Nova Praxis (Season 2) – Session 2 – 17/5/16

They are escorted outside of the city through the thick of the Proch’s jungle. There, hidden in the mist, appears to be a landing spot. They are boarded on the Blackbird, a military vessel equipped with an APEX Jumpgate engine. Here they get introduced to someone who goes by the name of Agent Smith (or is that ‘Angel’?), who will be joining the crew.

The travel to the Sol system is uneventful across its four jump shifts over 12 days. Smith and Seraphimme use the time to build a portable Mesh generator device, that may be handy once on Earth. Also Yuki has a sparring round with Helen and notices the 2121 tattoo on her back: that’s the year of the Tellerus Fields battle on Mercury, in which the Coalition crushed opposing forces.

For obtaining permission to land on Earth, Henry leverages some connections with House Turin and gets an appointment in New Turin on Mars. They land in Olympus city, the imposing Coalition Government capital, built on top of the Olympus Mons. A gravitational lift takes them quickly down to the surface where they rent a Low-G Dune Buggy to drive to destination.

They are met in the hall of an abandoned hotel by some thugs from the Rings of Olympus gang. The deal is quickly agreed for them to share any info and assets first hand upon returning from Earth.

Seraphimme manages to track the contact name of the gang leader by hijacking a Mesh conversation between the two: that’s General Markov, a disgraced Tsarya officer of the 3rd Legion (and formerly KGB on old Earth) who had been exposed as a Turin affiliate and expelled 3 years earlier.