Series 01 – Interlude

Jan 22, 2003 (Ant) msg 2542

Braxus is looking for a girl called Opal (he’s slept with her on the odd occasion) in the city of Thorns. He’s also looking for his long lost (adult) daughter who he hasn’t seen since she was little. She’s also in Thorns.

Mar 2, 2003 (Ant) msg 2611

Once, 2000 years ago, we were kings. But in our pride, we angered our god,

the Unconquered Sun, and he turned his back on us. Those we thought our

allies, our friends, incited our followers, those who were Exalted by the

Elemental Dragons, to turn against us, and in one murderous night, they rose

up and slew most of us by treachery. Those few of us that survived fought a

guerrilla war that lasted centuries. Our consorts, the Lunar Exalted, fled

to the Wyld regions at the edge of the world…

A glorious empire that had lasted for millennia died with the last of us, and

our heritage was stolen when the Dragon-Blooded ascended to our throne and

usurped that empire.

Now, 2 millennia after that foul night, our time has come again.

The Dragon-Blooded flounder with the loss of their leader, the Scarlet

Empress. Those who were once our advisors, who told the Dragon-Blooded to

rise up against us regret bitterly their actions. Our consorts, the Lunar

Exalted begin to remember the old splendours, and are returning from the

Wyld. And we have new adversaries – the Abyssal Exalted, the Fae, the

Spirits and the Elementals.

But the common people die in the crossfire between the Dragon-Blooded noble

houses. They suffer the evil games of the Fae. The Abyssal Exalted torture

and kill whole towns and villages, even cities. The Spirits and the

Elementals forget their duties and are corrupted.

The Unconquered Sun sees all this, and the injustice angers him and he

remembers us, his chosen. We are the Solars. Our time has come again.


The story so far:

Braxus, a noble man taken slave and made a gladiator in Nexus, together with

Marcus, an escaped Immaculate Monk from the Imperial City and James, a thief

that grew up on the streets of Nexus, has managed to escape to freedom.

On the way, he made friends with a young noblewoman by the name of Sesus

Malla, and a girl called Opal.

Helping their friend and master, Lucius, the three of them, Braxus, James and

Marcus, visited the Tomb of Kings to locate an artefact. Once they were

inside, they discovered that the Tomb was their own, from their previous

lives. They encountered demons and spirits that were summoned to guard their

own resting places, and met with those that remembered them from before.

Each of them had flashbacks going back to when they were kings. One of them

saw a little girl who he remembered as being Braxus’s daughter in a previous

life. Another of them encountered an old consort, who warned him about Opal.

And again, one of them was told that Braxus’s daughter still lived.

On their return to Nexus, they found that the Dragon-Blooded empire (called

the Realm) had sent a small army to track them down and destroy them. The

battle was joined, and a handful of gladiators, Solar Exalts and

Dragon-Blooded, aided by friends, managed to take out 500 Legionnaires of the


Afterwards, the three heroes managed to find out from Sesus Malla that Opal

had gone to the city of Thorns. The Emissary, the mysterious being who

enforced Nexus’s harsh laws, exiled Braxus, James, Marcus and their

companions, including Lucius, but told them, before they were exiled, that

Braxus’s daughter was living in Thorns. Lucius left to take his artefact to

his brother, Peleps Xusus, while Braxus, James and Marcus decided to travel

to Thorns to find Opal and Braxus’s daughter…

But a sudden thought occurs to Braxus on the way to Thorns: are Opal and his

daughter the same person?

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2004 Nov 29 The story so far

Written by David Scott

The heroes are currently in the palace of the most powerful faction in the

Realm – the house of Mnemon. Lady Mnemon, matriach of the house, has made

them welcome after they foiled an Abyssal attempt on her life. She is

considering making a bid for the Scarlet Throne, possibly to stabilise the

failing economy and to strengthen the military might of the empire.

However, while she decides, the Roseblack, rumoured to be of the house of

Tepet, is sailing back to the Imperial Isle with a fleet of ships, laden

with battle hardened troops. By all accounts, she is determined to take

the throne for herself. Lady Mnemon is listening to the advice of the

Solars, but the lure of power and wealth is strong. She may turn away from

them and plunge the Realm into civil war.

Mask of Winters has returned. It was his agent that attempted to kill Lady

Mnemon. Although he was killed, he has since returned, none the worse for

it, and seems ready to wage war on Creation. He will need to be dealt with

on a more permanent basis and perhaps a weakness could be found. He is

still a very powerful enemy, and his army grows with each battle.

The Scarlet Empress has been chained and is currently waiting for judgement

in Yu Shan, where the celestial gods dwell. Perhaps the penalty will be

death, perhaps not. She is (or was) certainly central to the plans of the

Ebon Dragon, and whether he will lose sight of his goals so easily remains

to be seen. His army of infernals was repulsed once, but he seems to be

working on more than demons to fulfil his plans.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Sidereal still plot. The Bronze

gave the Gold faction a bloody nose, as they pointed out (to all concerned)

that the Gold plan to rule Creation with the help of their Solar puppets.

No one knows what happened to the Gold faction since then. Their plans

were laid bare (even to themselves) and they disappeared without trace.

The Bronze have an uneasy truce with the Solars. Both are enemies, and the

Sidereals have murdered countless Solars in the last two millennia. They

came to an understanding over the Scarlet Empress, and although neither one

has broken that truce, both know that it’s only a matter of time before

their diverging aims bring them to blows again…..

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