ngálu wine into the lap of a diner earning the scorn of the assembled Red Eye of Dawn.

Despite this, through his unfailingly polite etiquette, Máh’rel managed to conclude a deal for the necessary gems and jewels (at a considerable markup).

Session 2

The characters took the Sákbe road to Purdimál with their caravan of chlén-hide armour. However, upon making camp in the swamps of Purdimál, where the Sákbe road descends into a low wooden trail, the Ceremonial armour was stolen!

Session 3

Levaing the caravan, the characters followed the the thieves into the stinking swamps of Purdimál and discovered a village of primitive swamp-folk. Through a combination of guile and sorcery, the arrmour, which had been decorating a crude statue of the worm lord Sarkú, was recovered.

Sesson 4

Making their way  to Púrdimal, the characters met up with the caravan, and discovered that Dlél’i, the clan liason officer had already arranged a sumptuous banquet to celebrate the success of the deal between the Legion of the Helm of Night and the Iron Hand clan. All went well, until the Dritlán, Furodhu hiBurusa, tried on his ceremonial armour. All of a sudden there was an enormous explosion of magical energy, which killed the Dritlán and most of his aides outright, and injured many more.

The characters were instantly arrested by the Molkár of the Legion, Itláng hiMrachiyaku, who had not been at the banquet, and thrown into the holding cells within the city dungeons. The characters were sentenced to impalement for murder and treason, and the clan’s goods impounded as shámtla.

Session 5

After many hours in the darkkness, awaiting only the high ride, Dlél’i, who had used her magics to persuade the Molkár of her innocence, freed the characters, and showed them a tunnel down into the underworld of Púrdimal. The characters fled into the darkness.

After wandering aimlessly in the subterranean maze for many hours, the characters came upon the Shrine of Quiet Dust, a temple of Lord Sarkú, tended by an ancient priest, Gámalu hiVriddi, who aided them by providing a demon who had the power of Transportation, and created an extra-dimensional tunnel back to Béy Sú. Back in Béy Sú, the characters returned secretively to their clan house, and consulted the clan elders.

It emerged that the explosion had been caused by a Perfected Gem of Obliteration, a Karakán temple spell, and that the Molkar who had so summarily convicted the characters was a clansman of the Red Eye of Dawn who had provided the gem!

Steve Thomas 22 Feb 2009

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